Festive food alternatives for Christmas Day

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For those who are tired of turkey every Christmas and are wanting new and fresh festive food ideas, look no further.

Whilst many Christmas dinner alternatives will still include a roasted meat joint, fish should not be forgotten. Sea bass, salmon and lobster are good choices for Christmas day and require a lot less preparation and cooking than a turkey.

A simple but tasty way to cook salmon fillets is to wrap them in foil with a knob of butter, the juice of one lemon, a pinch of dill and a glass of white wine. Serve with trimmed green beans and baby new potatoes – it is delicious!

La Vigilia – Italy

In Italy, they like to have a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, and call it ‘La Vigilia’. It is traditionally meat free, but it is fish that dominates the menu.

The number of courses range from seven to nine but fish is always the main feature of this dinner. Rather than a large main course being served the individual courses will be small but very tasty. Served with plenty of salad and Italian bread, a baked fish dish for the main course – it makes a tasty alternative on Christmas day.

Christmas in Cuba

In Cuba, a typical Christmas day meal would consist of a roasted pig, rice, fried plantains and some black beans. Dessert would be rum cake or arroz con leche (rice pudding).

In Honduras, Christmas is all about eating lots with the family. Their Christmas dinner is totally different to the traditional dinner here in the UK. Theirs is more of a feast where they eat lots of tamales which are mini parcels stuffed with a wide variety of things such as pork, chicken, dried fruit and cheese (although not together in one parcel). The tamales are wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed cooked.

Some of our favourite alternative Christmas recipes

Why not try a vegetarian Christmas day menu. There are many delicious recipes to try that are a lot tastier than a nut roast! Here is a suggested menu that will delight both meat eaters and vegetarians alike:


Fig and Stilton salad served with a drizzle of honey and thyme


Shallot Tatin – similar to the classic apple based dessert but with overcooked shallots being the main ingredient, this vegetarian alternative Christmas dinner is a tasty winner

Side dishes

Garlic and herb mashed potato

Spinach with pine nuts, raisins and breadcrumbs


Chocolate chestnut roulade – this dessert is pure indulgence. Rich, very chocolatey and makes an impressive centerpiece on the Christmas dining table