Why We Love & Admire Ecobrow?

The unique EcoBrow formula blends and diffuses easily into the brow hair, and contains silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E.

EcoBrow Creator

Who is behind the brand?

For expert brow threader and celebrity makeup artist Marco Ochoa, the eyes have always been a fascination. From when he was just 13 years old and learning to draw by using his mother’s makeup, his portraits always focused on the eyes. After 11 years of mastering his craft, Marco can create perfect brows on any client, but he soon felt there was something missing on the market: a completely natural brow product that could live up to the standards of the best makeup artists in the world. So EcoBrow was born.

EcoBrow Inspiration

Inspired shades.

Through his research Marco discovered that there were only a few natural brow products available on the market - mostly pencils or powders - and none lived up to his high standards, either being too ashy in colour or the finish looking too fake. When creating his own line, Marco knew he had to arrive at a universal product that would match every skin tone, so when he created his classic shades it seemed only right to name them after his favourite screen icons through the ages; Marilyn, Sharon, Rita, Penelope Liz and Frida.

Unique Formula of ecorbrow

Unique Formula.

The EcoBrow Defining Wax has a completely unique formula. Mineral-based, smudge proof and paraben free. The product contains Nylon to give the hybrid wax/gel a luxuriously smooth texture, and long-lasting cream-to-powder finish. The unique EcoBrow formula blends and diffuses easily into the brow hair, and contains silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E. All of this makes for a brow wax that is easy to apply and control; go as light or as dark as you desire.

Ecobrow Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials.

With his studio in Beverly Hills, Marco works with many high-profile clients, as well as working on editorial work for media outlets such as Vogue, InStyle, Allure and Glamour. Brazilian model Camila Alves McConaughey raves: “I am very particular about who I allow to shape my brows because I believe that they are the most important feature on the face. I only go to Marco because he has mastered the technique of shaping eyebrows by simply using thread, while avoiding any pain for the client. He also really listens to what you want and then makes the magic happen. I call him the brow magician.” – Camila Alves McConaughey

How To Apply Ecorbrow

How To Apply.

Marco created a very simple three-step process to help create the perfect brow yourself every time which he calls: “DAB, FILL, BLEND”. 1. Using a duo angled/spoolie brush, like the EcoBrow Defining Brush, lightly DAB the angle side of the brush into the wax. 2. Next, FILL in the brows using short, hair-like strokes starting with any bare spots first, applying more as needed and working from there. 3. Lastly, use the spoolie side to brush your brows upward and BLEND the wax in perfectly.

“The thing that all the actresses I grew up watching and loving have in common is a certain mystique, a beauty that captivates from the moment they enter a room. And their eyes – they speak volumes, without the need for words.”

Marco Ochoa

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