The Cheat Sheet to Nail the Best Deals from Boxing Day Sales in the UK

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Black Friday has gone, but if you think that the shopping season has already ended, you are actually yet to engage in the biggest shopping event of the year now that Boxing Day sales in the UK has just started!

Boxing Day in the UK is the biggest sale of the season and it is now officially underway.

As early as December 26, shoppers have already flocked shops looking for discounted items across the stores in the UK. In most shops, the sale lasts until mid-January.

It is indeed the biggest closing salvo of the year that all shoppers must not miss to get the best deals. The question is, are you doing it right?

To help you survive and thrive the boxing day sales in the UK, here’s the ultimate cheat sheet that shares some of the most useful tips that will make you a smart and satisfied bargain hunter!

Boxing Day Tips

10 Rules to Nail the Best Deals from Boxing Day Sales in the UK

#1. Perfect timing is key

If you are a boxing day veteran, you know that timing is everything in getting the best bargains. But if you are an amateur, you need to know when the stores will open. If you plan to grab the best boxing day sales online, you have to check out websites from time to time and stay updated with a store’s social media post to know what’s being offered and when you can avail their offers.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

If you are shopping online, get the home page of the store ready the night before and set your alarm to make sure that you won’t miss the biggest bargains of the year!

#2. Don’t waste your time

One of the pitfalls that shoppers commit during boxing day sales is browsing through a range of products and not focusing on what they really want. The best thing to do is to go straight to the right section, whether shopping offline or online. This will save you time and effort and even have greater chances of acquiring the best deals!

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

Check out the store’s website to easily get an overview of what’s up for grabs and to identify the ones that you really want. You can even print images of the products you want to make shopping a breeze! If shopping online, take note of the product codes before you shop so that purchasing items can be as fast and easy as pasting the codes on the search button of the website.

#3. Avoid the hassles

Oftentimes, there will be lots of people lining up to get in a store and you’ll have to wait long hours for your turn to get in. It will really be a drag if you will not be dressed for the occasion and end up wanting to go home because of the inconveniences.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

The best thing to do is to come early and be in your most comfortable attire to beat the hassles of boxing day shopping.

Boxing Day Sale

#4. Know the store’s returns policy

Checking out the store’s return policy before the purchase is a smart thing to do as it ensures that in case you are not satisfied with your purchase or if there is any problem with the product you bought, your rights as a consumer will be protected. This is one element that makes it possible for you to make the most of your boxing day spending.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

It would be best to take a look at the online store’s terms & conditions before proceeding to checkout. Also, open the return policy in a second window to easily browse through it while adding items to your cart.

#5. Refresh and be patient

Boxing day sales in the UK is a busy time–whether you choose to do it offline or online because of the steady flow of customers coming to the store at the same time. During this time of the year, you’ll realise how patience is really a virtue and some of the items you want may no longer be on sale.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

It makes a difference if you will be able to purchase the items you want very fast. But once you encounter websites experiencing technical issues because of the heavy flow of customers, be patient and just click on the refresh button every now and then until the website is back to serve customers again.

#6. Plan before you shop

Avoid wasting time and money by going to a store without researching items and identifying the products that you want to buy. Knowing the list of shops that offer boxing day deals also makes a huge difference. Some of the worst scenarios that you must avoid are to purchase items that you don’t need and grab items that are not offered with huge price-offs.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

It is best to plan your boxing day sales shopping by researching brands and items. This way, you will be able to assess the items you need and can make sure that you will be getting huge savings.

#7. Stick to a budget

With the discounts that are up for grabs, there is a tendency for you to overspend and purchase items that you don’t really need. As a result, you will end up wasting money that you could have saved to buy other useful items.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

Prepare a list and set a budget to avoid impulsive buying. This way you will be able to focus more on what you need and avoid the chance of having little money left when you chance upon items that are really worth the deal.

Women Shopping

#8. Shop with a friend

Boxing day sales in the UK is also a time when bargains come in twos. Those two-for-one deals should not be missed and you can take advantage of the bargains by taking along a buddy so you can shop and grab the best deals without having second thoughts.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

Shopping can be twice the fun when done with a friend. But in case a buddy is not available, you can always consider buying in twos especially when you are shopping for last-minute holiday gifts to giveaway.

#9. Hit the premium shops first

It is the perfect time of the year to grab the best deals from premium or luxury shops. If you have been eyeing luxury perfumes or beauty products for long, or if you are waiting too long to buy clothes from a premium store, boxing day sales could be the best time to do it!

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

Niche shops offer huge discounts on luxury items at this time of the year. It is the best time to buy luxury goods that you can have for personal use or as fancy gifts to give away. Look for the best shops offering luxury items and the best bargains as they offer products with the best quality and tend to last for a long time.

#10. Eat before you shop

One important rule that shoppers must not forget is to eat or grab a snack before shopping. A rumbling stomach can prevent you from searching for the best deals. Make sure that before you head out to the store or spend long hours browsing through an online website, you are stomach is full to keep you fueled throughout your shopping spree.

Boxing Day Sales Tip:

Make snacks like crackers and fruits within reach. A bottle of water will also be necessary to stay hydrated. Keep in mind that the moment hunger pangs get in the way, there is a great chance for you to lose focus and end up buying items that are not included in your list.

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It is during this time of the year when several high street stores in the UK offer discounted items immediately after Christmas and usually, sales last until the middle of January. But even if that’s the case, there is no reason to hold back from shopping now so you can choose from a wider selection and take advantage of the best deals.

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