Exclusive Interview with April Gargiulo of Vintner’s Daughter

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Get to know April Gargiulo, the woman behind a luxurious skin care brand–the hero skin treatment that offers a powerful active botanical serum, and recognised by experts as the face oil to end all face oils.

Vintner’s Daughter, a luxurious brand that has captivated the attention of natural beauty enthusiasts, brings to the market a multi-correctional infusion of 22 of the world’s most active organic and wildcrafted botanicals.

Expert Profile:

Before turning into a skincare expert, April Gargiulo was a furniture designer and winemaker. She has then spent two years of research to formulate what is now popularly known as the “hero” skin treatment.

April Gargiulo

Her prized potion is an all-natural active product, based in anti-oxidant-rich grapeseed oil for the treatment of a range of skincare concerns and has already earned cult following. Undoubtedly, her knowledge as a vintner has contributed to her success in creating a super-charged, multi-correctional, botanical product that has no side effects.

April Gargiulo has perfected the formula to create a life-changing botanical serum that has already received humbling praises from various news outlets. In this exclusive interview with Alyaka, you will learn more about the lauded influencer behind the ultimate “cult, cool-girl serum” that’s meant to create outstanding results.

Logo Can you tell us something about yourself? What are the things that interest you?

I love design, especially modern French and Scandinavian design. I love music and shopping for records.  The place I like to be most is with my husband and daughters near some form of water; ocean, lake, or river.

The Vintner's Daughter

Logo How did Vintner’s Daughter started?

Vintner’s Daughter started because I was appalled at how cheap and toxic the beauty industry was. Even so-called luxury, cult creams were filled with non-active synthetic junk. I don’t eat food filled with cheap fillers and chemicals or even clean my house with it, why would I put it on my face. It was this realization that led to the creation of Vintner’s Daughter. I wanted a product that was 100% active, multi-corrective and made from the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients in the world.

Logo How did winemaking influenced the processes you follow?

It has been everything. At my family winery, Gargiulo Vineyards, we are solely focused on producing the finest wines in the world. In order to do this, you must focus on the finest quality at every step. Short cuts are not tolerated. We go at the speed of quality. Vintner’s Daughter shares that philosophy and passion to make one of the finest products in the world.

The Vintner's Daughter Facial Oil

Logo Can you tell us more about your “Hero” product?

Active Botanical Serum was formulated to be my desert island product, the one item I would never leave home without because it does everything. It is highly multi-correctional, nourishing and balancing and delivers the optimal amounts of skin beautifying vitamins, minerals, essential oils and fatty acids. It is made from the same nutritive building blocks as your skin and profoundly affects skin’s texture, clarity, tone and elasticity.


Of the toxin-free beauty alternatives that you are using, which one stands out for you?

I love Agent Nateur deodorant and In Fiore lip balm.

Logo What do you think are the characteristics that make Vintner’s Daughter unique from other natural beauty products?

Most beauty is sold or marketed based on a single active ingredient or result. Active Botanical Serum is not about any single ingredient or result. Quite the contrary, it is made from 22 of world’s most nutrient dense botanicals and delivers serious multi-correctional results.

Everyone’s skin can benefit from it. Acne sufferers, hormonal skin, rosacea, dry, imbalanced skin. All see profound results.  It’s a game changer product.

Beauty Tip from the Vintner's Daughter

Logo As a mother and a business owner at the same time, days can get stressful. How do you manage to maintain balance?

Ha!! That is always the struggle. I never evaluate balance over the course of one day because it’s an impossible feat, but over the course of a week I work hard to find balance. It’s my number one priority, so I make it happen.

Logo How would you describe your beauty routine?

Simple, luxurious and seriously effective.

Logo What would you recommend for your customers to harness the maximum effects of your active botanical serum?

Keep it simple. Along with paying attention to nutrition, movement, spirituality, sleep, I recommend a simple but effective routine. Cleanse, tone (this is important and I prefer a gentle acid type toner) and then apply Active Botanical Serum using Push / Press. Begin with it only at night and then work it into your daytime routine. As with any active product, sunscreen is important.

Quote from The Vintner's Daughter

Logo Are there other beauty and wellness tips that you can share for other busy women?

Beauty is truly a light from within. Let it shine.

The Vintner’s Daughter has made way for a 100% skincare treatment, also known as the hero product–the face oil to end all face oils.  Take advantage of this 100% active and multi-corrective formula that can give you the best of what organic and wild-crafted ingredients in the world can offer.

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