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Help you realize your true beauty through the pure. regenerative power of nature's plants and herb extracts.


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Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil 30ml - Free Shipping Worldwide
Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil 30ml - Free Shipping Worldwide
Codex Beauty

Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil 30ml

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Read More About The Brand

Clinically Proven.

Codex Beauty stands for exceptionally effective and sustainable skincare. That’s why we created the Codex Beauty Code, setting entirely new industry standards to prove we are serious about data-driven, overachieving skincare. Our collections are high performers — verified by published clinical data and customer satisfaction. We uphold pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing processes, a patented preservation system that is technically edible, and complete supply chain quality control that translates into knowing where every ingredient comes from.

Seriously Sustainable.

We’ve travelled our treasured planet and consulted with ethnobotanists to unlock the healing properties of local plants, and create state-of-the-art, functional cosmetic complexes. We sustainably wild harvest and source organic unique ingredients and look to biotechnology and up-cycled materials for the rest. Our skincare is packaged in tubes made from renewable sugar cane that have a negative carbon footprint and are easily recyclable. Make your skin look its best, knowing the planet is better for it too.

Proven Efficacy & Patented Formulations

Our claims are not just fluff, they’re facts. We conduct clinical tests and publish the data to prove how our products perform. You’ll see real results in your skin. Our technology complexes are not only patented, they’re disruptive. Whether it’s plant-based hydration (Bia Complex™) or our food-grade preservation system (PreservX™) we innovate formulas that take skincare to a whole new level.

Irish Herbal Medicine

Codex Beauty honors the ancient Irish herbal traditions of the past—which date back to the 8th century—and applies modern science to unlock even more benefits from plant ingredients. Legal records, as well as Irish legends, mention herbs used to treat the population, long before the medical profession in Ireland was established in the 10th century. Irish families established medical schools where practitioners translated and transcribed medical texts into Irish to train other practitioners. Some of these texts are still hidden away on a library shelf in Ireland, having never been edited or translated. In the 17th century, with the collapse of the old Gaelic order, many physicians left Ireland but those that remained passed down their cures to other doctors.

Where do Bia & Codex come into this?

Codex Beauty takes traditional herbal medicine and applies scientific knowledge. We learn from the past to discover new applications for today and the future. The herb comfrey, for example, is mentioned in the O’Cuinn Manuscript from 1415 as a remedy to help heal broken bones. Today, with the help of modern-day science, we know it’s the allantoin in comfrey that softens keratin allowing the skin to be better hydrated, softer and smoother. The Irish tradition holds numerous possibilities and, at Codex Beauty, we celebrate the incredible ingredients used in the Bia collection now—and the future.

Why Natural and Organic?

Key Facts for most popular questions.