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Why We Love Parfums d’Orsay

We love Parfums d’Orsay because their name seems to translate into refinement, sophistication, and exquisite beauty – all attributes we adore when it comes to perfumes and colognes that are intermingled to perfection (as these are). There is a sense of heritage and historic elegance that each of the Parfums d’Orsay fragrances seem to exude, and we love that these sweet scents have an innate charisma that comes from being lovingly, tenderly, perfectly handcrafted. The creative, imaginative minds who concoct these fragrances are obviously passionate, and we admire and adore their ambitious, brave explorations into the depths of intricate scent combinations.

Stories behind the Niche Parfums D'Orsay Paris

Stories behind the Brand

Instead of a single creator to take the credit for Parfums d’Orsay, there are stories – tales woven from history. Some have been proven to be true, while others are mere flights of fancy that get your imagination jogging. One thing is certain – these stories revolve around the d’Orsay families, and those are who this brand is named for. In the beginning of the 19th century, Count Alfred d’Orsay discovered his passion for perfuming, and he often times could be found creating numerous fragrances for his lovers and beloved family members and friends. He took pride as a famed dandy and sophisticated gentleman. To this day, we know that the man - whom Parfums d’Orsay honors - was a French-born romantic and artisan with expertise that was only exceeded by his high IQ and expansive intellect.

The Founder of Parfums d’Orsay Niche Perfume

The Founder of Parfums d’Orsay

While Parfums d’Orsay is a testament to the legends of the d’Orsay man and family, there is one woman who can be credited with bringing those stories and related fragrances to light – Marie Huet. She is a beautiful, passionate woman with a love for perfumes, spending time with her beloved family, and reveling in the history of the d’Orsay bunch. She began Parfums d’Orsay in 2007 with a dream to recreate the legend-told fragrances that Count Alfred d’Orsay was rumored to have concocted. In doing so, she also discovered more about the others in the d’Orsay family, and they have become a major part in her collection of scents. Every d’Orsay family member tale is honored by a fragrance that matches the evocative details of those stories.

Dorsay Perfume Values, Promises, & Standards

Brand Values, Promises, & Standards

The subject of numerous press releases, Parfums d’Orsay remained one in two fragrance powerhouses that remained strong through the temporary downturn of the perfume market in the mid-2000s. Their staying power can be attributes to their promises of beautiful scents, brand values that include tradition and history, and high standards that every member of the creative team strives to reach with each fragrance. Their brand is built on classic tales and legacies – two aspects that have helped launch Parfums d’Orsay to the tip-top of a rocky market. Perfuming is an industry that is often saturated with mediocre brands, but above them all is Parfums d’Orsay and the magic of their storytelling scents.

The Intemporel Collection Parfums D' Orsay Niche Perfumes

The Intemporel Collection

One of their most vivacious assortments – The Intemporel Collection is a twosome of fragrances in convenient, beautiful, all-glass jars. Their colors range from honeyed to golden or light with a luminous glow, and each scent is an intermingled blend of sweet elements that explain the unique names. This Parfums d’Orsay collection begins with Etiquette Bleue – a blend of orange flowers, citrus, vanilla, and bergamot, and that fragrance is followed by Tilleul – a combination of white flowers, linden blossoms, lemons, and beeswax. Both perfumes can be worn separately for a mood switch that matches your special occasions. Or you can experiment by putting on a dab of each, marrying the two scents into something truly unique.

The Intense Collection Niche Parfums D' Orsay Fragrance

The Intense Collection

In the 19th century, sophisticate gentlemen were known as dandies. Their top hats, canes, fine suits, and confidence were unmatched – and that is where the boldness of the Parfums d’Orsay Intense Collection comes from. There are two favorites from this collection – each with distinctive qualities that make them unique in fragrance, story, and design. The Intense Collection begins with Le Dandy Pour Homme – a combination of pineapples, spiced whisky, ginger, and patchouli that was inspired by the dandies of yesteryear. The finishing fragrance is named Le Nomade, which is a blend of zesty lime, sandalwood, jasmine, coriander, and bold vetiver that describes the adventurous soul of ambitious, rustic explorers – opposites to those dandy gentleman.

“A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”

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