High-End Beauty Brands to Follow on Instagram and Facebook

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When it comes to consumer engagement through visual content, beauty brands are on the winning end. With carefully curated photos, enticing captions, and targeted ads–how can you not engage in social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook?

According to statistics, in 2017, a total of 1.5 billion people engaged with beauty brands through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter–the 3 biggest players in social media. And if you are a beauty enthusiast, chances are high that you’re a frequent visitor of your favourite brands.

However just as not all social media platforms are created equally, so are the beauty brands.

In case of luxury beauty brands, there are pages and feeds that you should not miss both on Instagram and Facebook–and this is what we’ll discuss in this article. But first, here are some interesting facts that you need to know.

Interesting Facts about Beauty Brands on Social Media

  • 70% of beauty-centred content is posted on Instagram while 22% is found on YouTube.
  • Of the total content developed for social media in 2016, 85% are makeup or cosmetics related.
  • In social bigger is not always better. “Microinfluencers” or beauty brands with less than 100,000 followers actually benefit from having more engaged followers.
  • Of the brands found on social media, luxury brands are the most popular.
  • There is 72% and 70% growth on video content from beauty brands on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.
  • Of the beauty products posted on social media, makeup ranks on top in terms of social actions.

Social media offers platforms that can foster engagement while at the same time providing content that can inspire users. Whether you’re a lover of cosmetics who’s in search of high-end beauty brands or if you simply appreciate the beauty and layout of certain Instagram and Facebook feed, the next section highlights high-end beauty brands that are worthy of your follow and like.

High End Beauty Brands

High-End Beauty Brands that You Should Check Out on Instagram and Facebook

Velour Lashes

A fashion-fabulous brand known for their go-green approach by offering false eyelashes that are handcrafted from mink hair. Aside from their cruelty-free nature, you’ll be impressed by the uniqueness of Velour Lashes, as each lash from their collection is handcrafted and intended to be worn for specific and casual occasions. Whether you’re the conservative type or someone who wouldn’t mind fluttering her lashes, you’d find Velour a beauty brand to focus your eyes on.

Find Velour Lashes on Instagram and Facebook:

Velour Lashes on Facebook

Facebook Page: Velour Lashes

Facebook Followers: 40,239

Velour Lashes on Instagram

Instagram Page: @velourlashesofficial

Instagram Followers: 362,000


Axiology is a luxury beauty brand that shows to the world how you can use luxury cosmetics without polluting the world or using animal testing. Truly cruelty-free, this brand promises to offer only the finest products made with the purest ingredients. So, if you are looking for a classy shade of lipstick that’s guilt-free or if you want to colour your lips to transform into a rock star princess, you’ll find this luxury beauty brand worthy of your attention.

Find Axiology on Instagram and Facebook:

Axiology on Facebook

Facebook Page: Axiology Beauty

Facebook Followers: 2,430

Axiology on Instagram

Instagram Page: @axiology_beauty

Instagram Followers: 27,300


Pure and powerful–these are the perfect words to describe TONIK products. This Aussie brand offers luxury beauty products that aim to provide the nourishment you need–inside out! Check out their natural elixirs that come in convenient-sized capsules that will perfectly fit into your handbag. Packed with the benefits that will give you the skin nourishing you need, 24 hrs a day!

Find Tonik on Instagram and Facebook:

Tonik on Facebook

Facebook Page: TonikHQ

Facebook Followers: 2,853

Tonik on Instagram

Instagram Page: @thetonik

Instagram Followers: 4,706

Ellis Faas

Dedicated to colour and boldness, Ellis Faas is a luxury beauty brand that is designed to provide you with cosmetics that take into account your skin tone. With its product line that is based on the colours that are naturally produced by the body, you’re sure to find the makeup products that best complement your skin and bring out the best in you.

Find Ellis Faas on Instagram and Facebook:

Ellis Faas on Facebook Facebook Page: Ellis Faas

Facebook Followers: 30,979

Ellis Faas on Instagram

Instagram Page: @ellisfaascosmetics

Instagram Followers: 34,700


Handmade in Los Angeles, Kosås has a firm belief that cosmetics can be simple and stunning. When sourcing ingredients, they are mainly focused on finding those that can provide extreme nourishment and supreme luxury at the same time. Known as a handmade luxury beauty brand in Los Angeles, Kosås addresses the needs for dependable beauty products, especially for the most thoughtful and refined women. Wear their products to celebrate wearing the hues that complement all skin tones and using ingredients that enhance the natural beauty of the face.

Find Kosås on Instagram and Facebook:

Kosas on Facebook

Facebook Page: Kosas Cosmetics

Facebook Followers: 954

Kosas on Instagram

Instagram Page: @kosascosmetics

Instagram Followers: 13,900

Juice Beauty

Born out of the passion for a healthy lifestyle, Juice Beauty offers organic beauty products that are backed by powerful science. This luxury beauty brand believes in advanced beauty solutions that make use of the best of certified organic ingredients. The goal of this beauty brand? To deliver skincare solutions that have been clinically validated, as well as vibrant plant-pigment makeup that guarantee to provide not just beautiful results, but to also enrich your well-being while sustaining the environment.

Find Juice Beauty on Instagram and Facebook:

Juice Beauty on Facebook

Facebook Page: Juice Beauty

Facebook Followers: 214,151

Juice Beauty on Instagram

Instagram Page: @juicebeauty

Instagram Followers: 13,900


Here’s a luxury beauty brand that will take you back to the basics while providing you with nothing less than a high-performance, naturally based hair care collection that promises visible results. With products that are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA and synthetic color, you can be sure that all Briogeo products are 90%-100% percent naturally derived with bottle packagings that can be both recycled. Check out Briogeo’s hair care formulas that can address your needs–whether you want a product that can restore, add volume, or protect your hair.

Find Briogeo on Instagram and Facebook:

Briogeo on Facebook

Facebook Page: Briogeo

Facebook Followers: 214,151

Briogeo on Instagram

Instagram Page: @briogeo

Instagram Followers: 84,300

Vapour Organic Beauty

Made with high-quality organic oils that fuse with mineral pigments, you’d want to embrace this luxury beauty brand as it helps create a flawless glowing skin without compromise. With its cosmetics mainly comprised of 70% organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments, you can expect concentrated, active formulas minus the harsh preservatives. Definitely a must-have!

Find Vapour Organic Beauty on Instagram and Facebook:

Vapour Organic Beauty on Facebook

Facebook Page: Vapour Organic Beauty

Facebook Followers: 22,364

Vapour Organic Beauty on Instagram

Instagram Page: @vapourorganicbeauty

Instagram Followers: 54,300

Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty is a luxury beauty brand that combines the most stylish pigments with extra nourishing elements, making it a brand that stands out from its contemporaries. The company offers seasonal releases of its products. With its expanding beauty product collection, you are guaranteed to find a shade and formula that would perfectly work for you!

Find Ilia Beauty on Instagram and Facebook:
Ilia Beauty on Facebook

Facebook Page: ILIA Beauty

Facebook Followers: 11,542

Ilia Beauty on Instagram

Instagram Page: @iliabeauty

Instagram Followers: 80,900

Henne Organics

For 2 years since its founding, Henne Organics has committed itself in introducing eco luxury into the daily lives of consumers. It has focused on a modern but minimalistic approach to offer new alternatives for lip care products that can offer users profound satisfaction.

Find Henne Organics on Instagram and Facebook:

Henne Organics on Facebook

Facebook Page: Henne Organics

Facebook Followers: 1,188

Henne Organics on Instagram

Instagram Page: @henneorganics

Facebook Followers: 1,188

EviDenS de Beaute

If you want a luxury beauty brand that promises technical and artistic perfection, EviDenS de Beaute is the brand of choice. Born out of the desire of its founder to offer beauty and perfection that is similar to that of Japanese women. It fuses Asia and West and mainly focuses on the use of choice secret ingredients, textures, sensual scents, and admirable packaging.

Find EviDenS de Beaute on Instagram and Facebook:

Evidens de Beaute on Facebook

Facebook Page: EviDenS de Beaute

Facebook Followers: 3,323

Evidens de Beaute on Instagram

Instagram Page: @evidensdebeaute

Instagram Followers: 1,583

Grown Alchemist

The 2nd Australian luxury beauty brand on this list, Grown Alchemist has all the things that will make you love and embrace the brand. It uses all-organic beauty ingredients and adheres to ethical practices from the production to packaging. Best of all, you can avail the products from this luxury beauty brand at a mid-range price point! For the lover of nature, here’s a brand that you should not fail to check out.

Find Grown Alchemist on Instagram and Facebook:

Grown Alchemist on Facebook

Facebook Page: Grown Alchemist

Facebook Followers: 21,085

Grown Alchemist on Instagram

Instagram Page: @grownalchemist

Instagram Followers: 55,900

Keeko Oil

Have you tried teeth whiteners but failed to get your desired results?  here’s a luxury beauty brand that guarantees impressive results. Keeko Oil has a selection of naturally formulated coconut oil pulling products to promote oral hygiene and to effectively whiten teeth. The brand promises faster and visible results in less time! Its main ingredients include a fusion of organic cold pressed coconut oil and organic essential oils that come with bacteria fighters. With Keeko Oil, you can say hi to pearly, white teeth and fresh breath.

Find Keeko Oil on Instagram and Facebook:

Keeko Oil on Facebook

Facebook Page: Keeko Oil

Facebook Followers: 1,106

Keeko Oil on Instagram

Instagram Page: @keekooil

Instagram Followers: 25,400

Alima Pure

Luxurious, high-performance and natural. Alima Pure offers natural beauty products that are perfect for the modern women, or those who want to use makeup as a tool for self-expression that can provide a sense of empowerment. Available in diverse colours to support and celebrate the joy and beauty of being a woman, with all of its products using only the highest quality, purest ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Find Alima Pure on Instagram and Facebook:

Alima Pure on Facebook

Facebook Page: Alima Pure

Facebook Followers: 52,977

Alima Pure on Instagram

Instagram Page: @alimapure

Instagram Followers: 28,000

Elemental Herbology

Elemental Herbology aims to offer ultimate skin nutrition through natural skincare and body care products that combine the most innovative ingredient technology with natural botanicals. With a philosophy based on the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this luxury beauty brand aims to achieve the best transformation on your skin and at the same time improve your wellbeing.

Elemental Herbology on Facebook

Facebook Page: Elemental Herbology

Facebook Followers: 4,158

Elemental Herbology on Instagram

Instagram Page: @elementalherbology

Instagram Followers: 3,435

John Masters Organics

Serving customers around the world, John Masters Organics has the finest luxury organic beauty products–making the brand synonymous with premium quality, earth-friendly botanical ingredients and the ultimate in professional salon-level results. Founded by a top stylist who is recognised in the world of fashion and celebrities, this high-end beauty brand sticks to its commitment to creating a toxin-free salon environment. Today, it is known and recognised as the pioneering producer of luxury organic beauty.

John Master Organics USA on Facebook

Facebook Page: John Master Organics

Facebook Followers: 24,682

John Master Organics USA on Instagram

Instagram Page: @johnmasterorganics

Instagram Followers: 19,000

Have you long been looking for a high-end beauty brand that can meet your needs? Check out the above-mentioned pages to end your search!

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