Extraordinary places to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2014/2015 – part one

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New Year is only a few months away now but you are tired of going to the same old parties and want to start 2015 with a bang. If 2015 really is a new year for new you, then start the year as you mean to go with an adventure to one of the world’s most beautiful and interesting places to celebrate the New Year.

Whether you are the life of the party socialite or prefer a more relaxed leap into 2015, Alyaka have put together a list of the exclusive and extraordinary places to escape your New Year routine.

City escapes

If you want to sample something new and different, but have to be straight back to the office, don’t let the short timescale stop you and escape to another fabulous city for New Year.

Dancing under the stars in Reykjavik

Iceland’s capital may be small in size but it makes up for it in its nightlife. The Reykjavik residents make the most of the short days and long nights, with colourful and vibrant parties all across the city.

On New Year’s Eve there is a city wide celebration and the evening starts with community bonfires in each quarter of the city. The bonfires are said to symbolize the burning of the previous year’s troubles and a fresh start. The sky then explodes with fireworks and the night turns to exclusive parties, dancing and drinks, all with the backdrop of mountains, ocean views and crisp fresh mountain air.

For the best way to enjoy the spectacular views of the fireworks head to viewing deck in the landmark building known as the Perlan (or Pearl). From here you will be able to enjoy the stunning views across the city on the rotating floor and world class food from the restaurant.

Take in the stunning sights over the Danube

At New Year the medieval Old Town in the Slovak capital entertains more than 10,000 people with concerts, open-air dance parties, and a stunning firework show over the Danube river. Cleverly, the area is divided into zones so you tailor your perfect evening. There is a “concert zone” if you are more interested in live local music and “party zones” for socializing and having a dance.

You don’t even have to miss out on the celebrations at home, as jumbo screens are situated across the city to broadcast the celebrations in other capital cities worldwide.To get the best views across the river and enjoy the spectacle, Kempinski River Park Hotel is the place to be and it even offers a Rolls Royce transfer within Bratislava to travel in style.


No matter which city to choose to visit, you are sure to experience new sights, new smells and new people. We at Alyaka remember how we spent one New Year Eve watching the sunset across the Atlantic sea and toasting in the New Year with cocktails at a beach gathering. What was your most memorable New Year’s Eve?