Max & Me

Why we love and adore Max&Me

Whether mountains, flowers or the human body - everything on earth has its own individual vibration. This scientific knowledge was the inspiration for Tanja and Max Gruber vision of skincare, that has never been there before: luminous skincare based on high vibrational ingredients. Skincare that goes beyond mere product performance, with a most beautiful, vibrant flow of energy. And that realigns people with the wholeness that is inside themselves, with their innate healing abilities.

Love child

Max&me was born a love child. Hand-crafted in fresh micro batches in Vienna with utmost care, this wildly luxurious collection of high-vibe treats is the fusion of skincare and energy work for founders, Tanja & Max. This Collection blossoms from a desire to introduce luxury skin- care to the transformative power of high vibrational healing.

Potency of the treats

We are proud to pioneer the mastery of energy healing in skincare. Max and I have a passionate longing to go beyond organic to high-vibes – this stunning new dimension allows ingredients to let their finest performance shine through.

Highly vibrant

The exquisite harmony of each treat infuses you with light and love, regulation and balance, allowing the re-alignment of cells and tissues, improving overall tone, texture and appearance of the skin. This nurtures self-healing and has a pronounced effect on all cellular and biochemical processes in the body.

Tanja – founder, formulator & “plant whisperer”

Tanja was trained at the renowed Austrian Academy of Kinesiology in Energetic Healing, Kinesiology and Aromatherapy. The foundational vision for max & me came into full alignment when Tanja blended her love of plants and energy healing with her passion to source rare and highly vibrant plants, often from indigenous tribes.

Next-level formulations

"Going beyond organic sourcing, we tune into the underlying energetic frequencies that course through all matter. Our next-level formulations boast a rare level of vibrancy bringing about shifts that equally benefit skin, soul and spirit, embracing all that you are. The Collection creates the sacred space to bring the body back into balance whilst delivering healing plant botanicals that your skin resonates with deeply. " Tanja & Max

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