Fearless Forecast of 2016’s Biggest Beauty Trends to Watch Out For!

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In the UK, the beauty industry is a big business as it gives jobs to millions of people and adds billions to the country’s economy. This year, it is expected to grow even more by 16%, and for sure at this point, a lot of beauty enthusiasts are looking forward to new and exciting beauty trends that will bring awesome changes to their beauty routines.

Many of you are already waiting and showing enthusiasm over product lines that will rock the beauty market this year.

What does beauty brands bring for consumers this 2016? Are there new products to watch out for that can be the game changers to your beauty routine? Discover what the beauty industry has to offer this year by following the discussion below.

2016 and the Beauty Industry

This year beauty brands are up for the challenge of delivering according to what present day consumers require. They demand for the best from the products that they are using, hoping that 2016 will be a year to experiment on beauty products that are worthy of their attention. The consumers want the best and they can choose among a range of brands in the market.

This year, expect brands to be more competitive in winning the attention of their target customers. As 69% of households have mobile phones and 37% of consumers prefer to shop online, you will see more beauty brands going mobile to connect with their target consumers. Perfect timing also counts and basically, brands need to stay updated of what is being demanded in the market at a particular time.

A Look Back on 2015’s Biggest Beauty Trends

2015 Biggest Beauty Trends

Eyebrow Perfection

2015 was the year when you’ve probably read and viewed a lot about drawing the perfect eyebrow. Brows came in different forms including tapered, colored, and bedazzled — those looks were all given attention during the previous year which gave reasons for many cosmetic companies to present to the market a wide range of eyebrow products to meet the demands.

Perfect Eyebrows

Fake Lashes

Fake lashes have stepped up in 2015 as it was the year when beauty enthusiasts are presented with fake lashes that look as if you have a small garden on each of your eyelids. Kim Kardashian, a certified beauty trendsetter is one of the most popular people who are seen with lash proponents on social media.

Fake Eyelashes

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Face and Lip Contouring

Contouring has also gone a notch higher in 2015 and beauty companies just know how to join the trend as contour kits in different shapes were released. It has gotten really big that the sales of facial products increased and beauty gurus who present tutorials on contouring enjoyed millions of views! Face and lip contouring require precision and the right choice of beauty products to ensure great results.

Face and Lip Contouring

Nail Art

Nail art with a twist entered the scene last year. Shattered glass nail art and bubble manicures changed the way nail art was perceived. Pretty and fierce nail designs have challenged the curiosity of beauty and fashion enthusiasts.

Nail Art

2016’s Top Beauty Trends to Watch Out For

2015 has been a great year for beauty fanatics and for sure, many are enthusiastic to know 2016’s biggest beauty trends that are bound to be game changers in the industry,

2016's Biggest Beauty Trends

2016 is about looks that enhance your individuality

This year, beauty trends will be focusing more on individual beauty. Expect no makeup look to be a familiar sight on the runway and on magazines, along with their hair au naturel. For 2016, there will be no reason to cover up your imperfections. But instead, there will be more beauty products that will make you embrace them!

To give you a heads up, here’s a fearless forecast of 2016’s biggest beauty trends to keep an eye.

Makeup Trends

While contouring had its greatest moments in 2015, the trends are headed toward the other direction this 2016. Makeup would be more natural looking and would be more in favour of clean and androgynous look.

#1. Sexy but subtle eyes

Though makeup trends are gearing for a more natural appeal, sexy, smoky eyes are still in! But this time, in a more subtle approach. Likewise, cat eyes will remain popular to accentuate the eyes.

Smoky Eyes

#2. It’s still about the eyebrows

Getting those perfectly arched and bold brows would still be in and this time, there will be more products to try including those that will keep eyebrows filled in and in shape throughout the day, as well as eyebrow thickeners that can help you achieve luscious-looking and thick eyebrows. This year, eyebrow trends would go for an effortlessly brushed up and feathery look.

Eyebrow Makeup

#3. See more of gold

One of the gamechangers this 2016 are gold accents on usual makeup. Prepare to see gold lips, lids, and tips to achieve a cooler look.

Gold Makeup Trends

#4. Pretty pouts

Get prettier and sexier pouts, but this time in neutral and classic shades. Lippies would most likely go on the neutral end with colors like crimson, shades of pink, and deep burgundies as the more common choices. Trends will also make way for gorgeous nudes to push aside crazy lipstick shades. Of course, red lipstick remains to be a top fave and you’re guaranteed to achieve a gorgeous look whether you want it in glossy or matte.

Lipstick Trends

#5. Glossy lips are back

Glossy lips are coming back! Say goodbye to sticky and heavy formulas that became popular during the last decade. This year, you will be treated to lip gloss that are shiny yet subtle. Lip gloss with moisturising effects and those that contain skin-protecting antioxidants would be popular. Extra attention would be given to lip gloss with a hint of color.

Glossy Lips

#6. Glittery look

You’d see a more grown up way of using glitter as a part of your makeup routine. This 2016, glitter would be more subtle, simple and natural. Prepare to amp up your look with a hint of glitter on your lids, liner and nails to get fashionable yet still very classy!

Glittery Makeup

#7. Bye-bye contouring and strobing

This year, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to strobing and contouring, instead go for a gorgeous and natural looking glow. Spot treating one area of the face including the jawline, cheekbone and nose would be more preferred to accentuate the part and to create a subtle look.

Contouring and Strobing

Hair Trends

To keep up with a more natural look and embrace one’s uniqueness, 2016 would make way for more natural tresses and hair styles. This time, you will find no reason to overuse hair products to be able to glam up! Here are some of the hair trends to watch out for this year.

#8. Cool & elegant hair accessories

As hairstyles would be more effortlessly done, hair accessories would be more elegant and stylish. Expect to find cool hair accessories in the forms of vintage hair brooches and jeweled hair accents.A pretty brooch would do an awesome work in uplifting you hairdo without really putting so much effort in styling your hair.

Elegant Hair Accessories

#9. Chic, short hair

Last year, you’ve already seen celebrities sporting long bobs. This year, you will see cropped cut more and will not show any sign of slowing down. Bangs / fringes are  expected to find its way back into the scene and change the way hairstyles are done.

Chic and Short Hair

#10. Twists and Braids

This year, the single braid is finding its way into the scene. Whether you want to go for the classic three-strand style or prefers the twisted version, you’ll find an unconventional way to stay in style.

Twists and Braids

Nail Trends

Last year, you’ve seen lavish and loud nail colors. Coffin and bubble nails had their share of the spotlight in 2015 but you have to bid them goodbye and make way for new and fresh styles that you’d love to flaunt.

#11. Nails would go more natural

2016 would be more geared on natural shaped nails and the desire for oblong nails is not going away any time soon. This year, expect shades to be more subtle and natural looking to suit any personality and style.

Natural Nail Polish

#12. A new twist to French tips

French tip is a classic favourite and this style is still favoured this 2016. The typical thin French tip would still be in, but keep an eye on new and more exciting designs to join the nail art game and add a modern twist on the French tip!

French Tips

2016’s Best Beauty Buys to Splurge On

Definitely, 2016 would bring a difference to your usual list of beauty products and will be more geared towards creating a safer beauty regimen. Using the right products would be instrumental to bring the best changes to your beauty habits.

Best Beauty Buys

Safe, natural and effective — these are the main characteristics that you should look into when purchasing beauty products. To help you complete your beauty bag this 2016, here are some of the best beauty steals to splurge on that will surely take your beauty routine to the next level.

Niche Face Serum

As 2016 is more focused on staging a natural look with a healthy glow, it’s time to invest on niche beauty products that can help restore your youthful glow and get rid of the signs of ageing.

Niche Beauty Products

Face serum treatments are some of the products to look into this 2016 and the good news is that there are niche and natural solutions to help you achieve a natural and more youthful glow by boosting the production of collagen and facilitating the regeneration of smooth and soft skin.

Say goodbye to common skin imperfections this 2016! Choose among a wide selection of products that can help reverse skin damage, smoothen skin, and get rid of free radicals that keep you from achieving your youthful glow!

Natural Lip Gloss

If you are planning to keep stock of new lip products, make sure that you will go for brands that can add a sensual luster to your lips while keeping it nourished and soft.

Natural Lip Gloss

It is best to look for products that make use of organic oils and pure mineral colors that effectively moisturise while adding colour and shine to help you achieve lips that are sensuous and healthy!

Glamorous Nail Polish

Luxury nail polish brands are definitely worth splurging on. As you search for subtle and natural nail colour, go for brands that can help you achieve glamorous nails while making it easier for you to wear your preferred nail style easily!

Glamorous Nail Polish

Eyebrow Liner

With the right eyebrow liner, you can take the guesswork out of creating perfect and well-defined eyebrows!

Eyebrow Liner

Choose eyebrow liner that is light, airy, and consistent to allow it to naturally glide on your eyebrows without causing uneven buildup. It is best to look for eyebrow liners that also nourish and hydrate the skin to achieve the best results.

Organic Facial Cleansers

Don’t let your day end without washing your face and freeing it from impurities that may cause damages to your skin.

Organic Facial Cleansers

For best results, invest on facial cleansers that are made with natural and organic ingredients, to leave your skin with a soft feel and renewed glow without worrying about untoward effects that are usually caused by products that contain harsh ingredients.

Brands that Can Make a Difference On Your Beauty Routine

This 2016, it’s time to get more picky with the products that you use on your skin. If you have the habit of buying based on what’s popular or what other people are using, you have to break your routine and be smarter with your product choices.

To help you find the right products that you can include into your routine, here’s a list of the best beauty brands that are worth your money and can change the way you deal with your beauty habits!

Brad Skincare

Brad Skincare

If you plan 2016 to be the year when you will go natural, Brad Biophotonic offers solutions that can bring out the best in you by improving skin elasticity and promoting smooth, healthy, and radiant skin, Its range provides the nourishing elements needed so you can achieve the complexion that you always dreamed of.

Velour Lashes

Velour Lashes

Velour false eyelashes are 100% cruelty-free products. They produce false lashes that are handcrafted from mink hair while ensuring that they reach the fullest extent of their lives. Apart from that, they offer their customers thorough assistance on buying, application and removal of Velour lashes that other fashion-fabulous brands would not even bother about.

Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas

This brand remains to be artistic, imaginative, and creative in offering effective beauty solutions. Best of all their products are cruelty-free and use ingredients that would work best on human skin.

Odacite Pure Elements

Odacite Pure Elements

Odacite Pure Elements offers a wide concoction of beauty solutions that nourish skin cells and revolves around the healing powers and science of nature. Using a combination of all-natural ingredients they produce scents that work to heal skin imperfections.

Noble Isle Luxury  Bath Products

Noble Isle Luxury Bath Products

Noble Isle is a brand that defines serenity and calm as the actual place from where the brand’s name was derived. It uses handcrafted ingredients with richness and fine fragrance coming fom innate minerals that are used for its product range that is consist of skincare, bodycare, and fragrance products.


Circ Cell

Circ-Cell improves the skin on a cellular level and stays committed in providing solutions to achieve the healthiest and happiest skin possible. Another interesting information that would make you love this brand is its recent partnership with The Nest Foundation to help fight human trafficking of children.

As a final note, make 2016 a year for you to embrace your natural beauty and take advantage of solutions that can bring the best effects on you. Obviously, It’s important to be mindful of what you put on your body to reduce the chance of coming into contact with irritants that are commonly used in beauty products. Your choice will define the results you’ll achieve and this year, you can make a difference on your routine by keeping stock of the beauty buys that are truly worth your money!

Are you hoping to make an awesome change on your beauty routine this 2016? In search of beauty buys that can aid on your transformation? Got suggestions on how to establish a successful beauty regimen? Share your insights by leaving a comment below!