Exclusive Interview with Sara Bedau of Alima Pure

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For the modern women of today, it’s a luxury to find high-performance beauty products with pure and natural ingredients. But with brands like Alima Pure, women are empowered with makeup that offers maximum impact–thanks to the creators behind it, the mother and daughter tandem of Kate O’ Brien and Sara Bedau.

Expert Profile:

Kate O’ Brien is the woman behind Alima Pure and since 2004, the brand has drawn support from the industry as it brings to modern women high-performance cosmetics that come in the most inspiring shades.

Kate O' Brien of Alima Pure

But one thing that makes the brand even more interesting is the mother and daughter team up that has contributed to building Alima Pure. The bond between Kate and her daughter Sara has paved the way for a brand that redefines makeup and inspires self-expression.

Creating a combination that gives heart and hands to the brand, it is our pleasure to know the brand further, including its beginnings and future plans, and of course the inspiring women behind it through this interview with Sara Bedau.

Sara Bedau, the Brand Director of Alima Pure

Logo Alima Pure is one of the beauty brands that many have grown to love. Over the years, I’m sure the followers you’ve earned, as well as readers, would be interested to know your humble beginnings. Can you give us a brief overview of how your brand started?

My mom, Kate O’Brien, started Alima Pure as a passion project in the attic of our house. During a period of transition in her life, she sought an artistic outlet, never imagining that that project would evolve into the brand it is today. Alima Pure grew slowly and organically. At that time natural beauty had a very different landscape, but she had a vision well ahead of her time, a luxurious line with an inclusive range of colors.

Kate O' Brien and Sara Bedau

Logo It must really be great to build a brand and at the same time have a mother and daughter team working on it. What do you think is the advantage of having two great minds working behind your brand?

She is the single great mind behind the brand. I think of it this way: she is the heart of the brand and I am the hands. She has the vision and I articulate it. It helps that I know her very well allowing for seamlessness in my understanding of her wishes for Alima Pure.

Logo As a beauty brand creator, for sure many have sought your help/opinion for expert advice. What would you consider as the most valuable piece of beauty advice that you have ever given?

Do what makes you feel confident and be kind to yourself.

Feel Confident

Logo In connection to that, how did your mother influence your personal habits? What beauty advice have you learned from your mom?

I learned my love of natural products from my mom. I grew up in a household that was filled with beautiful organic food, natural beauty products, and just about everything was handmade.

She taught me to feed my body well. Beauty is not limited to our external representation. Beauty encompasses the way we treat others, ourselves. It is in our words, actions, and inner thoughts.

Logo On a personal note, what is the product from Alima Pure that you’d recommend to people your age?  Likewise, what do you think is the product that would best suit your older followers or those who are the same age as your mom?

I give our Lip Tints to everyone, regardless of age. It’s a great entry point to our line. Calla, Currant, and Poppy are my favorites to gift. In addition to wearing it on lips, I love to blend it onto cheeks with my fingertip, for a diffused healthy flush of color.

Beauty is not limited

Logo Undeniably, one of the things that give recognition to Alima Pure is its commitment to sustainability. It is a member of 1% of the Planet and has also been certified as a B Corporation by the nonprofit BLab. For those who have no idea about these organizations, can you explain why and how Alima Pure became a member of those?

Simply put, we think that responsibility should be the baseline standard. We are honored to have been members of 1% for the Planet since our first year in business. As a member, we donate 1% of gross sales every year, not profit, to grassroots environmental organizations to address six environmental focus areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife.

We are so proud to have been the first color cosmetics company to become a B Corporation. In their words, B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. We joined B Corp in their second year in business, and are now in great company as part of a growing community of over 2,100 certified B CorporationsAs a B Corp, we seek to redefine success in business, by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Logo The awareness of sustainability has encouraged more and more people to choose natural beauty products over mainstream/designer cosmetics. And along with that is the competition that gets tougher with time. Fortunately, Alima Pure manages to withstand the competition. What would you consider as your secret to success?

That’s a good question. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I think our secret to success is my mom and the purity of her version. She did not create the brand with goals of financial success, but rather with those of a B Corporation. Success for her means many things, ranging from minimizing our environmental footprint to empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in their own beautiful skin, to be able to provide paid volunteer time for her employees.

B Corporation

Logo While your followers already know that Alima Pure uses only pure and natural ingredients that make your brand stand out. On the other hand, if there are certain ingredients that you’ll never use in your products, what are these and why?

That would be a very long list! We use the very best ingredients available to us. I have been heading up our product development for the past few years and have very sensitive skin. We only develop products that meet my stringent personal standards. If I wouldn’t use it, we don’t make it.

Logo Changes in season usually come with changes in beauty product choices. But as the weather nowadays become unpredictable, what beauty regimen and products would you recommend to address these changing needs?

Experiment, experiment, experiment. Get to really know your skin. I have dry skin and love customizing my foundation by adding a few drops of my favorite facial oil for extra hydration.

Meaning of Success

Logo With the developments that you’ve undergone in the past years, what are the things that we should look forward to from Alima Pure? Will there be new product launches this year?

We have a few surprises up our sleeve for this year, including a much loved and sorely missed product that will be returning very soon!

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