Caring for and celebrating our skin: let yourself be swept away by May Lindstrom

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If we are not careful, our busy lives can leave us stressed and exhausted. This frenetic lifestyle can leave tell-tale signs in the condition of our skin. Our skin was never so greatly in need of pure, potent and nurturing care, but many of today’s mass-produced skincare products are replete with synthetic chemicals and cheap fillers which can be harsh, especially on delicate or damaged skin.

May Lindstrom became interested in beauty care from an early age because her own, highly sensitive, skin meant that, right from infancy she suffered allergic reactions to a wide range of products, including many considered suitable for delicate infant skin. Girlhood experiments with natural ingredients to create products she could use herself later set her on a voyage of discovery for pure but hedonistic skin treatment products that could be used by others to care for their skin, helping to heal damage and postpone the signs of ageing.

Organic Skincare

May Lindstrom describes her philosophy of skincare as a fusion of purity and decadence and it is easy to understand why. Today she creates her niche beauty products using only ingredients that are organic, bio-dynamic, wild crafted, cruelty free, sustainable and conscious. This strict adherence to using only pure and natural ingredients has a joyful, playful and indulgent approach to skincare rituals as its counterpoint. The most important key to creating joyous skincare ritual, May believes, is to be in the moment. As she puts it: “Even if you have only five minutes, make it the most delightful five minutes of your day. Savour this time, drink everything in and let yourself get a little swept away”.

Her range of skincare products, many of them fragranced with the romantic and energising perfumes of essential oils, are certainly conducive to allowing ourselves to get swept away on a wave of pure sensory pleasure. But for clients who come to her with stressed and highly sensitised skin, May often recommends that they take a complete break from skincare products and allow their skin some precious time to rest and renew before exploring her skincare line. Only then, she believes, will their skin be fully ready to benefit from the healing and transformative ingredients in the May Lindstrom range.

The basis of any good skin care routine is cleansing and May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud both cleanses and nourishes the skin. Many of May’s clients use it together with the Clean Dirt exfoliator to help remove dead skin. The skin cleansing treatment can then be rounded off with her Problem Solver, which helps to brighten the skin and fade spots and areas of discoloration as well as treating and preventing breakouts.


After cleansing, the skin is ready to be moisturised. One of May’s products is the anti-ageing Youth Dew which adds moisture while at the same time balancing the skin’s natural oil production. Another moisture product from the May Lindstrom line is Blue Cocoon which, with its calming blue tansy fragrance, is particularly kind to skin that is prone to such conditions as eczema and rosacea.


A recent addition to the range is the Jasmine Garden, a fragrant misting spray, particularly soothing for sensitive skin. A spritz here and there throughout the day helps restore elasticity to the skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

If you’re ready to celebrate your skin with caring and luxurious products, why not take a look at the May Lindstrom collection on today?