Foolproof Ways to Achieve Your Winter Makeup Look

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Winter is a beautiful season, but without a proper beauty regimen that matches the weather, harsh conditions and gusts of wind can knock off your beauty routine.

With the biting cold and a weather that lacks sunlight, winter isn’t the favourite season of most “beautyholics”.  And for sure, the last thing you’d want is to deal with the blunders that will rip off your skin protection and keep you from achieving your winter makeup look.

Wondering how you can pull off a great winter makeup look in spite of the harsh weather?

This article offers some of the most useful information and tips to guide you on your beauty and makeup regimen.

Winter Makeup Tips

5 Steps to Achieving Your Winter Makeup Look

Have you been consistent in using makeup and cosmetics to protect your face from getting dry and rough, but still fail in achieving the results you want?

You may be doing your beauty routine the wrong way.

To help you engage in a beauty routine that supports your winter makeup look, below are the basic steps that you must follow.

#1. Exfoliate Regularly

Putting makeup on a dry and flaky skin isn’t a good idea and this mistake is very common especially in the winter. Get rid of a dry and flaky skin by exfoliating a few times each week. Do it regularly for a flaw-free makeup.

#2. Don’t Fake Your Tan

For the people who can’t stand the idea of a fading tan, they tend to compensate by using self-tanning solutions and bronzers. Over bronzing is not the way to mimic your sunkissed glow. In fact, it is better to enjoy the transition that your skin tone goes through–but of course, you have to make sure that your makeup is the perfect match to your complexion.

#3. Tone Down Your Makeup

Winter is often associated with glitter and frost and a lot of people tend to overdo it during the season. Glitter and frost may work at some point but be careful not to overdo it and make sure to tone it down to be spared from this mistake that many people are guilty of.

#4. Moisturise

The biggest takeaway to rock your winter makeup look is to make sure that your skin is properly moisturised. Whatever kind of makeup look that you want to achieve, it never goes well on dry and flaky skin!

#5. Winter-Proof Your Lips

Lips get more chapped during winter and it is best to moisturise it using a non-waxy balm that can penetrate the fissures. Also, it is important for people with super sensitive skin to skip balms with lanolin and heavy scents to avoid allergens.

Winter Makeup and Cosmetics

Winter-Appropriate Beauty Products that You Must Use

As makeup is done according to the season’s trends, it is also important to choose beauty products that match your current needs.

Cream Based Concealer

Cream Based Concealer

Winter is not the best time to use a liquid concealer as it can cause flaking and fine lines, particularly around the eye area. Instead, choose a natural cream based concealer that has the best quality.

Cream Based Foundation

Cream Based Foundation

Dry skin and liquid foundation isn’t the best combination during this season as it can cause breakouts and skin patches. When dry skin is a problem, a cream based foundation works to provide even coverage to make fine lines disappear.

Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara
Wateroroof Eyeliner and Mascara

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara remain as the best options to define your eyes. Coloured mascara also works great in darkening your lashes and making them appear thick.

Cream Eye Shadow

Cream Eye Shadow Powder eye shadows are the most common choices for eye makeup. However, this isn’t the best option all the time particularly during winter as it may cause patches and flakes on the skin near the eyes. Also during this season, peach, light brown, pink and other natural shades create the best results.

Moisturising Cleanser

Moisturising Cleanser

Protect your skin from dryness by using moisturising cleansers. Lack of moisture in the air can affect your skin and cause dry patches. Using soap-based cleansers with harsh ingredients won’t help and will only cause further damage.

Winter Makeup Looks to Try

Winter Makeup Looks to Try this Season

Your makeup stash is ready and you’re all set to beat the winter makeup blunders. Now the next thing that you have to know is the look that you’d want to pull off.

As the seasons change, so should your makeup.

If you haven’t decided yet on what makeup to wear this season, below you will find a range of options to help you determine the best winter makeup looks to use.

Deep, Dark Lips

Deep and dark makeup tones are the perfect match for the icy weather. Deep wine and oxblood hues are perfect to rock your lips, especially on a night out with your friends.

Copper Eye

The copper eye gives a mix of a natural winter look with a slight edge. Subtle tone with a beautiful shimmer that can take your winter makeup look from day to night!

Coloured Eyeliner

Take the gloom from the winter weather with a coloured eyeliner that can easily brighten up your day. Choose from a range of colours–as long as it matches the eyeshadow you prefer.

Gold Smoky Eye

Do you love the smoky eye but still stuck with the classic charcoal shade? Why not kick it up a notch by trying another shade? A gold smoky eye is just perfect to achieve winter glam.

Matte Makeup

Winter is the time to hold off the light and dewy look that is just perfect for spring and summer seasons. A matte makeup will just be perfect to let you rock a glow that’s suited for the weather.

Classic Makeup

Simple yet sexy is the key to a winter makeup look that you can wear every day. Get sultry red lips and finish off with slight cat eye for a look that’s guaranteed to make an awesome impression.

Winter makeup looks are often associated with being bold, dark and dramatic. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to play up with a burst of hues that you wouldn’t dare use during other seasons.

Winter Makeup Looks that Last

Tips to Make Your Winter Makeup Last All Day

Knowing the perfect look to put on is a great feat–but the challenge is how to make your winter makeup look last all day.

After working extra hard to create your makeup, you surely wouldn’t want your beautiful masterpiece to simply melt away. And to make that happen, this article shares some tips to winter-proof your makeup.

  • Switch to a hydrating skincare regimen. Swap your usual beauty products with those that can make the skin plump and moisturised since your skin will need more hydration during the winter season.
  • Combine liquid and powder formulas. Remember that your skin tends to be drier in the winter. Liquid and cream formulas are your go-to beauty essentials this season as they are long-wearing, hydrating and provide ample coverage. Adding a light setting powder to the usually shiny areas would be the perfect finishing touch to keep your makeup on.
  • Go waterproof. With cold air and gusts of winds, it would be easy for problems with makeup smudges to arise. Long-wear and waterproof formulas will let you enjoy your makeup longer even with the harsh environmental conditions.

Enjoy the weather and the winter makeup looks that are suited for the season. If you haven’t stocked up on makeup and beauty products yet, it’s time to make the switch to address your current beauty demands and pull off the look you want!

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