The most exclusive art exhibitions in Europe

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While every self-proclaimed art lover lines up for the same blockbuster museum exhibitions, those in the know will head to far more exclusive viewings. The most exclusive art exhibitions in Europe are often off the beaten path, but can offer the genuine connoisseur an opportunity to find a true masterpiece.

Entry to our suggested galleries will mean you are gaining access to some of the most beautiful pieces of art ever created.

© Banksy

© Banksy

Beauty in Belgravia

For your first stop, head to London’s Belgravia Gallery. Housing an exclusive collection of works from Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Nelson Mandela, HRH Prince of Wales, and Rembrandt, this appointment-only gallery lives up to its award winning status. It offers a wide variety of artistic styles, and is sure to have something for any wall.

Don’t forget England’s urban art capital, either. Head west from London to Bristol, where Banksy first made his name.

© Banksy

© Banksy

While there are plenty of very public urban art galleries around the city, there are also much more exclusive shows being held all over the city. At one of the city’s more central urban art galleries, such as Upfest in Southville or Its All 2 Much in Stokes Croft to hear whispers of some of the less publicised shows.

Culture on the continent

Heading to the continent will bring the hidden treasures that can be found in many other select galleries to light. However, some of the most exclusive exhibitions are actually linked to the largest museums. For instance, the launch of the Musée Picasso Paris is tied to an exclusive tour of some of the city’s fantastic historic maisons. To see the intimate life of Paris, both modern and historic, this launch can show you more than just the work of Picasso.

Similar events can be found at other European museums. A private view of the Velasquez collection at the Picture Gallery at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wienmn is a must when visiting Vienna. Like many other museum exhibitions, this is certain to draw crowds. However, exclusive viewings can be arranged for the right visitors.

Exclusive artwork for the connoisseur

At many museums, it is simply a matter of asking and showing your credentials as a collector and art lover. This can get you an exclusive private viewing, or an invitation to a limited access display of the latest exhibitions.

To find out more about the best exhibitions, both at galleries and at museums, it can be worth speaking to gallerists. They can often offer you initiations to exhibitions that are not advertised, or not yet open to the public. This allows you first refusal when it comes to purchase, too.

Finding the most exclusive art exhibitions in Europe is often a matter of knowing where to look. In every case, it can be a far more enriching experience, and much more enjoyable than trying to battle throngs of people in order to actually appreciate this incredible artwork in all its glory.

The real beauty of art is best experienced in an exclusive way. Private views, hidden galleries, and special events are all the best choice for any collector or true lover of art.