The 5 most inspirational contributors to Houzz

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Houzz is a treasure trove of sumptuous ideas for your home, featuring more than four million interior design photos. These inspirational improvement ideas connect millions of design enthusiasts and professionals through their own collections and virtual ideabooks. Scattered amongst the plethora of ideas and photographs are Houzz’s contributors, who write informative articles on a wide range of the latest trends for homes and gardens. We’ve carefully selected the five most inspirational Houzz contributors:

1. Bud Dietrich, AIA

Bud is a prolific Houzz contributor who has racked up more than 200 ideabooks, dozens of projects and glowing reviews. Bud works as an architect in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, where his passion is to transform his clients’ houses into homes. His keen eye for interior design has won him numerous accolades, with his work appearing on various television shows, magazines and books.


2. Benjamin Vogt

If you’re looking to transform your overgrown garden into the great outdoors, then look no further than Benjamin, who runs the landscape consulting business Monarch Gardens. Benjamin has hundreds of Houzz followers and specialises in creating natural habitats to attract all types of wildlife through the use of native plants and low maintenance design. His interactive children’s gardens and butterfly gardens are sure to inspire the whole family.

3. Jennifer Ott

Jennifer creates delicious kitchens by blending both the aesthetic and practical requirements for this living space. Jennifer runs the Jennifer Ott Design company in San Francisco and her other specialities include space planning, sustainable design, finish selection and colour consultation that promises to lift any space into a kaleidoscope of beautiful hues.


4. Sarah Greenman

For those who savour a more eclectic taste of interior design, Sarah Greenman is bound to impress with her transformed Texas ranch house that now serves as a Bohemian family home. Sarah is a freelancer with many skills, including writer, artist and photographer.


Sarah’s extensive collection of ideabooks contain a smorgasbord of boho designs that are centred around creating a unique family home. Combined with her soft spot for Swedish and mid-century design, Sarah is one of the most original and best Houzz contributors out there.

 5. Erika Ward

Erika is an avid interior designer who calls on her clients to “turn your design inspiration into action”. Erika’s passion for creating beautiful spaces is contagious and can be seen through the plethora of designs and ideas she has posted on Houzz.