Why We Love & Admire Amly?

Unique lifestyle Face mists, each with a special purpose in mind, boosted with potent actives like copper peptides, marine algae, plant probiotics and hyaluronic acid. Made with silver-rich spring water sourced directly from the founder’s wildflower meadow in Sussex, England.

Amly About Owners.

About Amly.

Founded by two friends; Lisa and Kerry, Amly came to be when the pair discovered a unique silver rich water source 100 metres beneath a wild-flower meadow on Lisa’s organic farm in Sussex. With backgrounds in holistic health, art and organic living, their dream of creating something together finally fell into place with this incredible water source and Amly was born. Named after the wild-flower meadow, Amly Botanicals brings us unique, nutrient rich face mists inspired by the Sussex countryside and plants that thrive there.

Amly The Radiance Boost Mist.

The Radiance Boost Mist.

This unique facial water is an intensely revitalising and illuminating face mist. The silver-rich spring water, known for its clarifying and healing properties, is infused with organic flowers, hedgerow fruit, native herbs and exquisite essential oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Rose Otto, Chamomile, and more. The restorative mist boasts highly concentrated, moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and scientifically proven, skin-perfecting Copper Peptides. Designed to hydrate and replenish your skin and subtly enhance your mood. Its uplifting scent is reminiscent of a country walk through the changing seasons.

Amly Silver Rich.

Silver Rich.

The average silver concentration in natural water is 0.2–0.3 micro grammes per litre; Amly spring water has (on average) 7 micro grammes per litre of highly bioaccessible natural silver salts. Silver is renowned for its healing, anti-oxidant & anti-bacterial properties, which makes it the perfect base for a skincare product. It’s also perfect for spot prone skin, as the silver sits on the surface of the skin working it’s anti-bacterial magic to fight blemishes and promote rapid healing.

Amly Plant ingredients.

Plant ingredients.

Amly use concentrated, hydro-distilled organic flower waters, extracts, and pure essential oils in their mists. Many of which have an affinity with their wild-flower meadow and the ancient hedgerows of East Sussex. Plants such as Yarrow, Lady’s Mantle and Aloe Vera are added to heal and calm, whilst Hibiscus Flower, Hawthorn Berry and Bilberry improve micro-circulation and stimulate cell renewal to brighten and give a natural glow.

Amly When To Spritz.

When To Spritz.

Use post-cleansing as a toning and enlivening mist to prepare the skin for moisture and to boost skin vitality. Try using it post make-up to give a dewy finish & throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated & protected from environmental challenges & to lift the spirits with the bright yet complex floral scent. Be warned: once you start you can’t be without it! It is very much our handbag essential and the secret to radiant-looking skin at any time of day.

This place held us from the start. We came with our small tractor and big ideas, to plant, forage, explore, breathe. To reconnect and listen...

Lisa and Kerry

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