Why We Absolutely LOVE Evody

We love Evody because the fragrances are imbued with the love and bonding that only a mother and daughter could share. There are energizing notes of citrus and flowers with hard-hitting kicks of tingling spices – each overtone and undertone blending beautifully to tantalize and entice your senses. These scents are created to inspire, as each fragrance means something special to the mother-daughter team that is Evody. Their uniqueness and life experiences shine through – individually and as one – allowing us to capture a glance of what childhood represented for Cérine, or what Régine loves about her husband. We love Evody because these are memories transformed into fragrances.

The creator of Evody Fragrance Parfum Collection

Mother & Daughter Team

Captivating and inspiring – the creators of Evody are a mother-daughter duo known as Régine and Cérine. They are bold, confident women with the amazing abilities to transform their memories into sweet-smelling scents, allowing the world to snag a glimpse of their lives from the inside out. Beginning as boutique owners, these two beautiful women have always been entranced by the loveliness of fresh, clean, gorgeous scents. Their boutique quickly turned into something bigger – an endeavor that took them worldwide with high-quality ingredients made into refined, sophisticated, amazing fragrances. Régine and Cérine capture your heart without ever trying, as their fragrances are meant to reflect your happiest moments.

The history of Evody Fragrance Parfum Collection

Where did Evody Come From?

Evody came from the hearts and beautiful minds of Régine and Cérine – the mother and daughter pair who created the concepts for each fragrance. Régine made the initial discovery of her passion for perfumes, and the love was catching for her daughter – a love that quickly evolved into almost a dozen scents in the Evody collection. Using concentrates and essences, the mother-daughter duo have managed to take Evody to new heights from humble beginnings. Their passion for perfumes has also launched award-winning trends in fashion, as these fragrances can be paired with any ensemble – regardless of occasion or lack thereof.

The meaning of from Evody Fragrance Parfum Collection

What Does Evody Mean?

Régine and Cérine are ambitious and determined in their passionate endeavors to spread their love of perfumes, and the name Evody is one that was carefully, perfectly planned out. The name hails from an idea of evodia – a beautiful, massive tree that blooms hundreds of thousands of gorgeous blossoms throughout springtime. This concept inspired the mother-daughter pair to name their business Evody, as they hope to imagine and create hundreds of thousands of handcrafted fragrances for their collections to come. Their endeavors are abundant, and as thought-provoking as the nature-based beauty they drew their name inspiration from.

The Autobiographique Collection from Evody Fragrance Parfum Collection

The Autobiographique Collection

The Autobiographique Collection is an acknowledging nod towards the memories of both Régine and Cérine – as a pair and separately. There are 8 fragrances – each uplifting and vivacious with a combination of scents that have been handcrafted and handpicked to symbolize a specific event in the life of one of both of the creative mother-daughter duo. For example – Pomme D’Ore is a memory of Régine. This fragrance reminds her of her husband, as it is an energizing blend of rustic oak, juniper berries, cedarwood, and citrus. Whereas, Ambre Intense unites the passions and bonding of the two creators with rich, earthy tones of incense, sandalwood, and amber.

The D'Ailleurs Collection from Fragrance Parfum Collection

The D'Ailleurs Collection

The The D'Ailleurs Collection is so-named in tribute to travelers, explorers, and adventurers worldwide. The richness, boldness, and beauty within each fragrance combines the diversity and versatility of unique cultures, intermingling tell-tale scents from those cultures to entice and tempt the senses of Evody admirers everywhere. As of now, Régine and Cérine are honoring the Indian Ocean, Reunion Ombre Fumée, and Rose Valley (in Morocco) with a triplet of sweet-scented fragrances in sleek, sensuous bottles. The notes of these aromas are exuberant, vibrant, and vivacious – each in their own way, and they have intense overtones and subtler undertones that are signatures for the mother-daughter creative minds behind Evody.

“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman's personality. Without it there is something missing.”

Gianni Versace

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