Up and Coming Makeup Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

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2020 marks the end of a decade and with it comes a reboot, especially in terms of beauty preferences. So as the year sets off to a new start, you have to reconsider your choices. It’s time to check: will your current beauty stash still allow you to keep up with the up and coming makeup trends for 2020?

If you still have no idea what to expect for the new year, this article provides a comprehensive look on the makeup trends that you should look forward to in 2020–plus some tips and staples you shouldn’t live without!

2020 Makeup Trends that are Set to Reign this Year

Skin and Makeup Base

1. Glowy Skin

You can expect to see more of glowy skin and it will be manifested in a variety of ways! From a soft look to a shimmery glimmer, you’ll see more people trying to achieve a bright and luminous complexion.

Along with the advancement of the glowy skin trend is the ever famous no-makeup makeup. Contouring in 2020 will also be in the form of soft strobes and dewiness.

Glass Skin Effect

2. Glass Skin Effect

2020 will be the year when you’d want your skin to look raw. With the glass skin effect, your skin will be in its natural state but with a little hint of hydrating coverage. This is to achieve a glowing complexion but without necessarily looking like a product has been applied onto it.

Note from the Pro: Tobi Henney, the celebrity makeup artist to Ashley Graham, mentioned in an interview that glass skin effect can be achieved with the use of highlighters. You can mix oils and cream highlighters which when applied to the cheekbones will create a beautiful shimmer.

3. Pre-Highlight Base

If what you want to achieve is a natural glow, pre-highlighting is the key. It basically involves the use of highlighter before applying the foundation. That way you’ll be able to make your skin look radiant while maintaining a natural look–as if you’re not wearing makeup!

Pink Highlight Makeup Trend

4. Pink Highlight

2020 is the year when you should set your peach blush aside to make way for pink! But if you’re looking into just applying it on your cheeks, you have to explore further. The pink highlight trend this year gives you the freedom to use your blush not only on the apples of your cheeks but also on your temples, below your brow bones and on areas that will allow you to get a pretty flush!

Note from the Pro: According to Daniel Martin, a celebrity makeup artist, you can dust pink blush using a C shape stroke. This will create a soft halo effect and will also add dimension to your face.

Lip Makeup

5. Red Lips

Red lips isn’t going away this 2020. You can easily create a foolproof look with your red lippies by combining bold brows and clean complexion. 

Glossy Red Lips Trend

6. Glossy Lips

2020 makeup trends are also geared towards nudes and earth tones. When it comes to lipstick it comes with a glossy finish to create a barely-there lip colour that shines. This subtle lip makeup also allows easy maintenance basically keeping you free from problems with smears or touch-ups.

TIP: Start with a lip scrub before applying lipstick to get rid of flakiness and roughness.

7. Gothic Lips

Create a bold statement by wearing a dark and vampy, nearly black lipstick. Goth lips are back and it will look good on neutral clothes. Not to mention, it can also reveal your badass side.

Gothic Lipstick 2020 Makeup Trends

8. Lip Liner 

The nineties lip liner is going to make a comeback this year as one of the makeup trends to watch out for.  Visible lip liner is in as seen on celebrities that hit the runway.

Note from the Pro: Celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern advised wearing neutral face (nude eye, curled lashes, clean brows) with a bold lipstick to live the runway look in real life.


9. Neon Winged Eyeliner

A cat eye look is taking on a new look this year. It’s time to switch from the basic black liquid liner with one that has a bright neon shade.

Purple Eyeliner Makeup Trends

10. Purple Eyeliner

Another colour that’s bound to replace the black eyeliner is purple which is perfect most especially for spring time. Also known as the new millennial pink, purple is one of the trendy colours that have taken the beauty world by storm. One way to wear it this year is by using it for your lower lash line! 

TIP: Want to add a twist to the classic cat eye? Create a playful look by adding a slight flick at the corners.

Eye Shadow

11. Euphoria Glitter

Euphoria makeup is expected to take over this year especially with the fans of this popular series recreating the look of the show’s characters. 2020 eye shadow will showcase a dash of glitter, embellishments, and even touches of gold.

Glitter Eyeshadow

12. Contrasting Colours

Are you daring enough to wear two different shades on your eyes? Contrasting colour combinations are set to make a difference in how eyeshadow is worn. It’s basically choosing two different shades: the first one to swipe on your lids and the other one on your lower lash line.

13. Watercolour Eyes

Want to achieve a dreamy look? The watercolour eyes will leave you in awe. This 2020 makeup trend allows you to play with a mix of colours to use on the inner corner of your eyes, on the centre of your eyelids, and on the outer third of your eyelid. 

Watercolour Eyes

14. New Smokey Eyes

Definitely one of the most popular makeup trends of all time, smokey eyes returns this year with a bit of an update. The 2020 smokey eyes now comes a soft and warm finish particularly with hints of copper, bronze, and cognac added to it.

New Smokey Eyes

15. Colour Blocked Combos

Another way to play with different eye makeup colours is by wearing contrasting hues for your eyelids.This used to be a popular trend back in the ‘80s and is now bound to make a comeback.

TIP: When applying eyeshadow, use a primer first. Remember to choose colour combinations based on the colour will. Pick those that are opposite each other for best results.

Eyebrow Makeup

16. Laminated Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows will remain this year and with it comes the option for eyebrow lamination–an eyebrow trend that is deemed to be popular in 2020. This treatment promises results similar to what microblading can offer but minus the needles! 

17. Structured Brows

Say goodbye to unkempt brows as 2020 is all about structured arches. Expect bold and well-kept brows to be in trend instead of the ‘I woke up like this’ brows. This also means you’ll have to pay more attention to keeping your brows in shape and using eyebrow makeup and gel to help you maintain it.

Structured Eyebrows

18. Feathered Brows

Another eyebrow trend to look forward to in 2020 is feathered brows. This creates a look that is defined and softly brushed up. It’s basically using a skinny eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas and then using a spoolie to brush through your brow hairs.

10 Beauty Staples to Achieve that 2020 Look!

2020 makeup trends present new options to try something new and recreate your look at the same time. If you’re determined to master those trends, here are some of the staples you’ll need to master the 2020 vibe.

1. Face Primer

A makeup primer is what you’ll need to add an extra layer to come in between your skin and the makeup product you’ll use. With a face primer, you can expect makeup to last longer while leaving the surface of your skin smooth and even-toned. 

From Our Shelves:

Kjaer Weis Beautiful Oil 

This hydrating face primer will help you achieve a dewy luminosity on your skin’s surface and can be used night and day to moisturise your face.

Zelens Illuminating and Hydrating Satin Primer

If you have dull and dehydrated skin, this is the perfect primer that will give you the flawless complexion you want. It blurs flaws and enhances your skin’s luminosity at the same time.

2. Foundation

Achieve an even complexion that covers your skin’s imperfections, too using a face foundation that can also act as a moisturizer, base layer, and added sun protection.

From Our Shelves:

RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Cream Foundation

Can be used for the under-eye area and face, this lightweight foundation can help reveal a healthy-looking skin. It allows easy coverage and helps reduce the appearance of pores while keeping skin rejuvenated.

Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation

Want a natural-looking coverage, this liquid silk foundation from Alima Pure leaves the skin soft, plump, hydrated, and with a natural finish.

3. Highlighter

With a highlighter, you can refresh your complexion in an instant, enhance your features, and even help conceal your imperfections. Perfect to highlight a glowing skin or when trying to achieve a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

From Our Shelves:

ILIA Beauty Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

Illuminate and give your skin a natural dewy finish with a serum highlighter that mixes organic and natural botanicals. It also formulated with marine actives to provided added protection against UV light and pollution.

Kosas Pressed Blush and Highlighter

Kosas offers a 2-in-1 product that works as a blush and highlighter in creme and pressed forms. Available in three colour options suited for a range of skin tones. It is also formulated with nourishing face oils for more flattering results.

Manasi 7 Strobelighter

This certified organic strobelighter is made with natural and wild-harvested oils, waxes and butter. It provides a creamy formula to enhance your best features and add skin depth and dimension. 

4. Blush

Aside from adding a hint of colour to the skin, the right blush on would also be perfect in brightening tired or dull skin. It also works perfectly to add more depth to darker skin tones.

From Our Shelves:

Olio E Osso Tinted Balm No. 7 Blush Shimmer

This blush shimmer adds a light pink shimmer to brighten the lips or cheeks. It has a super moisturising formula and can also be used to achieve a deeper look by layering it over tinted balms. 

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

Available in various shades to help you achieve a timeless look that suits you. It also comes in stunning packaging and a unique refillable system that feels sturdy, expensive and luxurious.

Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Classic Blush

This multi-use blush is available in a convenient colour stick. It adds colour to the cheeks, eyes and lips and offers buildable coverage so you can switch from sheer to bold with just a few strokes!

5. Lip Gloss

2020 makeup trends demand more than just lipstick. You’ll also need a lip gloss for that added luster and shine and make your lips appear fuller or brighter.

From Our Shelves:

Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss

Achieve an indulgent, glossy and nourishing gloss. This lip gloss is available in fashion-forward shades and infused with natural and organic ingredients.

Juice Beauty Sheer Lip Gloss

Give your lips a sheer shine and smooth finish. With a stroke, this lip gloss delivers shimmer and a high-shine glow. It also comes with ingredients that boost skin hydration.

Zelen’s Lip Glaze
Make your lips look fuller, healthier and hydrated with this long-lasting lip gloss with a superior shine. It smoothes the lips and helps keep it moisturised and hydrated.

6. Lipstick

One of the beauty staples that never gets old, this cosmetic product adds colour and texture to the lips. 

From Our Shelves:

RMS Beauty Wild with Desire Lipstick

Get a lipstick that comes with antioxidants and offers ultimate hydration plus maximum colour pay-off. Perfect for everyday wear!

ILIA Beauty Color Block Lipstick

Looking for organic lip care? ILIA beauty has your needs covered. With a lipstick that fuses modern design and on-trend colour, this product deserves to be in your collection.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips Long Wearing Lipstick

Even with minimal applications. This lipstick packs vibrant and long-lasting colour. It has a non-sticky formula that is infused with antioxidants that moisturise, plump and renew the lips.

Axiology Lipstick ‘Phenomenon’

Perfect for all skin tones, Axiology ‘Phenomenon’ Lipstick offers 100% natural sheer balm with blue and black hues to help achieve the look you want while keeping your lips nourished and protected.

7. Lip Liner

This awesome lip product helps prevent lipstick smudges and improves the staying power of the lipstick you’ll wear.

From Our Shelves:

Kjaer Weis Lip Pencil

Formulated with organic ingredients, this lip pencil nourishes and provides lasting lip hydration. Its soft texture allows colour to glide effortlessly onto the lips. It acts as a primer to help achieve a long-lasting, ultra-opaque finish. 

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil

This Duo Lip Pencil is a double-sided pencil features two complementary shades that are smudge-resistant and come with Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Smudge-resistant, easy to apply and long-lasting, you’ll be assured of superb performance when using it.

8. Eye Liner

Eyeliners attract attention to the eye and can modify the shape of your eyes. With this year’s makeup trends, you can use eyeliners above your upper lashes or below your lower lashes.

From Our Shelves:

ILIA Beauty Pure Eye Liner

Build your day to night look with the ILIA Pure Eyeliner. It is naturally formulated with soothing oils to provide moisture and protection to the delicate area of the eye. 

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil

If what you want is natural eye definition, this eye pencil won’t disappoint. It offers a long-lasting, highly pigmented natural eyeliner that glides on smoothly, blends beautifully, and lasts all day.

Gressa Eye Tint

Go flawless with this innovative eyeliner that can provide fault-proof and smudge-free results. Versatile and buildable, it can be worn as an eyeliner or eyeshadow and still achieve a radiant and natural finish.

9. Eye Shadow

Make your eyes look more attractive with the right eye shadow. Perfect for adding depth and dimension to the eyes and complement your eye shade.

From Our Shelves:

Kosas’s 10-Second Eyeshadow

Perfect for people on the go with its easy to apply and fast-drying formula and awesome colour payoff. Available in 8 shades, including earth tones and bold colours.

Kjaer Weis Cream Eye Shadow

Achieve soft and blendable consistency with this cream eyeshadow from Kjaer Weis. It features a new shimmer finish that is crease-free and designed for long-wearing .

ILIA Natural Brightening Eye Primer On&On 

Create the perfect canvas for your eyeshadow with this eye Primer. It comes with a feather-light formula that instantly brightens and intensifies hues. Also designed for a crease-proof finish that last long!

10. Eyebrow  Makeup

One area you shouldn’t neglect to keep up with the 2020 makeup trends is your eyebrows. Your brows frame your face and can have a huge impact on how you look.

From Our Shelves:

Chado Brow Pomade

A handy and quick-drying brow product that adds definition to the brows–naturally! It has a 3-in-1 formula that makes sculpting and drawing your eyebrows simpler. Can also be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Ecobrow Defining Wax

Made with 100% natural, lightweight and smudge-proof coloring wax, this eyebrow wax offers a mineral-based and smudge-proof product that will help you achieve beautiful brows! Versatile, blendable and easy to apply.

Chado Brow Pencil

Define and contour your usually unruly eyebrows. This brow pencil from Chado has the right texture allowing it to effortlessly glide onto the skin. It boasts of a matte powdery finish that effectively fills, defines and shapes the eyebrows to perfection.

As the new year unfolds and signals the start of a new decade, you’d want to give your makeup a reboot. With the 2020 makeup trends, it matters to stay in the know to equip yourself with the right tools and techniques that will help you update your look.

Is your beauty stash now ready for the 2020 makeup trends? Don’t be left out. Check out our shelves to find premium beauty products that can help you achieve the results you want.