25 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

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...plus clever beauty ideas to help you pull the look of celebrities!

Halloween is just around the corner and many of you are already preparing for a trick or treat celebration or a much-awaited Halloween bash.

But no matter how you plan to celebrate this colourful occasion, one thing is certain–you need to find the best Halloween costumes for women, along with the beauty tips that will help you be in character on that special night!

For many years, you’ve seen how Halloween costumes for women evolved from simple to extraordinary and each one seems to show a piece of the wearer’s imagination–and perhaps, even a glimpse of their secret wishes as a child. And with a range of nice and sexy Halloween costumes for women, it would be easy to find yourself confused on what character to portray or how to pull off the look, just as celebrities did in the biggest Halloween events that happened in the past years.

Would you like to be daring or go for a cute and innocent look? Whichever you choose, we’ve made it simpler for you.

In this article, you will find a compilation of 25 sexy Halloween costumes for women, as worn by famous celebs, along with simple and clever beauty ideas to complete the look. 25 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

25 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

1. Barbie

Paris Hilton channelling the Barbie in her. Her sexy Halloween costume is one to copy.  Barbie is everything pink and nice. So, just get your pink ensemble ready, and maybe, even colour your hair blonde. Oh and wait, if you feel like playing the part of a Barbie princess, topping off the look with a tiara would just be perfect!

Barbie Costume

Image Courtesy of Instagram User: ParisHilton

Halloween beauty tip:

Looking for the perfect Barbie pink lipstick? This neon angel pink lipstick from ILIA is a must-try, to get lips that is as kissable as the famous doll!

2. Nurse

Everybody loves nurses and so does Christina Aguilera. This beauty dressed up in a sexy Halloween costume as a nurse, in a white and red ensemble.

Nurse Costume

Image Courtesy of WireImage.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Get hot red accents for your lips and cheeks with RMS Beauty’s Beloved Lip2Cheek that can add the right colour and shine to your lips and cheeks, just the way you want it.

3. Firefighter

Who says firefighters can’t be sexy? Check out Lindsay Lohan’s  skimpy firefighter’s uniform. If you are looking for a sexy Halloween costume for women, you shouldn’t fail to check this one out.

Firefighter Costume

Image Courtesy of FameFlynet.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Love her smoky eyes? Copy the look with this eye shadow palette that guarantees to help you achieve a metallic smoky eye look that is suited for a fierce firefighter.

4. Fairy

Alyssa Milano looked lovely as ever in a Halloween event  in LA, donning a white and blue fairy sexy Halloween costume.

White Fairy Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of WireImage.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Become a magical fairy by adding some shining and shimmering effect with this ‘Wishing for Wings’ loose glitter pigment that offers the luminosity and shine you need.

5. Cleopatra

When it comes to sexy Halloween costumes for women, Cleopatra deserves to be on the list. This character is a reflection of beauty and Petra Nemcova was among the ones who were able to pull off the look in a New York City event in 2007.

Cleopatra Halloween Costume

Image Courtesy of Bauer-Griffin Online

Halloween beauty tip:

Become one of the Cleopatras to watch out for this Halloween, get sexy with your costume and perfect that makeup. Start with this Ellis Faas eyeliner that should make you a true ancient beauty, with its classic shade that offers an intense look.

6. Skeleton

Who says that you can’t look sexy without showing off some  flesh? Definitely not Kim. She has been wearing a range of sexy Halloween costumes for women year after year, and never failed to impress. Just like when she showed off her curves effortlessly in a black leotard as a skeleton in 2014.

Skeleton Halloween Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of Instagram User: KimKardashian

Halloween beauty tip:

Although your palette is basically black and white, don’t miss on putting enough focus on your face, whether with face art or makeup. Keep those tresses away from the face with this defining hair spray from Rahua.

7. Officer

It’s time to be the one in charge. Assume the look of an alluring officer in this Halloween costume for women, just as how Khloé Kardashian was able to lay down the law in a Halloween event in 2007.

Officer Halloween Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of WireImage.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Assume the confidence of an authority, without losing your feminine appeal. Put on a lovely cream blush and a soft-toned ‘identity’ lipstick. Don’t forget to colour your nails for a more striking look!

8. Catwoman

Here’s is a no-fail look that easily belongs among other sexy Halloween costumes for women. A skintight catsuit won’t even require you to be revealing to look gorgeous. See how Brooke Burke wore a skintight catsuit in 2012.

Catwoman Costume

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Want to look like a true feline goddess like Brooke? Copy her cat eye that shows and stands out even with her mask on. Use waterproof eyeliner for best results.

9. Marie Antoinette

Look classical and like a true beauty just as AnnaLynne McCord did when she dressed as Marie Antoinette at a 2011 Halloween party she hosted in Las Vegas.

Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

Image Courtesy of FilmMagic.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Copy her look with these great-looking false eyelashes to flatter and make your eyes look brighter.

10. Jessica Rabbit

Haven’t decided on what to wear yet? How about dressing up as Jessica Rabbit, just like what Heidi Klum did. Known for her over-the-top Halloween transformations, this is one of her most memorable looks.

Jessica Rabbit

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Do you plan to copy the look? Rock those purple and red shades with this metallic lilac eyeshadow and glazed lipstick.

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This one’s a guaranteed standout. Look bright and blue in a sexy Halloween costume, just like what Michelle Trachtenberg did to transform into a stunning Sally.

Sally of The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image Courtesy of StarTraks

Halloween beauty tip:

Winging eyelashes, gel eyeliner, and a deep red lipstick is what you’ll need for the perfect finishing touches that will finish the look.

12. Cheerleader

Whether you are on your 20s, 30s, or 40s, Halloween is the perfect time to channel the cheerleader in you, just like what Jamie Lee Curtis did in this fun and bubbly attire that shows off the famous colours of Halloween.

Cheerleader Costume

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Loving the famous legs of Jamie? You too can have flawless legs by giving them the pampering they need. Start with organic lotion and soaps that are naturally formulated to care and reveal your beautiful skin.

13. Referee

Prepare to get whistles and admiring glances thrown your way when you wear this sexy Halloween costume for women. Referees have never been this enticing. Look at how Jessica Lowndes confidently walked on the red carpet wearing a black and white sporty getup.

Referee Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

This enchanted eyeshadow and red lipstick never fail to impress. Check out this eye makeup that should help you copy this look.

14. Ringmaster

Become a red hot ringmaster for a night. Take it from Miranda Kerr. Complete the ensemble with a top hat and a wand, and you’re sure to get all eyes on you.

Ringmaster Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Look sexy with red lipstick and demand attention with a wave of your hand by wearing this bright red Anglican nail polish from Alyaka.

15. Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil never looked as gorgeous as when Aubrey O’ Day channelled the villainous character. Red, black and white combined to create a sultry look that’s worth the extra attention.

Cruella de Vil Costume

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Look sexy without losing the look of a villain. Get perfect arches with an eyebrow liner and defining wax that is formulated to reveal a natural effect.

16. Alice in Wonderland

Feel like going on an adventure? Take a trip to wonderland in a sexy Halloween costume that is close to the hearts of many. Channel the Alice in you just like Francesca Eastwood by wearing the popular blue and white dress, and striped leggings. Finish with a collar and you’re all set to impress!

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Stay in character. Aside from the costume, make sure that your tresses are gold, shiny, and in place, with this natural nourishing hair hydratant that provides the right amount of care and protection that your hair needs.

17. White Angel

Where there is darkness, there should be light–and that could be you on Halloween night! Be a white and heavenly angel just like LeAnn Rimes when she walked the red carpet.

White Angel Halloween Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Add a playful touch to a divine look with these studded false eyelashes and get the glow you need with this glitter pigment that looks good on your skin.

18. Pocahontas

Melissa Bolona gave life to a well-loved character and rocked the look perfectly–looking sexy and classy in a native ensemble.

Pocahontas Costume

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Moisturise to get a healthy and glowing skin. Get a slightly darker but radiant glow with this dazzling bronzer that’s sure to bring out the Pocahontas in you.

19. Pumpkin Princess

You can still look sexy without going over the top, this is what Phoebe Price proved when she showed up in a costume that made her look like a Pumpkin Princess.

Pumpkin Halloween Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Mimic the glow with this orange-toned blush from RMS Beauty.

20. Mermaid

Halloween is also an excuse to bring your secret wishes to life. Melanie Iglesias showed how it’s like to be a mermaid on foot for the red carpet.

Mermaid Costume for Adults

Image Courtesy of Splash

Halloween beauty tip:

Notice how her eye makeup creates a mysterious and ocean-like glow? Copy the look with this must-try blue eye polish.

21. Harley Quinn

You can do a lot of crazy things when you are Harley Quinn and Poppy Delevingne has channelled a psychotic and bubbly character to successfully give life to this fictional supervillain in 2015.

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume for Women

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Complete the look by pairing a silken shadow and blue eye makeup and red lipstick on a white foundation.

22. She Devil

She Devil Costume

Image Courtesy of Splash

Red and black have never failed to create a sexy look. You can play the part of a temptress in this sexy She Devil Halloween costume. Alessandra Ambrosio showed how to play the part as the dark queen of the night in a 2015 bash.

Halloween beauty tip:

Look fierce with perfectly done brows and contoured face to assume the look of a real temptress.

23. Icey and Grey Feline

If you want to create a feline character but is not into catsuits, Alessandra Ambrosio shows you how to create a twist to the popular catwoman attire. In 2014, she appeared as an icy-grey cat wearing a cropped top and leggings, complete with cat ears and whiskers!

Feline Costume

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Be in character by using a smudge-proof eyeliner for your cat-eye makeup, which can also work double to draw your whiskers! Also, here’s a nail polish that copies Alessandra’s nails to match her icy character.

24. Flapper Girl

Be among the chic, young women of the 1920s as a flapper girl in your Halloween bash, and become the ‘it’ girl of the party, just like Karolina Kurkova.

Flapper Girl

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

Play it cool and classy by wearing a feather accessory for your hair. Look less conventional by wearing thick false eyelashes, paired with eyeliner for better definition.

25. Egyptian Goddess

You can be the goddess that you dreamt of being for this year’s Halloween party. Take it from Anne Hathaway, when she channelled the inner Egyptian goddess in her, wearing a sexy Halloween costume that complemented her elegant look.

Egyptian Goddess

Image Courtesy of GettyImages.com

Halloween beauty tip:

A good eyebrow liner, eyebrow wax, and false eyelashes, emphasise your peepers. But for best results, see how a gold eye shadow can perfectly finish off the look!

Halloween Beauty Essentials

9 Beauty Essentials to Complete Your Halloween Look

So, have you already made up your mind on what to wear and how to do your makeup for Halloween? There are just too many cool and sexy Halloween costumes to choose from that looking gorgeously spooky won’t be hard to do. But, just to make sure that your look is complete this Halloween, here’s a round-up of the top Halloween beauty essentials that you can use to be as creative as you want and finish off a look that can make you appear just like your favourite celebrity.

#1. Witchery Mascara

This Halloween you can be extra wicked with this mascara that has a dramatic effect, and make you look as if you are wearing false eyelashes. Perfect for sexy costumes that make a statement! Rouge Bunny Rouge Modelling Mascara

#2. Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes are in and during Halloween, there is more reason to wear it! This smoky eye palette comes in complex dark colours and perfect to create a metallic look.  Use it as an ordinary makeup or even to create a bruise. Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow Palette

#3. Black Liquid Eyeliner

This black liquid eyeliner has a vibrant powdery finish. Work with intense line of pure colour whether using it to create a cat eye or to draw whiskers and ‘tattoos’. Allows precise application and stays on, unless removed with a cleanser. Ellis Faas Black Liquid Eyeliner

#4. Torrid Red Lipstick

Do you plan to go to a Halloween party as a vampire or an evil witch? Make sure that your face will be as fierce as your Halloween costume by applying a torrid red lipstick  that can last even until the party is over! This siren lipstick is long-wearing and comes with an advanced moisturising formula, in fashion-forward shades you’d love. Vapour Torrid Lipstick

#5. Cold Nail Polish

Look dead as you wish to be with this cold nail polish. Works well with most Halloween costumes. Perfect as a finishing touch to complete a lifeless look. Simply swipe it off and assume a character that is as cold as the weather. Strange Beautiful Cold Nail Polish

#6. Your Day to Shine Falsies

Planning to attend Halloween as a fairy tale character or princess? Or would you rather come as a gorgeous villain? These false eyelashes are dotted with little black gemstones to give your eyes a colour boost while making them twinkle. Perfect as the finishing touch to help you stay in character. Velour Your Day to Shine False Eyelashes

#7. Setting Powder

Setting powder is great for daily wear, but you can find it extra useful to ensure your ghoulish makeup will stay on for long! The Diaphanous impalpable finishing powder is invisible, has a velvety matte finish, and won’t dry the skin. Rouge Bunny Rouge Finishing Powder

#8. Brow Wax

This brow wax is versatile as it works both as a wax and an eyeliner. However, it is extra useful during Halloween especially if you want added definition to your brows to achieve a strong or creepy look. It has a long-lasting hold so you can party without worrying about losing your character unexpectedly! Ecobrow Defining Wax

#9. Brow Pencil

Defining your brows is easy especially if you will choose a shade that matches the natural colour of your brows. But not only that, a brow pencil is a handy tool this Halloween. Use it over a face paint, as a layer for your eye shadow, or to create an exaggerated cat eye that will make you look like a real villain! Rouge Bunny Rouge Brow Pencil Whether you want to keep your attire simple, or you want to be stunning in a sexy Halloween costume the way celebs rock it, make sure to complete the look with the right makeup.

But remember…

You will be applying more than what you normally use so it’s better to choose natural beauty products that are safe and effective to make sure that a night of fun won’t take a toll on your skin afterwards.

Are you ready for your Halloween party? Are there other Halloween costumes for women that you want to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below.