Exclusive Interview with Krysia Boinis of Vapour Organic Beauty

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Get to know Krysia Boinis, the botanical expert and phenomenal woman who is also behind the success of award-winning and cult-worthy, Vapour Organic Beauty.

Krysia Boinis, co-founded Vapour, a company that shows a commitment not only to health and beauty but also in preserving the environment.

Expert Profile:

She and co-founder Kristine Keheley, have dedicated more than 30 years combined in the cosmetics industry and have come up with a product line that offers concentrated bases that link skincare and makeup with gorgeous colour blends.

Vapour Organic Beauty uses a brave approach in presenting to the market high-performance cosmetics with the purest, active, and natural ingredients. Its standards in purity showcase steady commitment to sustainable, effective and luxurious beauty products.

Krysia Boinis of Vapour Beauty

Krysia Boinis, with her dedication backed by knowledge of healing botanicals and alchemical blending, was instrumental to Vapour being able to create products that are pure, natural and offer noteworthy results. She has contributed in making available beauty products that offer the best skin nourishing benefits. while using raw materials that leave a minimal environmental footprint.

There is much to know about the woman behind the award-winning brand that also earned the ‘Champion’ Safety status from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

In this influencer interview with Alyaka, learn more about the expert and the organic beauty brand, plus some of the must-know beauty hacks that you’d want to know!

Logo Vapour Organic Beauty has gained a great reputation in the industry. Can you give us a background on how it all started for your organic beauty line?

Vapour’s co-founder Kristine and I had been working together for over ten years designing and manufacturing natural and organic skin care for other brands.  There were tons of great choices for clean skin care but a serious lack of great organic color cosmetics. There was nothing ‘natural’ that we enjoyed using but continuing to use chemical-laden conventional brands became unacceptable. So we decided to take on the challenge and began developing organic color formulas that would meet our expectations for sophisticated textures, depth of color and luxury performance. We soon realized we were creating products of a caliber that could replace the prestige brands that we had been using. Voila! Vapour . (LOL)

Vapour Organic Beauty Products

Logo Your passion for creating eco-friendly beauty products is undeniable. How did it all start?

Growing up I DIY-ed my own skincare and makeup. My mom had one rule: “use anything in the kitchen except what’s under the sink.” Anything that was edible was fair game. A powerful idea was planted: food is what you eat, and what you put on your skin.

In creating Vapour we choose organic, whole food ingredients. We’re putting on the body that we would be happy to put in the body.”

Krysia Boinis Quote

Logo Aside from being recognised for its high-quality and effective beauty products, Vapour Organic Beauty is also popular for its environment-friendly nature. What are the steps that you are taking to create sustainable products that do not harm the environment?

It’s a constantly evolving process and we are serious about making the best choices available and changing our choices as more opportunities emerge.

This is a major area of focus for us so our list is long. Some of the choices we make include:

  • We use passive solar and Wind power in our USDA Organic Certified lab, warehouse and offices.
  • We minimize carbon footprint by locating Lab, warehouse & offices are all under one roof.
  • Our ‘no-waste’ stick filling system in the lab, minimizes landfill waste.
  • We use no toxins whatsoever…No carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, xenoestrogens, toxic chemicals, parabens, phthalates, nano-particles, petrochemicals, preservatives, GMO, dyes, FD&C pigments fragrance, sulphates, glycols, irradiated or animal-tested ingredients.
  • We purposefully design our formulas without water which has many benefits.

Waterless Beauty Formula

    1. Our waterless formulas do not stress the valuable fresh water aquifer in our delicate high desert ecosystem.
    2. Micro-organisms grow in water. By designing formulas without water, Vapour eliminates the need for harsh preservatives, which can be harmful to your health.
    3. Waterless is more Nourishing. Counter-intuitively, water in facial products can have a dehydrating effect on skin, yet typical liquid foundation or face cream contains 70–80% water. Using light, dry plant oils and organic beeswax, Vapour works in harmony with skin’s natural protective oils. All formulas moisturize and nourish skin.
    4. Waterless formulas mean a more concentrated product and greater value for you.

Aluminium Stick Packaging

  • Our Stick packaging is made from aluminium which is the world’s most recycled material. Aluminium does not break down in quality as it is recycled making it a truly sustainable choice.
  • Outer packaging is made in the USA at a wind-powered plant from managed forest and post-consumer paper waste, printed with vegetable inks.
  • We recycle or reuse all paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and packing materials in our lab, warehouse and offices.
  • Direct stick application reduces waste and the need for extra tools like sponges and makeup brushes.

Vapour Foundation

Logo What are the ‘old’ beauty essentials that you used before, but were now replaced by your present selection of beauty solutions?

I used high-end chemical/conventional products for which we have created amazing ‘clean beauty swaps’. Some examples are:

*Shuuemura Ultime8 Skin Purifier (oil cleanser) has been replaced by our Clarity Organic Make Up Remover and Cleansing Oil.

*Armani Liquid Silk Foundation has been replaced by Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation.

*NARS Orgasm has been replaced by Aura Multi Use Radiant in Starlet.

*Chanel Crayon Yeux in Burn Teak has been replaced by Mesmerize Eyeliner in Truffle

Logo Can you cite some of the major advantages that users will get from choosing Vapour Organic Beauty?

Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin. With Vapour a ‘lit from within’ glow is easy to achieve. In a few quick minutes, Stratus Instant Skin Perfector and Atmosphere Foundation perfect your complexion while still allowing your skin to show through. You’ll get compliments on your skin, not your makeup, and who doesn’t want that?

With regular use Vapour improves your skin. Think of Vapour as an extension of your skin care routine. Vapour uses organic plant oils that do not clog pores or cause breakouts. Our light, dry plant oils work in harmony with your skin, allowing it to breathe. Over time these plant oils can balance oily skin by breaking the pattern of overactive sebum production and they can deeply nourish dry skin and bring it into balance as well.

Logo Vapour Organic Beauty products are formulated with organic beeswax? What is so special about this ingredient?

In Vapour, organic beeswax creates a breathable barrier that protects and nourishes skin while allowing it to breathe. Beeswax provides a firm yet pliable texture that gives a beautiful texture and stability to our stick formulas. Organic Beeswax also offers its natural antimicrobial properties to aid in preserving our products. Simply put, Organic beeswax is an elegant multi-tasker.

We formulate exclusively with organic beeswax. Supporting organic bees is a responsible choice for both bees and the environment. Pesticides used in conventional farming have a devastating impact on bee colonies around the world and are linked to colony collapse disorder. Ethically harvesting organic beeswax as a valuable commodity helps ensure that bee populations will continue to have safe habitats and prosper.

Vapour Organic Beauty Clarity

Logo Are there certain beauty hacks that you want to share for those who want to make the most of using Vapour Organic beauty products?

#1. Clarity Organic Makeup Remover and Cleansing Oil will melt off all makeup including conventional waterproof mascara.

A little-known Clarity hack is to use it to exfoliate and polish your complexion. Just place a ½ teaspoon of granulated sugar in the palm of your hand and add several pumps of clarity. Gently massage the mixture in circular motions on your face for 1-2 minutes. Use a warm wet washcloth to remove. Enjoy super hydrated new fresh skin.

#2. Lately, a lot of make up artists and bloggers are using our stick Atmosphere Luminous Foundation to contour.

It’s as easy as selecting a shade 2 shades darker than your regular foundation shade, swiping under cheekbones, down sides of the nose, along the forehead hairline and blending in with fingertips or brush. Complement the contour with Halo Illuminator to highlight high planes of the face like: cheekbones, center of the forehead, down center of nose cupids bow and inner corners of the eyes.

#3. A creative Spa Director shared this next beauty hack. I love his creative way to allow men to feel comfortable using Vapour by creating a guy friendly tinted moisturizer.

Start by rubbing Halo Translucent Bronzer in the palm of your hand and add a pump of Stratus Instant Skin Perfector. Blend the two together with your fingertips and apply to face. Its bronzing and skin perfecting and it’s not “makeup.”

Logo Please share some advice for readers who want to make the transition from using ordinary to organic beauty products.

The value of using Organic cosmetics is that they support health and beauty rather than fight it. Like organic food is healthier to eat, organic cosmetics are healthier to wear. Pure organic ingredients beautify, nourish and protect our skin without loading our systems with toxins that can age our skin and put our health at risk. Vapour offers pure performance without compromise.

Today, with so many amazing indi-brands creating beautiful natural skin care and cosmetics the transition can be a joy. My #1 suggestion is to choose a retailer who specializes in vetting ingredients and performance of natural products. (Like Alyaka.com) Let them do the research for you. Sample a variety of products to find the ones that suit you.  Then watch your skin improve with the elimination of toxins and the addition of nurturing supportive ingredients.

It takes passion and dedication to come up with a well-recognised beauty brand. Vapour Organic Beauty has truly come a long way and continues to earn recognition in the industry.

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