50 Makeup Storage Ideas to Organise Your Vanity Like a Pro

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How many times have you found yourself spending hours and hours searching for your favourite lipstick or eyeshadow and afterwards leaving your vanity in a total mess?

An impressive makeup stash can easily turn into a pile of clutter if you fail to properly organise and store your precious collection. While keeping all your beauty essentials in one place isn’t an easy task, there are makeup storage ideas that will help you organise your vanity like a pro!

To help you, this article shares 50 brilliant makeup storage ideas so you can save time and effort in maintaining a clutter-free vanity.

Tips to Organize Makeup

Clever Tips to Organise Makeup

Sort, sort, sort…

Organise makeup so that you won’t have to rummage through everything and waste time in finding one item. Create a beauty routine that’s systematic by grouping them accordingly, whether by brand, palette or type. This is a smart solution to get the makeup look you want especially when on the go, without wasting effort or time.

Use labels

Labels offer amazing help to organise makeup. You can even create your own labels or colour codes. Apply them on the part of the makeup that is visible and you won’t have a difficult time accessing your makeup again.

Know what to discard

For a beauty junkie, parting with makeup, even if it hasn’t been used for long, is difficult. This often results to unnecessary hoarding and you’ll end up with waste before you know it. It’s best to know what can already be discarded or simply give away the cosmetics that you are rarely or no longer using.

Any makeup that you've had 
for more than 18 months, while 6 months 
for liquids used near the eyes, 
must be discarded.

Keep the basics within reach

Keep the basics handy! Things like foundation, primer, moisturiser, and natural beauty products are things that you use regularly. Oftentimes, you use the same shade/product. Why not keep them all together in a single organiser or separated from the other things in your vanity? The same way that you should keep your  “special occasion” makeup in another storage.

Make the most of your space

To avoid chaos, you have to be inventive in making the most of your space. That means making use of what’s available to declutter your vanity. Use the inside door of your cabinet to hang up your tools or to add a hanging storage for your makeup.

Save money by repurposing

Save money by reusing bins, jars, empty jars, and even school and kitchen supplies! You’d be in for a great surprise to know how they can be used to organise your makeup.

50 Makeup Storage Ideas

50 Makeup Storage Ideas

Want to eliminate the clutter that has become a typical part of your beauty routine? Here are 50 life-changing makeup storage ideas that will help you organise your beauty essentials!

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