How to be an eco-friendly wrap artist this Christmas

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It’s that time of year again – shelf after shelf of Christmas cards and rolls of festive wrapping paper are lining the walls of every shop, reminding us of all the seasonal decisions that have to be made. Will you go with snowflake wrapping paper or holly? Should you decorate your presents with ribbons or rosettes?

In truth, it doesn’t really matter how you wrap your Christmas presents, because come December 25th, all that beautiful wrapping paper will be scrunched up and discarded, ready to become landfill.

If the thought of all that waste leaves you feeling positively Scrooge-like, consider doing something different with your wrapping paper this year. There are lots of eco-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper which can be even more beautiful than the prettiest store-bought versions.

1. Find a fun fabric

Make the packaging part of the present by using a vintage scarf or a piece of Liberty fabric instead of wrapping paper. Hold the folds in place with safety pins instead of tape, and secure the package with a double dose of matching ribbon.

You will end up with a beautifully textured, unique and environmentally sound gift which will really stand out underneath the tree.

2. Recycle reading materials

Using old newspapers to wrap gifts is a quaint tradition, but it can seem a bit cheap. Add a touch of class to this look by choosing vintage newspaper or magazine paper (scour eBay for options), or tailoring the pages to the person who will be receiving the gift.

For instance, if you are wrapping a present for a fashionista, use a beautiful Vogue spread or a retro sewing pattern sheet. If you are giving a gift to a history buff, source a reproduction (or original!) of a famous headline.

3. Delight with decorations

The finishing touches can make such a difference to a beautifully wrapped present. Instead of buying heat-treated foil ribbons, choose a more sustainable alternative. Get into the festive spirit with a glittering gold or silver rope string ribbon, or go for classic charm with a piece of vintage lace or ribbon.