Why We LOVE Bois1920

We love Bois1920 because their brand is built on the passion, strong bonds, and the importance of families. Their fragrances are tender and sweet, yet lingering, and each one tells a unique, beautiful story in vivacious scent combinations. The blends are melodic and harmonious, encouraging customers to follow their senses, allowing themselves to tumble head over heels in love with each extraordinary perfume. We also adore and admire Bois1920 because their products are extensions of themselves – sophisticated, refined, gorgeous, and exquisite. Artisan perfumers pour their souls into each fragrance, ensuring these scents are imbued with the beautiful personalities of creative, imaginative thinkers.

Heritage of BOIS 1920 Fragrance Perfume

The Heritage & History

1920 was a special time for Guido Galadi – an amazing Italian man with a nose for beautiful fragrances and a passion for creating alluring perfumes. He realized his dream in 1920, opening a small shop of beautifully blended fragrances in Florence, but it lasted 5 years before he shut it down, as his son had no interests in continuing the business. However – this is where heritage and historic events get interesting. Guido Galadi passed his passion for perfumes and fragrances to his grandson, Enzo Galadi – and, in honor of his grandfather, Enzo began Bois1920 to redefine, revolutionize, and reinterpret the antiquated fragrances that his grandfather had created. Talk about an awesome family legacy!

Creator behind the BOIS 1920 Fragrance Perfume

The Name behind the Brand

Enzo Galadi is an intriguing, alluring man with a passion for perfumes – exactly like his grandfather, Guido Galadi. In 2005, Enzo recreated his grandfather’s collections of fragrances, reintroducing them through his own brand – Bois1920. He poured the proverbial essence and vintage soul of his grandfather into each fragrance, striving to keep the scents as close to the originals as possible – yet more refined, sophisticated, and pleasing. It worked! Bois1920 is notable for being one of the best brands for artisan fragrances, and Enzo is living his dream, as well as the dream of his beloved grandfather. Enzo’s Italian oils and essences are some of the most renowned worldwide.

Bottles & Stoppers & Jewels in BOIS 1920 Fragrance Perfume

Their Philosophy is Beautiful

Enzo takes great pride in matching, meeting, and exceeding the expectations of his dedicated, devoted fanatics. Bois1920 fragrances are put through rigorous standards, and their philosophy holds strong, as the creative minds behind each fragrance strive to be imaginative and unique when combining the beautiful scents. Enzo Galadi wants his fragrances to evoke the happiest memories – the sweetest moments. Complex in their exquisite combinations, the Bois1920 fragrances exude uniqueness and decadence, as each perfume is handcrafted to perfection. Enzo Galadi never settles or releases anything below his standards of perfect, which means his philosophies and expectations are the sort of top-notch that launches a brand to the top.

The philosophy in BOIS 1920 Fragrance Perfume

Bottles & Stoppers & Jewels – Oh My!

Handcrafted through the expertise of a master glass-blower, the bottle and stoppers that fragrances are nestled within are jewels unto themselves. Their delicate features are surprisingly strong and resilient, which means these stoppers and bottles are less fragile than the usual perfume containers – but they are also more intricate with a complex process of creation. The Bois1920 bottles and stoppers are considered the gemstones – the jewels – of the glass-blowers who handcraft them. The bottle itself is lightweight with a shape that is distinctive and tale-telling to the brand. Whereas, the stoppers are made from strong, ebony wood, engraved beautifully to feature the Bois1920 logo.

Collections in BOIS 1920 Fragrance Perfume Vento Nel Vento

Bois1920 Fragrance Collections

There are an array of different collections from Bois1920, but most of them are limited editions or seasonal specials. In truth, there are only a handful of Bois1920 fragrances that are available year-around, which adds to the special feeling that Bois1920 evokes. Some of their most popular fragrance collections include – Collection Le Voluttuose – a combination of light and colorful overtones with tender, fruity fragrances in 3 bottles. Collection Orientali – a selection of 2 bottles with exotic overtones that exude mysterious, seductive, Oriental origins. Collection Classici (and one of our favorites) – another collection of 2 bottles with timeless scent mixtures of spices and flowers.

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