Limes are small green or yellow citrus fruits that grow on trees and have a sour, acidic taste. They are picked when still green and unripe, which is why they're often used in cooking dishes such as ceviche and pickled vegetables, especially cucumbers. Limes also contain Vitamin C,a very important nutrient that helps keep your skin clear and healthy. Limes are also a popular choice in many cosmetics, from perfumes to lotions and face washes, because of their antiseptic effects. The acidity of limes makes it one of nature's best cleansing agents, so you'll find it as an ingredient in many beauty products. It also helps in keeping away unwanted bacteria from your skin pores. Lime oil has many benefits, but it's mainly used for aromatherapy and its therapeutic properties. In aromatherapy, essential limes differ from regular lime juice because they're much more concentrated. Lime oil contains a higher percentage of pure acid than those found in actual limes. Lime oil is often combined with other essential oils because of its pleasant, refreshing fragrance and also because it helps make the scent last longer. It's a popular choice for aromatherapists, especially when treating patients who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression, which are usually caused by mental fatigue. Lime has many other benefits in addition to its use in cosmetics and aromatherapy because it's also rich in various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for good health. It contains Vitamin C, which is very important for one's overall health because it helps keep the immune system healthy by increasing white blood cells that help fight diseases like colds, flu.

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