Exclusive Interview with Perfume Expert, Geoffrey Nejman

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Join us as we uncover some of the most interesting information that you’d love to know about Geoffrey Nejman — the man behind the perfume brand that is known for its exceptional fragrances and elegant, handcrafted bottles.

Logo Profile:

M. Micallef Parfums has been in the industry of fine fragrance for almost two decades now, taking pride of several collections that are classified as niche luxury scents.

Known for their handmade crystal collection and exceptional fragrances, the company has come a long way and is estimated to have an eight-digit figure value today. Their success can never be underestimated and they have managed to preserve the luxury of their products through the strict processes that they consistently employ.

In this exclusive interview with  Geoffrey Nejman — the man behind the success of M. Micallef Parfums, you will know more about the company, the inspiring people behind the well-known niche perfume, and the story of one the most successful brands in the fragrance industry.

Niche Perfumes

Logo As a world renowned brand in high end luxury perfumes, please give us a brief background on how M. Micallef started and your inspirations in creating your brand.

Martine and I created our brand in 1996.  The M.Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes. We are now present in almost 60 countries with  about 900 retail outlets, the company’s success speaks for itself.

We have always been driven by our individual passion and talents, and together with Jean Claude Astier, a renowned nose, we developed exceptional fragrances whilst Martine Micallef, my wife, with her artistic flair, designed and developed a range of beautifully decorated bottles.

The bejeweled collection, produced and decorated by hand became an iconic work of art and perfume seducing connoisseurs from all over the world. With her artist’s soul she instinctively developed her talents in designing, painting and sculpturing.

Her consistency in creativity and her rich cultural heritage ensure the ever growing success of the brand.

Logo Please introduce us to the individuals behind M. Micallef’s triangle.

First, my wife, Martine Micallef. With her artist’s soul she instinctively developed her talents in designing, painting and sculpturing.

Her consistency in creativity and her rich cultural heritage ensure the ever growing success of the brand.

Martine and Geoffrey Nejman

Then, another artist! The renowned nose responsible of what you can find into M. Micallef’s bottles, Jean Claude Astier. Thanks to his talents, M. Micallef pafums share a real signature richness that mirrors our precious perfume bottles. We find the inspiration for new and unique compositions in our numerous travels throughout the world.

In Arabian culture in particular there has been a pronounced knowledge of superior fragrances from immemorial time, and the requirement for pure and rare raw materials is especially high there.To bring our perfumes to life, only the finest and most valuable ingredients are used, and their  original ways strictly checked.

Nowadays, most aromatic substances can be manufactured in larger quantities and therefore more cheaply if done so synthetically.

Then, the 3rd individual in the M.Micallef’s triangle is …. Me ! In my first life I was a businessman from the world of private banking in Europe and the USA. Then, I was  seized by a passion for the fascinating and dreamlike world of perfumes in the mid 90’s.

I have since been in charge of the Micallef scents creation in a perfect duo with Jean Claude Astier. With my banking expertise, I manage the company and work on the financial and structural growth of M. Micallef.

Logo Is there a story behind your range of perfume collections? Can you tell us about it?

Yes, of course, there is a story behind each of our collection. All the ranges are about love and passion between Martine and me. It is a soft blend of artistic talent Martine, the importance we place on quality and natural ingredients that we use.

To give you an example, let’s talk about Mon Parfum Collection. This range started with Mon Parfum. During the year 2006, I wanted to create personally a perfume for Martine, and only for her. I worked during almost two years on this fragrance, Martine and I wanted this fragrance to be perfect. I wanted it to match perfectly with her desires but also with her personality. Then, due to the success she had when she wore it, we decided to launch it internationally. It becomes Mon Parfum, a feminine perfume full of sensuality, a condensed of femininity, in accordance with her personality.The beginning of the Mon Parfum Collection.

Logo From your point of view, what sets M. Micallef apart from other niche perfumes?

Indeed, this question is very much on our mind at all times. I believe that creativity, service, communication, quality, loyalty and hard work are the main ingredients in ensuring, long lasting existence and growth. We have the people, the team to ensure that crucial point….. and, most importantly, we are there every morning early with the same strong passion!

Geoffrey Nejman Quote

Logo Among your creations, do you have your personal favourites? What are they and what made them more special than your other creations?

Yes of course , actually I had to love all of them because I cannot sell something that I would not personally fancy . Now to be more precise, my N° ONE is ROYAL VINTAGE.

Logo Can you give us a brief overview on what goes into the creation of your fragrances?

The secret I am prepared to share with you is that the PASSION has to be in you as the first and main ingredient . Other elements that count in the creation of a perfume are : sensitivity , observation , mood , inspiration , patience , talent , teamwork , love and be receptive to what the perfume can translate in sexual appeal.

Geoffrey Nejman Passion

Logo Is there a particular scent that you still want to explore as a designer of niche perfumes?

YES ! The natural scent of a WOMAN . It reminds me, but only reminds me … of the Book and film “ LE PARFUM “

Logo Based on your experience, what is the rarest type of fragrance that you were able to create for a client?

The rarest perfume has to be linked to the rarest and most expensive ingredients.  I remember using a real big chunk of IRIS BUTTER in one private label mix for a special lady. That scent was “la crème de la Crème” please remember that IRIS  BUTTER  is 3 times more expensive than 999,99 pure GOLD metal.

Logo For you, what are the most crucial aspects of perfume design?

For Martine, the unicity and the exclusivity are the most crucial aspects to create a perfume bottle.

Logo For sure, your brand followers are excited to know if there is a new scent that you will launch this 2016. What should we watch out for this year?

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the brand. It’s also happens to be my 60th birthday so even with good medication, I better make sure to establish a good plan maturing under 10 years .

For Martine, it is rather different as I am so lucky to be passionately married to a young woman with plans for the next century.

For this special year, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. It will be a year with many surprises, lots of events internationally, new launches, and seductive new collections. In February, we will launch our first collection dedicated to toddlers named ‘Baby’s Collection’. We will also launch later, two other perfumes, one for women and one for men and of course, at the end of the year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand, we will launch an iconic perfume bottle with a very special scent…

Logo As a niche perfume expert, what are the trends that you can foresee in this industry for 2016?

Well, we do not really follow trends. I think as we are a niche brand, we need to create exclusive perfumes. We are very much inspired by all the different tastes, colours, and cultures

We discover during our numerous journeys around the world. And of course, Martine is certainly my most important inspiration. Love is the best ingredient for inspiration.

Logo Please share with us some words of advice for those who aspire to follow your footsteps and also make their mark as a perfume designer.

I would like to apologize , but first I am not a professor perfumer but only a humble person with a natural talent to select lovely ingredients for lovely perfumes …and second if I may conclude this interview with just a drop of “humor scent “ : Don t you think that we already have enough completion in our micro sized industry ?…..

It’s great to know the insights of Geoffrey Nejman, the established and world renowned perfumer who commits to the creation of bespoke and precious niche perfumes.

Parfum M. Micallef achieved a remarkable status in the industry and managed to maintain untainted reputation that they have worked on throughout the years. Their story is an inspiration to many and each luxurious scent that is wrapped in elegantly handcrafted bottle will linger in your thoughts.

As the brand celebrates its 20 years in the industry this 2016, keep an eye on the latest offerings from this magnificent company.

It’s always a pleasant experience to know the story behind the success of an industry influencer. If you know an interesting personality in the beauty and perfume industry expert that you think we should feature in an interview, please let us know.
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