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Ilia Beauty Blending Brush

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Ilia Beauty Blending Brush

A cruelty-free eyeshadow blending brush.

More Details
ILIA’s Blending Brush is versatile and can be used to blend eyeshadow in the contour and crease of the eye. The sustainably harvested wood handle is complemented by an oversized, fluffy brush that can also be used to apply highlighter to the high points of your face. Easy to clean with mild soap and warm water. Cruelty-free.
How To
Use soft circular or back and forth windshield wiper motions to blend eyeshadow and contour the crease of the eye. To use with highlighter, gently sweep onto the highpoints of the face where light would naturally reflect. To clean: -Dampen bristles. -Massage a mild soap into bristles and rise with warm water. -Lay flat until fully dry.