8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Perfumes

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…plus tips on how you can find your perfect scent for Spring!

It’s spring and along with the change in season, you may find yourself wanting to explore new things and looking for the best changes to happen — and these include your taste for clothes, your hairstyle, your makeup choices, and even changes on the scents you wear!

Wearing the right perfume adds a boost to your confidence, and this spring you will surely want to make use of the scents that can endow positive effects on you. Perfume lovers often take the extra effort and time to make sure that they will find the scent that suits their personalities and preferences best.

However, most of you hasn’t really paid a little more attention to know some mind-blowing facts that will change the way you look at perfumes.

Have you really went beyond knowing what’s available and dug further on perfume facts that many are not yet aware of?

Yes, there are interesting facts that you didn’t know about perfumes and we have come up with an infographic to present a collated view of the facts that you’d want to discover, plus a list of the best designer and niche perfume choices in the UK! Interesting Perfume Facts

Easy Steps to Finding Your Spring Scent

Certainly, there are mind blowing facts that make perfumes more interesting. Now that spring is here, the question is which of the available scents in the market today will suit you? The choices are indeed abundant. But whether you prefer designer or niche perfumes, here are some of the steps that will help you in finding your spring fragrance that will make you more fashionably scented throughout the season!

  • Draw inspiration from the natural elements in your surroundings including flowers that bloom, refreshing environment, and fresh fruits in season.
  • Know your “fragrance personality.” Would you go for bold fragrances or conservative perfumes? Would you prefer getting everyone’s attention or are you the type who is not comfortable with the idea? These are the considerations to help you find your perfect scent.
  • Choose scents that use pure ingredients as they are appropriate for spring. These scents are good for the environment while making sure that your skin will be free from harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for your health.
  • Find the variation of your favourite scent. If you have a winter scent preference, look for its version that is made for spring because most likely that scent will suit you.
  • Look for the notes that are perfect for spring. For this season choose notes that are crisp, light, and fresh. The best examples for these would be mint, basil, orange blossom, etc.
  • Know how season affects scents. Temperature will impact your perception of scents. Cold weather makes scents difficult to evaporate, while hot weather intensifies fragrances.

Now that Spring has come, embrace the freshness, innocence, happiness, and blooms that come with it. You can enhance the beautiful vibe of the season by choosing the scent that’s perfect for you!

Have you found your perfect scent for spring? Need help in finding your fragrance? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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