Exclusive Interview with Dr. Marko Lens, Brand Founder of Zelens

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Armed with a deep knowledge on skincare and anti-aging, Dr. Marko Lens has come up with a brand that uses advanced skincare technology. Zelens skincare offers a selection of ingredients to create a powerful skincare product that you can include into your anti ageing regime.

Expert Profile: Dr. Marko Lens

Dr. Marko Lens, the expert behind Zelens Skincare, has gained international recognition as an authority in the field of skin aging and skin cancer.

A holder of numerous patents in skincare, particularly anti-aging, Dr. Marko Lens has finished a Master of Science degree from Harvard University and a PhD degree from the Oxford University in the field of skin cancer.  Dr.Lens takes active participation in clinical research and his work has already been published in medical journals. Regularly, he holds lectures to discuss the trends that shape skincare technology, as well as the emergence of novel and state-of-the-art anti-aging skincare.

Exclusive Interview with Dr.Lens | Zelens

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With his industry knowledge and expertise on the powerful healing properties of botanicals, he has undoubtedly contributed greatly  in the skincare industry. Learn more about his works, his useful insights, and the brand that he has developed through this interview.

Exclusive Interview with Zelens Brand Founder, Dr. Marko Lens

Logo When and why have you made a decision to create a skincare line?

I had a dream to create a skincare line for many years. I was always intrigued by skincare and my research in the field of skin cancer and skin aging (which share a common pathway) was simply a natural step.

Logo In what way Zelens is different from other brands?

Zelens differs from other brands because of its unique philosophy and integrity in developing and testing its products. I do not believe in a single ingredient (hero ingredient) approach as one ingredient is not sufficient to combat a rather complex process of skin aging. We combine multiple ingredients- combining both botanical and high-tech actives that work in synergy targeting different molecules in the skin and different pathways involved in a complex process of skin aging.

Logo Why Zelens? (The LENS bit obviously needs no explanation:))

We played with words around my family name Then Zelens came as in many Slavic languages Zelens means green.

Zelens Active Colour

Logo Colour cosmetics are different from skincare as regards reasons for purchase to the extent that colour is mainly an emotional choice/purchase. What made you grow the range by embracing this segment?

Women who use make up wear it for a long time during a day. I wanted to give to those consumers skincare benefits, so I created Active Colour- which is basically a skincare line with an addition of the pigment. My focus was not on the colour but actives in the formulation and performance of the formulation. It was a great project. It is not easy to formulate a foundation with 17 different actives. And it is unusual. But I love it. It is a real challenge.

Logo As a doctor who knows all there is to know about the human skin, what would be your top three reasons accelerating the aging of the skin (we are talking about ordinary factors – e.g. unhealthy diet, alcohol, cigarettes, pollution factor, absence of sleep, no exercise, etc.)?

UV light is the major cause of skin aging. Other factors include other environmental aggressors. Stress and deprivation of sleep are also strongly contributing to a premature skin aging.

Zelens Anti-Aging Skincare

Logo What do you think about food supplements in general and beauty food supplements in particular?

I love food supplements as they have important aspect on our well-being and health. Regarding supplements for the skin I would like to see more research and clinical results.

Logo Red wine or white wine? What is the best in terms of skincare properties, if any?

Red wine. It is richer in polyphenols – that demonstrate strong antioxidant activity.

Logo Let’s forget for a minute about the healthy approach to life. Do you have any dish or specialty which you prefer above all other since childhood?

Pizza, of course.

Logo How do you relax if short of time?

I try to watch a nice movie. Even it is a short one.

Logo Your beloved holiday destination?


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