Extraordinary places to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2014/2015 – part two

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If your soul is calling for sand, sea and the great outdoors, there are some stunning locations in our beautiful world to start 2015. You can absorb yourself in the setting sun and feel the sand under your feet to recharge and take on the new challenges and adventures that the New Year will bring.

Further to our post – Extraordinary places to celebrate New Years 2015 – part one, here are some unspoilt beaches that we at Alyaka think are the perfect spots to escape the city and embrace the stunning sights of nature to connect with your inner calm.

Unspoilt beauty

Start the new year in the shadow of the Himalayas

Start 2015 under the stars with sand between your toes, surrounded by palm trees and sequinned saris. If this sounds like fun, enjoy dancing and fireworks on the unspoilt beaches of Goa. The biggest parties are in the North in areas such as Anjuna. If you are looking for a more intimate celebration, head South to Palolem. In the morning you can start the year refreshed and inspired with a visit to Ananda yoga retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Paradise is waiting for you in Niue

Enjoy 2014 for a little longer by celebrating the New Year in the South Pacific island, Niue (pronounced new-ay). The world’s smallest independent nation is situated North of Samoa and is one of the last countries to countdown. In Alofi, you can relax in a tropical setting, sample local delicacies and absorb the native entertainment in breathtaking resorts.

If you are looking to get away from the crowds this New Year, Niue is the destination as it has less than 1500 inhabitants. It also had its claim to fame in 2003 when it became the first ‘WiFi nation’, free wireless Internet access is provided throughout the country so you will have no problem calling home and making your friends jealous with party snaps.

Matavai is one of the top rated resorts in Alofi, Niue. It is the perfect location if you dream of palm trees and white sand. You can also be entertained by fire dancing and can take to the clear waters by hiring snorkels.

So many people are inspired to kickstart their fitness routine in the New Year so starting 2015 in a beautiful and positive location can just be the motivation to relax and get in shape to take on the new year. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2015?