Exclusive Interview with Michelle Roques O’Neil

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Michelle Roques-O’Neil shares some valuable insights about her range of energetically charged wellness products that are especially formulated to counter stress.

Expert Profile:

For over 3 decades, Michelle Roques O’Neil worked as a perfume alchemist, aromatherapist, spiritual life coach and healer. She has explored places to work with different healing modalities and her experience has given her the privilege to help clients lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Having been voted by British Vogue as one of the world’s top 10 aromatherapists, she has created a brand of her own–Therapie Roques O’Neil. Weaving its way into modern apothecary, Therapie Roques O’Neil has a formula that stood out as it counters the effects of stress on overall wellness, including natural energy flow. With a range of products designed to relieve a specific concern and foster healing, you’ll be encouraged to engage in the high’s and low’s of your own well being.

Learn more about Michelle and the brand that she has created in this exclusive interview.

Michelle Roques O'Neil

Exclusive Interview with Michelle Roques O’Neil

Logo “Welcome to THERAPIE Roques O’Neil – bringing harmony and light to your life”. This is the lead line on your site’s homepage. What knowledge or experience helps you create and refine your products for them to live up to the promise?

I’ve been a therapist for over 35 years and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and know-how during this time. I am a keen observer and monitor the themes that are  presented whilst treating and global themes – the microcosm is often a reflection of the macrocosm. Mostly, I am committed to helping people realise that there is always light at the end of a tunnel and they have the power to change and transcend obstacles whether physical or emotional.

Energetically-Charged Beauty Products

Logo Your brand has an intricate delicately outlined logo – what does it stand for?   

The Logo is a T that stands for Therapie some have said it looks like an Angel…The delicate dots represent the wings of a butterfly a Native American symbol for transformation one that is very close to my heart. The white on black symbolises light coming out of darkness.

Logo Vibrational medicine and spiritual alchemy – to those who tend to go away shrugging what explanation can be offered to make them stop and listen?

I guess so, more and more people are becoming more aware of the energy that exists in life. Because we have spent the last 100 years trying to categorise  everything with a scientific lens we’ve lost our connection with the rest of the natural world, seeing ourselves as separate more evolved.

Vibrational Medicine | Therapie Roques O'Neil

Everything in life has a vibration or frequency from a stone to a plant, even our emotional state, Essential oils and crystals have different frequencies with Rose & quartz measuring the highest.

The organic nature of these materials means they can resonate and enhance our own energy balance. This can now be measured scientifically and  we are beginning to discover that there is an  energetic connectivity running through all things not previously acknowledged.

Logo Who are your customers?  What special needs do your products cater for?

We appeal to all types of people but in general people who want to enhance their own well-being tangibly. Many are busy but conscious individuals who want to be successful at what they do but not to the detriment of their health and emotional balance. Mostly, people who have embraced the whole wellness moment and no longer see personal care as an indulgence but essential.

Spiritual Alchemy | Therapie Roques O'Neil

Logo Can all products be used on a daily basis? Are there any exceptions?

Absolutely, yes they can be, they’re a modern apothecary, we find that clients build their selection so they can respond to whatever their body and mind needs. They are basically decided into ones you can travel with and give an instant lift and ones that require you to take a bath or Shower, more of a time investment

Logo Can you tell us more about the core collection and the recent extension called Inner Light – what type of products constitute the range and what led you to build it this way?  

Think of the originals like first aid they work on acute need states like anxiety, insomnia and adrenal exhaustion the inner light is more like second aid and works on emotional positivity and spiritual growth.

Logo What products would you recommend to try out first for those who are new to the brand?

The salts, especially if you are not sleeping very well and feeling over-extended. The Protect bath oil for when you’re feeling rundown or wobbly and finally Cherish Skin repair serum it’s a hug in a bottle.

Logo What are your personal absolute must-haves?

Restore Aura spray, I take this everywhere and Comfort rub it is such a  magical multi-tasker and Calm Balm to anoint with before I go out, it feels very protective emotionally.

Logo Do you have any special ritual (usage hints & tips) you might recommend to our customers?

When using the Restore Aura spray to spritz take a deep abdominal breath and exhale through the mouth slowly, repeat this 3 times to centre yourself. Sometimes I will choose a product for the path and do a foot bath instead Detox salts if I want to just ground myself, Equilibrium if I just need to relax.

Logo Our magazine is not only about beauty products but also about food and lifestyle in general. This is the question we ask all our respondents. Do you have any dish or specialty which you prefer above all other since child hood?

I am Anglo-indian by birth and I have to say spiced Dahl is a real comfort food for me since I was very young; oddly the Scottish side of me loves porridge.

Logo How do you relax if short of time?

I take some energy lift and inhale 3 times I continue to do some deep breathing exhaling through the mouth, about 5-8 times and then just sit in stillness and meditate for about 10 minutes.

Logo Your beloved holiday destination?


I loved going to the Yucatan, it was quite magical and vibrant, I’d love to go again and explore the interior, I do love Turkey as well it feels so ancient. I haven’t been back to India in a long time, I’m hoping next year to go and search out some essential oil suppliers and reconnect with my family roots.

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