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Why We Adore Brad Skincare

We adore Brad Skincare because their products are multifaceted. Instead of seeking to improve elasticity, or promote smooth, healthy, radiant skin, the creative minds behind Brad Skincare want to do it all. Brad Biophotonic products are vitamin-rich mash-ups of awesome, nourishing elements, giving you the smoother, softer, luminescent complexion you always dreamed of – without needing hundreds of different products. We also love Brad Skincare because their products deliver on promises and plans. If you want better skin with no wrinkles, no blemishes, and no fine lines, then Brad Skincare will make that promise, then totally deliver on it. You can expect for their collection of skincare creams and serums to meet, and even exceed, the hopes you have for your skin.

Creative Mind for Brad Biophotonic Organic and Natural Skincare

The Creative Mind behind the Brand

Brad Hunter is a living, breathing success tale. Commissioned to come up with a high-grade, amazing brand for a chartered jet fleet, he rose to the occasion with a spring in his step. Through comprehensive trial and error, he discovered what works best in terms of skincare. Since 2004, when his interest in this collection began, he has had numerous awards handed to him, as well as glowing interview detailing his work, passion, and ambition. He is a creative mind if we ever saw one – and his drive to achieve a top-of-the-line selection of skincare for all complexions has touched our hearts, and healed the skin cells of millions of others.

Science behind Brad Biophotonic Organic and Natural Skincare

The Science of Brad Skincare Products

Brad Skincare is different than other skincare collections. Their line-up of skincare products are handcrafted and specifically designed to deliver maximum results in extreme conditions. The science behind Brad Skincare began when Brad Hunter was commissioned to create this collection for frequent fliers of jet services. The harsh conditions that frequent fliers faced caused sensitive, cracked, dried out, and horrible skin, which exacerbated low self-confidence in those individuals. Seeing this, Brad Skincare introduced the classic science of bio-fermentation into their skincare products. This scientific term means to energize, and that is what their line of creams and serums do when penetrating to the deepest recesses of damaged skin cells.

Testimonials Brad Biophotonic Organic and Natural Skincare

Testimonials & Fan Raves & Magazine Reviews

Prevalent in the world of fame and celebrities, the creative, scientific minds at Brad Skincare have made quite an impression on skincare fanatics and magazine journalists alike. Their collection of products have been awarded with honorable mentions and the ‘best of’ trophies, but their most notable achievements come from the mouths of fans. Los Angeles Magazine cites the Sublime Youth Creator as being, “the richest cream we have ever tried.” While Elle Magazine insists that models and celebrities use Brad Skincare products before gracing the covers of their magazines. In the same instance, Cindy Crawford is a diehard Brad Skincare fanatic, using Ultra Elastin to maintain her smooth, silken appearance.

The Benefits of Brad Biophotonic Organic and Natural Skincare

The Benefits of Brad Skincare Collections

Perhaps the most sought after information about Brad Skincare collections are the benefits. First time users want to know if this line up of superior products is worth it, while adventurous skincare enthusiasts are seeking something unique to add to their skincare routine. While it would be impossible to list ALL of the benefits of the Brad Skincare collections in this section, the following benefits are the most prominent in the majority of Brad Biophotonic products. Softer, smoother, healthier, and more beautiful skin. Improved elasticity, tone, and texture. A clearer, fresher complexion with an evened tone. Age-defying vitamins that banish wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and signs of aging. Exudes a youthful, fresh-faced glow.

Sublime & Ultra Collections in Brad Biophotonic Organic and Natural Skincare

The Sublime & Ultra Collections

Featuring a number of luminescent collections, Brad Skincare are most well-known for their Sublime and Ultra Collections. Where the Ultra Collection has a reputation for cleansing, smoothing, and exfoliating skin cells to make room for a glowing radiance, Sublime is known for eliminating impurities in your skin cells, while promoting a clearer, wrinkle-free complexion. The Brad Skincare Sublime Youth Creator comes in three forms, each useful in combating fine lines and restoring a youthful brilliance to your dazzling appearance. The Brad Skincare Ultra Collection is more extensive, including Ultra Peel, Ultra Elastin, and Ultra Elastin Lift, for maximum sculpting, toning, cleansing, firming, and beautifying.

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