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Why We Love & Admire Arty Fragrance ?

Arty Fragrance is one of our personal favorite because their brand features the kind of refinement and sophistication that you might have found in mansions of the Victorian era. Their candles are rendered from high-grade wax and handcrafted to perfection, and each one is packed with the creative, imaginative significance of both stories and historic events. We love Arty Fragrance because their inspirations and ideas are drawn from the fairytales of yesteryear – whether make-believe or based in fact. They inspire through combining fiction and non-fiction, keeping die-hard fragrance-lovers wondering with an intermingling of unique scents in each candle. Plus, they are always striving to improve their fragrance combinations for those with eclectic, quirky sense preferences.

Imagination Behind Arty Fragrance Scented Candles

The Imaginative Mind behind the Brand

Arty Fragrance is a brand of beauty and wonder, but it would be nothing without the imaginative mind of Elisabeth de Feydeau. Passionate and charged with energetic emotion, this beautiful creator began her love affair with fragrance at the tender age of 16. She majored in history at a University in Paris as well, explaining the historic stories imbued into each of her candle creations. In 2011 – drawing inspiration from fellow perfumers, history buffs, and candle-lovers - Elisabeth de Feydeau launched Arty Fragrance, and her brand soared. In interviews, she has stated a love of refined, sophisticated things in life, and it shows in the exquisite loveliness and intermingling of gorgeous fragrances in her candles.

Concepts & Philosophies of Arty Fragrance Scented Candles

Concepts & Philosophies

The concept behind Arty Fragrance is luxury, as Elisabeth de Feydeau has a knack for imbuing her candles with refinement, sophistication, and brilliance fit for royals. She has drawn, and continues to draw, inspiration from the noblest of French culture, and her collection of sweet-scented candles are designed to recreate the elegance and traditional atmospheres of France in the 17th and 18th centuries. Each of the Arty Fragrance candles are made in France, making it easier to gather the essence of the surroundings for worldwide enjoyment. There is splendor in these candles, reflecting the elegance and authenticity of the Court of Versailles in Southern France.

Creative Methods for Arty Fragrance Scented Candles

Their Creative Methods

As aforementioned, Arty Fragrance candles are handcrafted in France using the highest grade of blended wax. This concoction of unique waxes are infused with the essential oils of each original fragrance, and some of the candles are tested to ensure their diffusion permeates the air throughout your home properly. Rather than cloying or overwhelming, Arty Fragrance has a knack for making their candle just-right when it comes to fragrance dispersal in every room of your house, apartment, or office. These candles work beautifully in both cold or hot weather, and their woven cotton wicks are quick-catching for a slow burn that lasts longer than traditional candles.

Arty Fragrance Scented Candles La Cour Collection

La Cour Collection

Included in the Arty Fragrance Court Collection are 7 decadent, beautiful candles, such as – L’Enfant-Roi (a Christmas candle that features a blend of cedar, frankincense, and myrrh), Delice des Libertins (richness with overtones of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries), Jardins & Bosquets (inspired by the king’s garden with tones of violets, white flowers, and jasmine), Portager Royal (a luxurious blend of basil, herbs, and figs), and Alcove Royal (a reflective combination of vanilla, ambergris, and cocoa beans). There are also – Le Rêve de la Reine (a freedom-inspiring concoction of musk and rose petals) and La Fleur du Roy (an enchanting celebration of leather, white flowers, and orange blossoms).

Arty Fragrance Scented Candles The Baroque Collection

The Baroque Collection

The Baroque Collection from Arty Fragrance features on more than The Court Collection, bringing their candles to a stunning eight notable fragrances. Some of those scent sensations are – Lux (a tell-tale fragrance meant to evoke thoughts of the golden age in France, featuring rustic, woodsy scents), Barocko (a historic-inspired collection of lemons, wild flowers, and spices), L’Elégante (a candle expressing elegance and feminine beauty in violets, rose petals, and musk), and L’Aristocrate (a candle for gentlemen with overtones of leather and oud, and undertones of vetiver and wood). Our personal favorite from this collection is a fragrance called La Sans-Pareille – a candle reminiscent of the beautiful flowers that were used for healing on King Louis XV.

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