Immortelle, the immortal oil?

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This delicious golden oil, also know as the Everlasting Flower or Italian Straw Flower, Immortelle is a rare and precious skincare ingredient. It is distilled from the Helichrysum italicum flower, a daisy that grows in the dry, rocky ground around the mediterranean. Only a select few species of this flower family produce essential oil for distillation making it incredibly valuable and highly sought after.

It’s not only it’s rare availability that makes this oil so special but the many benefits it holds for your skin. This powerful oil is extremely healing, especially for scars and skin conditions such as acne whilst it’s regenerative properties reduce the appearance of fine lines and aid in cell renewal. It is even used on post-surgery wounds wounds to aid healing and reduce inflammation.

So where can you find this oil?

Earth Tu Face Hydrate And Repair Balm.

 Earth Tu Face Hydrate And Repair Balm

This rich and creamy balm from californian brand Earth Tu Face is especially formulated for skin in need of T.L.C. If you suffer from extremely dry, flaky or damaged skin during winter then this balm smoothed over skin morning and night will quickly work to repair, rehydrate and restore radiance. Created with a pure blend of organic plant butters and oils to nourish and a hero blend of essential oils including Immortelle, of course. This balm is all you need in your winter skincare arsenal.

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon.

Another day, another balm you might think, but oh no, not this time. There is something quite magical about this cool blue balm, perhaps it is just the fact that it’s blue, but the complex and sophisticated blend of ingredients also lend a hand, too. As with all May Lindstrom creations, this isn’t just your average moisturising balm – it’s a spiritual experience waiting to happen.

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon balm

The essential oil blend calms and clears the mind with ease whilst you talk a moment to massage The Blue Cocoon into skin, offering you relief from any irritation, moisture and allowing the healing ingredients to get to work.


ubereuse 3 animale eau de parfum

The scent of immortelle alone is said to be richly honey sweet with spicy, earthy undertones. The Tubereuse 3 Animale Eau De Parfume makes use of this unique flower oil as a sweet base note in it’s richly layered floral scent.