Gourmet Street Foods to Look Out For This Winter

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The last few years has witnessed a full-on food revolution. Throughout the world, from New York to London, budding entrepreneurs have moved out of high priced, high class establishments and taken to the streets. Today, as well as inside the bricks and mortar of a Michelin-starred restaurant, some of the finest food around is being served from pop-up cafes, restored trailers and vintage vans.

We’ve already indulged in the great British burger boom, pored over pulled pork and gorged on rich, gamey pies. And, despite some quarters declaring that street food is dead,  new and inventive flavours continue to spring up at food festivals and on street corners throughout the country. So what’s on the horizon for kerbside cuisine this winter? Here are just a few of the latest street foods we recommend sinking your teeth into.

Try authentic Thai with Buddha Belly

Tourists flock to Thailand in search of golden beaches and ancient temples, but what many also discover when they get there is the sumptuous street food on offer. Bringing these authentic Thai flavours to the streets of the UK are Buddha Belly. This street food sensation is the brainchild of Sai Deethwa, a Masterchef 2012 finalist and third generation Thai street vendor. Buddha Belly’s speciality is Pork Panang, a red curry dish made from pork shoulder with finely sliced kaffir leaves to give each mouthful an aromatic kick. But we highly recommend the Vegan Yellow Curry, with toasted cumin and coriander seeds, for a sweet and comforting treat – perfect on a crisp winter’s day. Click here for the example menu, and see what delights you could be savouring.

 Sample the epic Indian flavours of Rōla Wala

From the backstreets of Kolkata to the beaches of Bombay, India is famous for its sensational street food. After eating his way around the country, Mark Wright, founder of Rōla Wala, made it his mission to to bring fast, fresh, nutritious Indian food to the streets of Britain. Today, Rōla Wala (meaning ‘man that rolls’ in Hindi) serve up a myriad of ‘twisted Indian street food’. Rōla Wala take mouthwatering spiced fillings such as beetroot dal, coriander tikka and BBQ lamb, and combine them with fresh zingy salads, crunchy rice puffs, creamy yoghurt and sharp chutneys. These are then rolled up in a freshly toasted naan to create a stunning street feast that will surprise and delight the palate.

 Indulge in sweet and savoury sensations from Waffle On

Traditional Belgian waffles are nothing new on the street food scene. But there’s nothing traditional about the waffles created by up and coming street vendor Waffle On. Located on the famous Maltby Street market, Waffle On specialise in deliciously fluffy buttermilk waffles that are made on the kerbside in front of your very eyes. However, along with the more obvious sweet favourites such as maple syrup, strawberries and chocolate, Waffle On like to push the boundaries and get creative with their savoury flavours, too. Their menu includes tantalising variants such as slow roasted duck, smoked salmon with lemon creme fraiche and dry cure bacon & biodynamic egg. A delicious combination of sweet buttermilk waffles and savoury toppings to delight your tastebuds.