Exclusive Interview with Cosmetics 27 Founder, Michèle Evrard

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Get some exclusive insights from Michèle Evrard, the woman behind the success of Cosmetics 27.

With her experience in the beauty industry and passion for cosmetics research and innovation, Michèle Evrard has founded Cosmetics 27 in 2009, keeping in mind her interest to make effective and ethical products available in the market.

Expert Profile:

Michèle Evrard has been working in the cosmetics industry for more than 2 decades. Through the years, she has been very passionate about cosmetological research and natural products. She is also a known supporter of integrative, preventive and natural approach to beauty.

Backed with her knowledge and skills as a trained pharmacist in Europe, Michèle Evrard was able to create a skincare line that naturally blends health and beauty to address the most important needs and meet the most demanding requirements in skincare.

What was initially intended to address her own demanding skin care requirements, Cosmetics 27 has become a premium natural cosmeceutical line in the market that nurtures, soothes and rejuvenates, particularly with the restorative properties of Centella Asiatica.

Michèle Evrard has an inspiring story to share. Learn more about her insights and the humble beginnings of her brand in Alyaka’s exclusive interview with the expert.

Logo You are known as the founder of Cosmetics 27, but outside the business, what is an ordinary day for you like?

Ordinary! I cannot start my day without my coffee (a bad habit!)  and reading the news on the internet. I walk my dog every morning before going to the office. It is my day planning time and the only quiet time I have to call my friends. After that, the day flies and I emerge around 7 pm from the office if I am not travelling. I try to limit lunches. I usually have a light & late lunch in the office. I keep 1 evening for myself and 2 for my daughter!

Logo If you are not working in the cosmetics industry, what other fields would you like to explore?

I would have loved to grow and manage plantations, trees, orchards or forests. Living in Nature! If I had to study again it would be agricultural engineer. Living in the country seems more of a realistic project and …maybe grow my own garden!

Cosmetics 27

Logo How did Cosmetics 27 start and what motivated you to create your product line in spite of the huge selection of cosmetics in the market?

After spending 20 years in the fragrance & cosmetics industry, working on big leading brands, I really never intended on launching another brand on the market…Never say never!

It all started with my personal project to create a cream for me and some of my friends! That was the Baume 27 which I had been thinking about for …quite some years following a ski accident than another broken bone on the same knee. I looked for a scarring product to erase my long scar and I discovered the healing benefits of Centella Asiatica. That started my idea of a cream that would literally regenerate my skin!

Baume 27 was thought in 2003, developed over 2 years and launched in 2009! It became a short line in 2011 and has been growing since, always with the same philosophy of pharmaceutical inspired preparations and natural skin remedies.

We have found followers in the market and they have been growing every year!

Logo In connection with the previous question, what do you think is the edge of Cosmetic 27 from other natural skin care lines?

The line is truly the only « natural cosmeceutical « line on the market. I conceive and develop each product just like a pharmaceutical preparation,  remedies made exclusively with natural vegetal active ingredients that are part of the pharmaceutical pharmacopoeia. We use minimal biotech ingredients, only to secure the quality, security and efficacy of the formulas. All our products are tested for their performance and results.

Cosmetics 27 Products

Logo Can you share with us some of the things that you take into consideration when creating new products?

I imagine a product I need and have not found. Either for its properties or ingredients. Right now I am working on products that will be blenders to the formulas in the line. Products that will be blended to bring more efficacy, properties or results!

Logo Centella Asiatica seems to play critical importance in Cosmetics 27. Can you give us a brief background about this ingredient?

This plant is just miraculous! It has been used for more than 3 000 years in South East Asia and other parts of the world. It is my “skin longevity plant” as well as an incredible skin healing remedies. It is used in many Asian countries as part of their natural Pharmacopeia. Its properties go from anti-inflammatory to collagen regenerating, soothing, and microcirculation stimulating, in Asia cultures they ingest (eat) it more than applying it topically.

Centella Asiatica

There are numerous amazing stories and legends on the plant, it is known as the Tiger Herb as tigers in South East Asia used to rub their wounds on the natural plant! We use purified extracts that come from Madagascar. The plant that grows there happens to be much richer in the ingredients we use (Heterosides), it is also “eco-trade”, the culture and crops benefit to the population which is one of the poorest in the world.

Logo Compared to mainstream cosmetics, what do you think are the biggest challenges in creating natural cosmetics?

Clearly making sophisticated formulas (choice, associations & dosage of ingredients) that deliver textures, touch, feel and penetration, all acceptable by today’s  demanding consumer standards,  while using natural excipients and limiting unnecessary & non-natural ones.

Logo Do you have your personal favourites among your skin care products?

All of them I developed by passion and for my personal need and use! The Baume 27 never leaves me, nor does the Essence 27. With these 2 products, you can achieve infinite formula blends and live through all seasons and skin conditions & moods!

Logo What can you advise consumers who want to make the most of Cosmetics 27 skincare line?

With Cosmetics 27, I want to offer the possibility of personal treatments and formulas. By combining, blending our products together, you can create your own personal blend.

Beauty Product Tips

I recommend mixing the different products that you use, in your hands, before you apply them. It helps achieve the right formula and texture for a specific skin. You dose the products better and will know how much you need to apply by testing and feeling different amounts.

If you apply them one on top of the other, you might use too much, too many products. More is not always better! This is how I use my products; you can adapt them to your needs, it is a simple DIY process. For example, if the Baume 27 is too rich for daytime, you can add a few drops of the Essence 27 and you will have your own preferred texture with the benefits of both products.

Logo Will there be new product launches from Cosmetics 27 that we should look forward to?

This year we will introduce 2 or 3 new products that will focus on maintaining the skin epidermis and protecting it against the pollution mainly and all environmental at large…there are many more to come!!

Logo Lastly, is there any beauty or wellness advice that you want to share with our readers?

Too many women use and abuse products and treatments. Be good to your skin.

Stop looking at your wrinkles and take care, literally, of your skin!

Natural Beauty Advice

Try to be measured on oily food and sugar as much as possible, don’t “over” do anything, balance is key.

Adopt a simple routine, clean your skin gently, and don’t abuse of the sun (stay away from it potentially!). Drink a lot of water, don’t smoke and laugh without limitation!

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