Eyebrow Threading: The Facts You Shouldn’t Miss

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Your brows can easily create a huge impact on your overall look. And while some people go through pain and difficulty to achieve brows that are on fleek, you can opt for an easier and more effective route — eyebrow threading!

Now, you can bid goodbye to those days when you have to spend time and even be left scarred to get the perfect brow shape. Eyebrow threading has offered a simpler and quicker way to get your arches right. 

However, if you haven’t tried eyebrow threading yet and has no idea on how it goes, this article lets you in on all the information you need to know about this popular brow hair removal technique. 

What is Eyebrow Threading?

As its name suggests, eyebrow threading makes use of a thread to get rid of brow hair right from the follicle. While many people may think of this as a new method, it has actually been used centuries ago. Compared to other methods like eyebrow waxing, many people prefer eyebrow threading because it is a cost-effective process that causes less pain and discomfort. 

At this point, you may be wondering how a thread is able to get rid of unwanted hair to leave you with brows that are on fleek. To give you some idea, in eyebrow threading a durable thread is used. This thread is then folded and twisted to achieve a miniature lasso. Once formed, it will be used for the brows to pull off unwanted brow hairs.

But that’s not all you need to know. Read on to set your expectations right about eyebrow threading. 

Eyebrow Threading: What You Can Expect

What to Expect from Eyebrow Threading

It Won’t Take So Much Time

Approximately, the eyebrow threading process will only take 10 minutes. If you want your eyebrows to be threaded, there’s no excuse not to do so as it will take very little of your time. However, while you can get it done in between your busy schedule, you’ll also have to take into consideration that it may cause the skin around your eyebrows to be red right after the procedure.

The Cost of Eyebrow Threading Varies

As with the treatments you get from a salon, the cost of eyebrow threading varies. But roughly, it costs the same as eyebrow waxing while it is also a lot more affordable than microblading.

It Comes with Minimal Side Effects

Just like other beauty treatments, you can expect minimal side effects after an eyebrow threading. Although generally the procedure isn’t painful, you can expect minor side effects which may include the following:

  • Redness: This is a normal and temporary side effect that naturally fades in an hour or two.
  • Sensitivity: This is another temporary side effect of eyebrow threading and may be in the form of a sneeze or watery eyes. While these are usually uncontrollable, there’s no reason for worry as they occur as a result of sensitivity.

Skin Preparation Tips Before Eyebrow Threading

Preparations Before Eyebrow Threading

1. Do Not Exfoliate

While normally, you don’t experience any problems when using exfoliating products on your skin, it is advised to refrain from using them on the day of your appointment. This is to control the usual side effects that arise from eyebrow threading. Exfoliating your skin prior to your appointment will only make your skin more sensitive and can lead to a more severe form of redness.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydrate | Eyebrow Threading Tips

You’ve probably heard it before that water is your skin’s best friend. But when you’re planning to have your eyebrows threaded, getting your skin hydrated is even more important. The reason for this is that a properly hydrated skin experiences less sensitive reactions even when pressure is applied or when the skin is pulled.

3. Don’t Use Makeup

Keep your face free from makeup on the day of your eyebrow threading appointment. Ideally, you should keep the area around your eyes and eyebrows thoroughly cleansed. This should not be overlooked as it will have an effect on how easy and precise the procedure would be.

The best you can use for your skin is talcum powder. On the day of your appointment, apply it on your eyebrows as it can facilitate the absorption of excess oils.

4. Numb Your Brows

Eyebrow Threading Tips

One technique that will be very useful right before the eyebrow threading session is to use ice cold water to wash your face. After that, focus on your eyebrows by giving it a gentle massage using a cube of ice. This will help numb the area that will be affected and is especially useful for people with low tolerance for pain.

Eyebrow Threading Pros and Cons: Your Questions Answered

Eyebrow Threading Pros and Cons

For sure, before you make the decision to have your eyebrows threaded, you’d also want to know the pros and cons that come with it. So before booking an appointment, here’s a brief overview that will answer your questions about the advantages and disadvantages of the technique.


  • It is a sanitary technique
  • It doesn’t make use of heat and other chemicals
  • It works well for all skin types 
  • It won’t harm the skin
  • It allows precise hair removal
  • In some cases, permanent results are achieved
  • It is a cost-effective method
  • Its side-effects are temporary


  • Unlike waxing, eyebrow threading can only be done on the face
  • Pain may be present among people with skin tenderness
  • It must be done with care and precision for best results

7 Reasons to Choose Eyebrow Threading

Reasons to Choose Eyebrow Threading

1. It is a Hygienic Process

As mentioned in the pros and cons above, eyebrow threading is a completely sanitary procedure. You won’t have to worry about skin-to-skin  contamination, since your skin will only be in contact with the thread that will be used.

2. It Makes Brow Shaping Precise and Easy

Precise and Easy | Eyebrow Threading Benefits

Eyebrow threading allows shaping of eyebrows by pulling brow hairs one by one. Even the smallest hair can be removed right from the follicle leaving you with no stray hairs at all. This makes it easier for you to get the perfectly shaped and defined brows–and even achieve its natural arch.

3. It Will Require Minimal Maintenance

With unwanted hairs removed at once through eyebrow threading, you can establish an easier and faster makeup routine and maintenance. Basically, you can skip tweezing for weeks until your next appointment. Mornings will also be a lot easier even when it comes to filling your brows.

4. It Won’t Take a Lot of Your Time

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

The whole process of eyebrow threading won’t exceed 10 minutes! There are brow hairs that can be pulled out at the same time. If you happen to have brows that are not as unruly as others may have, you can even expect quicker time for the process to be completed.

5. It isn’t a Dreadful Procedure

One of the things that may hold you back from getting your eyebrows threaded is the thought that it can cause serious pain. This shouldn’t be the case because it really isn’t a dreadful procedure. It may lead to the experience of unusual sensation but definitely not unbearable pain or not even close to the pain that is often associated with waxing.

6. It’s Chemical-Free!

Eyebrow Threading Benefits

Even with sensitive skin, eyebrow threading leaves you with no reason for worry. The process doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or other hazardous substances so there’s no risk for irritation, swelling or untoward side effects.

7. It Helps Slow Down Hair Growth

With eyebrow threading, stray brow hairs are removed from their roots. This means that after the procedure, it will take a longer time for brow hair to grow again. When brow threading is done regularly, you can even expect hair to be thinner when they grow.

Eyebrow Threading Tips: Rules to Keep in Mind

Eyebrow Threading Tips

Stay in Charge

You should not disregard the idea that eyebrow threading can affect your overall look. You have to be in charge. Be clear in relaying what you want. It is also important to look for a professional who can fix your brows just as you want them to be.

Go Makeup-Free on the Day of Your Appointment

Don't Use Makeup Before Eyebrow Threading

The day of your eyebrow threading appointment is the time when it’s best to skip makeup. Although nothing is really wrong with going with your usual makeup look, it will just be wiped off before the procedure.


It is highly recommended to exfoliate the area around your brows before the initial eyebrow threading session. This is one of the basic preparations that you should do as this will help control ingrown hairs after your session is done.

Know the Eyebrow Shape You Want

Before the eyebrow threading procedure, make sure that you have already decided on what eyebrow shape you want. There are different eyebrow shapes and you can choose the one that will best complement the shape of your face.

Make it a Point to Check Results

Again, you have to take charge from start to end. Once eyebrow threading is done, check the results. This is to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with what has been achieved. This is also the best time to ask for some tweaks you find necessary.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera After Eyebrow Threading

Redness is one of the side effects of eyebrow threading. To soothe it, apply aloe vera gel on the area. Its cooling effects will help subside the redness.

Try a Soothing Massage

Another way to control the side effects of eyebrow threading is to get a soothing head massage. It will help relieve feelings of discomfort and help diminish pain.

Protect Open Pores

Well-Maintained Eyebrows

Remember that after eyebrow threading procedure is done, your pores are left open. At this point, you should avoid using a concealer or foundation to prevent clogs and the appearance of spots.

Maintain Your Brows

It requires proper maintenance to keep your eyebrows in their best shape. Make it a point to clean up stray hairs using tweezers at least 2-3 weeks after eyebrow threading is done. Ideally, to keep your brows perfectly defined, eyebrow threading should be done at least every 5 weeks.

Eyebrow Products that Can Enhance Eyebrow Threading Results 

Eyebrow Products

Having the perfect eyebrows doesn’t end in getting your eyebrows threaded. You also have to do your part. One way to do that is to use beauty products that can help maintain and enhance its results.

Featured below are some of the best eyebrow makeup products that can help you maintain gorgeous arches:

Brow Brush by Kjaer Weis

Achieve well-groomed and beautiful brows using a double ended brush. This product from Kjaer Weis is vegan and uses hypoallergenic synthetic fibers.

EcoBrow Defining Wax

Looking for a natural eyebrow wax that you can use to fill your brows? EcoBrow Defining Wax is trusted by professional makeup artists. It offers a cream to powder finish that is mineral-based, smudge-proof, lightweight and smudge-proof. You can be sure to achieve gorgeous arches while nourishing your brow hairs.

CHADO Brow Pomade

With is unique 3-in-1 formula, you can define your brows effortlessly. This quick drying product can be used to sculpt and draw eyebrows. It also works just as well as eyeshadow or eyeliner.

CHADO Brow Powder

You can achieve naturally beautiful brows with the soft applicator that comes with this brow powder. Perfect for creating dramatic or soft eyebrows, it also works as an eyeliner, eyeshadow or eye kohl.

CHADO Brow Pencil ‘Mine De Rien’ 

Achieve long-lasting and smudge-proof brows with this brow pencil from CHADO. With a texture that works great on the skin, it can help control unruly brows, fill, define, and shape your eyebrows effortlessly.

Manasi7 Custom Eye&Brow Quad ‘Earth And Clay’ 

Complete your eyebrow essentials with these natural-looking shades that can help you achieve naturally beautiful brows.  Made with certified organic ingredients, you can use one shade at a time or combine these hues to highlight or shade your brows.

How your brows look has a huge impact on your appearance. A lot of women are aware of this. In fact, in Britain, women spend £200 a year on average to maintain beautiful brows.  While maintaining the perfect eyebrows used to require tedious maintenance, you can now enjoy beautiful and nicely shaped brows through eyebrow threading. Combined with the right maintenance techniques and the best brow products, you’ll never have to worry about having less than perfect brows again!

Not sure about what eyebrow products to get? Check out our selection of eyebrow makeup and tools that should tame and define your brows to perfection!


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