Aloe Vera: The Timeless Beauty Ingredient You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Referred to as “the plant of immortality”, aloe vera has been used by the ancient Egyptians since the prehistoric times. As a herbal remedy with healing powers, it helps in nourishing the body from inside out–combatting problems with digestion and boosting the immune system. And with its effect on the face, skin, hair, and scalp, it’s no wonder that it has been regarded as a timeless beauty ingredient found in many essentials used until now.

With all the known uses of aloe vera, it’s just worthy to give this plant the attention it deserves. So in this article, we’ll look into some relevant facts along with the benefits it gives.

What is Aloe Vera

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is actually a cactus plant belonging to the Liliaceae family. It is native to places with hot and dry climate and is identified with its dark green, fleshy leaves that secrete a clear gel when broken off from the plant.

What made this plant even more popular are the benefits that it gives. Aloe Vera is packed with a variety of nutrients, including Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B12, copper, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Adding to that are the enzymes and fibre that further enhance its health benefits.

However, apart from those are the beauty benefits of aloe vera that made it a preferred ingredient in a lot of beauty products. In fact, it is estimated to have a $13 billion annual market value worldwide because, besides its role in the food and pharmaceutical industries, it is also widely used in cosmetics.

A valuable substance used in the beauty industry, it’s time to look into why it’s a must to include it into your beauty routine.

10 Aloe Vera Benefits for Your Face, Skin & Hair

Aloe Vera for Face and Skin

For the Face and Skin

1. Sunburn Relief

Rich in anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, one of the most popular uses of aloe vera is to soothe a sunburnt skin. Aloe Vera gel creates a protective layer to the skin for moisture retention, while its antioxidants and minerals work for fast healing.

Did you know?

In a study, the anti-inflammatory potential of aloe gel was tested for 48-hours. Results revealed that the gel is more superior than 1% of hydrocortisone which left researchers with the conclusion that aloe vera gel can be used as an effective topical treatment for inflammatory conditions, as well as redness caused by exposure to UV rays.

Aloe Vera for Skin Moisturisation

2. Skin Moisturisation

Leave your skin plump and with a dewy sensation–minus the greasy feel. Aloe vera is an effective beauty ingredient that can moisturise and soften skin without clogging your pores. Known for its hydrating properties, it can also be used as an aftershave treatment and is usually found in cosmetics, particularly those that are intended to relieve dry skin.

3. Faster Wound Healing

As compared with water, aloe can penetrate the outer layer of the skin 4x faster than water and can hasten the reproduction of skin cell. These are the reasons why it delivers outstanding results when used as a treatment for cuts, burns, and wounds. Furthermore, based on studies, aloe vera is also proven to be effective in shortening the healing period for first or second-degree burns.

Did you know?

Aloe vera is very effective in enhancing skin elasticity that it can heal overstretched skin and reduce the visibility of unsightly stretch marks.

Aloe Vera for Younger Looking Skin

4. Younger Looking Skin

Aloe vera is enriched with more than 75 nutrients, including vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene that come with anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. With regular use, it can make you appear more youthful and even help in reducing the appearance of blemishes on your face. In addition to that, it can boost collagen production, therefore giving you a skin that is more supple and younger looking.

TIP: When used with lemon juice, aloe vera can help reduce age spots and freckles.

5. Reduced Pore Size

Works effectively as an astringent, using aloe can help in the reduction of pore size which can eventually help in keeping excess sebum, dirt, and bacteria at bay. Not to mention, this will also give your skin a smooth and flaw-free appearance.

Aloe Vera Bacterial Protection

6. Bacterial Protection

While aloe vera works gently, it actually comes with cleansing and antimicrobial properties that can help in the treatment of acne. It works by shielding the skin from infection-causing bacteria and pathogens. Substances like glycoproteins are present in aloe vera that is effective in reducing redness and inflammation.

Aloe Vera for Hair and Scalp

For the Hair and Scalp

7. Healthier Hair Growth

Do you have a problem with hair growth? Aloe Vera, when applied to the scalp, can facilitate the growth of new hair. This happens as a result of increased blood circulation to the scalp which in turn makes way for the delivery of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help in the repair of dead skin cells.

Did you know?

Keratin, the protein found in hair responsible for its rejuvenation and elasticity, has a chemical composition that is similar to that of aloe vera.

Reduce Hairfall with Aloe Vera

8. Reduced Hairfall

Proteolytic enzymes are found in aloe vera which contributes to the repair of dead skin cells. When used on the scalp, it can facilitate hair growth and even help you deal with a range of hair conditions.

9. Dandruff Prevention

As previously mentioned, aloe vera is enriched with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps fight off fungal infection–one of the causes of dandruff. Furthermore, aloe vera gel hydrates the scalp and balances oiliness, therefore preventing dry, as well as oily scalp which also contributes to dandruff formation.

Hair and Scalp Conditioning

10. Hair and Scalp Conditioning

With its moisturising properties, you can expect aloe vera to have a hydrating effect both on your hair and skin. With regular use, it can rejuvenate the hair and scalp to leave you with a smooth and healthy looking hair. Plus, aloe vera is so gentle and pure that you won’t have to worry about greasy residue and build up.

The Best Aloe Vera Products

The Best Aloe Vera Products to Live By

Upon learning about the aloe vera benefits for the face, skin, hair, and scalp, you’d surely be interested to know the products that can provide the effects that the plant is known for. To help you with your search, we’ve come up with a list of products that use the timeless beauty ingredient–aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a timeless beauty ingredient that has already proven its worth way back to the historic times up to now. Make it a part of your beauty regimen to experience its amazing benefits.

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