Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup

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...and How You Can Look Just as Good, Naturally!

Many of you consider makeup as their best friend, especially on days when you need to banish a blemish or hide areas that are better far from sight. However, there are also those people who are very well blessed to easily pull off a bare face and still look gorgeous.

No makeup, no problem! These celebrities without makeup show how less can be more.

Are you one of the women who feel naked and vulnerable without makeup? Read on as this article features celebrities who look beautiful even without makeup, alongside the tips on how you can look just as good, naturally.

Celebrities Without Makeup

12 Celebrities Who Stun Even Without Makeup

Jessica Biel

On days when she isn’t in the limelight, Jessica Biel prefers to wash off her makeup and wear basic clothes. And even as she does, she looks gorgeous and comfortable revealing her natural skin.

Jessica Biel


Starstruck by Beyonce? You’ll be in for a major surprise to see how great she looks without a hint of makeup.


Kim Kardashian

While people usually find Kim Kardashian with heaps of makeup, she actually stuns even with a bare face. Kim can live without her makeup artists. In fact, she’s a natural beauty who can really pull off no makeup selfies.

Kim Kardashian

Image courtesy of http://www.cosmopolitan.com

Halle Berry

Another celebrity who is blessed with a naturally beautiful look. She has a gorgeous complexion that makeup actually becomes a distraction.

Halle Berry

Diane Kruger

Diane is a celebrity who can stun even right after a shower. She is blessed with blue eyes and rosy cheeks that using makeup is no longer necessary.

Diane Kruger

Image courtesy of http://www.imgur.com/

Jennifer Garner

One of the celebrities who really looks comfortable without makeup. Oftentimes, she is caught in pictures without a hint of cosmetics. Not only that, Jennifer is so pretty with her natural look that she actually looks less gorgeous with makeup on.

Jennifer Garner

Marion Cotillard

Marion surely doesn’t mind to be caught without makeup, even with her baby. This French celebrity easily looks like she just stepped off the pages of a magazine without using any makeup at all!

Marion Cotillard

Megan Fox

One of the gorgeous Hollywood celebrities, Megan Fox is an absolute stunner and looks really sexy even without makeup.

Megan Fox

Image courtesy of http://simplylivingtips.com/

Taylor Swift

Most of the time, Taylor is seen with her red lipstick on. While you think she looks pretty with makeup, you will be in awe to see her refreshing look without wearing any makeup on.

Taylor Swift

Sharon Stone

The ‘Basic Instinct’ star managed to look gorgeous throughout the years. And what will surprise you is the fact that she looks more youthful and stunning without even using dark makeup.

Sharon Stone

Image courtesy of http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

Drew Barrymore

Drew is multi-talented and has a lot of roles to play. She is an actress, screenwriter, film director, producer, model and author. But what’s really striking about this celebrity is her timeless beauty that gave her the guts to pose for magazines even without makeup!

Drew Barrymore

Hilary Duff

Just like Drew, Hilary Duff is a multi-talented beauty who is very effective as an actress, singer and songwriter. With a fresh look, she shows great confidence in her own skin. Her “I woke up like this” selfies will tell you that it is possible to look beautiful without having to use makeup.

Hillary Duff

There are days when you just can’t wear makeup and you have no choice but to show off your natural beauty. While you’ll think that it’s hard to look like the featured celebrities, there are actually ‘no-makeup secrets’ that you can follow to look just as great as them!

Secrets of Celebrities without Makeup

10 Secrets to Looking Great Without Makeup

#1. Exfoliate

Dead skin cells make your skin look tired and dull. To get back the glow that it used to have, you’ll need to exfoliate, regularly. Choose a gentle face scrub that suits your skin type and can help you cleanse the top layer of your skin.

#2. Moisturise

Moisturise after exfoliating the skin and you should do it everyday to keep it free from harsh elements. This is to ensure that the renewed skin layer will be able to get rid of flaky, dry and rough spots, making it healthier looking.

#3. Use Serums

Skin serums give the dose of nutrients needed by the skin, as they are highly concentrated with ingredients that give the skin the pampering it deserves. Serums offer the protection and nourishment that is needed to boost skin firmness, tighten pores, and enhance the production of collagen & elastin.

Use Face Serum

#4. Apply Toner

It’s not enough that you cleanse and moisturise. Apply a toner and make it an essential part of your skin care regimen. Do it daily to get tightened skin and minimised pores, at the same time it will help you get rid of oil.

#5. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Even when the sun isn’t out, there’s no reason to miss using a sunscreen. Harmful rays are ever present and ready to cause damages. Even when in a hurry, you can’t maintain a healthy skin care regimen without sun-proofing your skin.

Eat Right

#6. Eat Healthy and Drink Right

You have to choose what you eat to stay healthy and look healthy. Skin breakouts don’t occur just because of hormonal changes. Your food choices also cause blemishes and breakouts that lead to a less than perfect complexion. Eating fruits and vegetables is the initial step to getting rid of tired and old-looking skin. Of course, you have to replenish your body with water to keep it well-hydrated and to keep it supple and fresh.

#7. Use Face Masks

Face masks offer nutrients that are easily absorbed by the skin to leave you with a healthy and glowing complexion. There are different types of face masks that you can try so you can get rid of impurities, achieve skin hydration, and infuse the nutrients that your skin needs.

#8. Groom Your Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows can easily make you look gorgeous, even without makeup. Make it a habit to pluck stray hairs so you can maintain good looking eyebrows at all times. Eyebrows also help frame and accent your facial features. Get the perfect brows so you will look more beautiful even without makeup.

Curl Your Lashes

#9. Curl Your Lashes

You can draw more attention to your eyes if you have longer and curled lashes. Much more, it opens the eyes so they won’t look tired and dull. However, you don’t really need to wear a mascara to do that. One makeup hack to try is heating your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using to get permed lashes. Castor oil can also grow your lashes to make them grow longer and thicker.

#10. Take Care of Your Hair

Your crowning glory also has an impact on how you look and you have to take care of it to make sure that you will look and feel good, even without makeup on. There are hair care and styling tips that you can try to fix your hair in just a few minutes. It also matters to get a haircut regularly and to choose the best hair products that are appropriate for your hair. By doing so, you can make your hair look healthy and shiny–you won’t really have a reason to worry whether you’d let it down!

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