iPhone Beauty & Makeup Apps that You Must Explore

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At this age when you can almost do anything with your iPhone, you’re already missing out a lot if you still haven’t downloaded the right apps that can change the way you live. And as for beauty enthusiasts, these are the iPhone beauty and makeup apps that can be accessed by simply heading to the iTunes store.

Certainly, you’re iPhone is going through serious updates to make it a lot smarter than you think–to the point of becoming your ever reliable beauty assistant.

Did you know that aside from doing your regular beauty shopping using your mobile phone, you can also find cruelty-free beauty products, try on a cosmetic product, book an appointment with your choice hairstylist and even have a board-certified dermatologist diagnose your skin condition straight through your mobile phones? In addition to that are the beauty edits that you can use to create picture-perfect selfies–all these with a few simple taps!

There are more reasons to fall in love with your iPhone all over again other than the productivity and entertainment apps that you normally use. If you’re ready to explore your options, here’s an infographic that presents 20 of the best iPhone beauty and makeup apps that should not be missing in your device.

The Best iPhone Beauty and Makeup Apps for Beauty Enthusiasts

Beauty enthusiasts, there’s truly more to love about your iPhone than what meets the eye. But before exploring the best iPhone beauty and makeup apps, here are some facts that you must know:

  • Overall, there are already 1.2 billion iPhones sold. 77.316 million of these units were sold in December 2017
  • 90 million of the 223 million smartphone users in the United States own an iPhone.
  • There are 51 apps being downloaded by Apple users per minute. This is equivalent to downloaded 26,805,600 apps per year!
  • In June 2017, there are already over 180 billion apps downloaded from the App Store.
  • The Apple iPhone was cited as 2007’s Invention of the Year by Time Magazine.
  • The App Store is one of the most innovative features of the iPhone and was the first place to download an app, legally–whether for free or for a fee.
  • Facebook is the most downloaded iPhone app of all time, while Facebook Messenger ranks 2nd, followed closely by YouTube and Instagram.

iPhone Beauty & Makeup Apps Infographic

Beauty Appointment Booking App:

1. Priv

This beauty app for iPhones allows you to get a massage, blowout, manicure, and makeup at the convenience of your home. Priv offers a huge list of services that includes hairstyling, makeup, nails, massage, PT and even Spray-tan! What’s more, you can order multiple services at once for an ultimate makeover.

2. beGlammed

If group makeover is your thing, beGlammed lets you get a group appointment from your favourite stylist and beauty therapist. Have the hairstylist and makeup artist come right at your doorstep to give your girls a full makeover.

3. Spruce

Find a board-certified dermatologist in a jiffy with Spruce. This iPhone beauty app allows you to get a derma appointment right from your phone! Get your diagnosis, prescription and personalised skincare treatment within 24 hours. What’s more, it only costs $40!

Beauty Product Lookup:

4. Cruelty-free

Thanks to this iPhone beauty app, you can now easily determine the cruelty-free beauty brands even while you’re on the go. Use it as your shopping guide in making cruelty-free choices by finding beauty brands that do not use animals in testing ingredients or formulations.

5. Think Dirty

Anxious about the toxic contents that may be present in beauty products’? This makeup app for iPhones makes decoding the ingredient list easy for you. You can search or scan your product in its database of 350,000+ beauty items and the app will tell you how dirty it is on a scale of 1 to 10. The app looks into CDC registry of toxic chemicals, so you know it’s legit!

6. GlamScout

Never go gaga over a gorgeous lipstick or smoky eyes you see in your instagram feed. Simply snap a photo of the makeup look you like, upload it to GlamScout and the app will identify the product that matches from over 80 brands across various price brackets. The app also lets you try the product by using your mobile phone’s camera as a mirror.

7. ShadeScout

Steal that perfect shade of lipstick you spotted on your favourite magazine through this iPhone makeup app. ShadeScout takes the guesswork out of finding your desired makeup colour in the exact Pantone shade family. It also allows you to virtually put on your chosen makeup by using your front-facing camera.

Beauty Alerts & Reminders:

8. SunMinder

Want to stay worry-free while out in the sun? Here’s an iPhone beauty app to keep you reminded when to top up your sunscreen so you can stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays. With this beauty app, you will be able to keep a record of when you have applied your sunscreen to yourself or on anyone else and be alerted when to apply again.

9. Misfit Shine

Proper diet and getting enough sleep are key to having a naturally beautiful glow that starts from within. This iPhone beauty app allows monitors the activities that you have done for the day, your food intake, as well as your sleep cycle to support your fitness goals. Its features include a sleep tracker that has a smart alarm, food tracking logs and ideal activity levels for the day.

10. Perfect365

If you’re looking for a free virtual iPhone makeup app that works, Perfect365 is the one for you. With this beauty app, you’ll be among the 100 million users who can access new styles that are created weekly by expert makeup artists. Moreover, it provides your daily dose of beauty tips and makeup tutorials, and even allows you to try a new look from influencers!

Beauty Product Recommendations:

11. Beautiful Me

If you need expert advice for your makeup and skincare needs, Beautiful Me is the great app for you. Just upload your selfie, and the app will give you all sorts of information based on your shot, such as your undertone, best foundation to buy, makeup share recommendation and anti-aging regimen to try. Simplify brilliant!

12. Plum Perfect

Another iPhone beauty app to give you beauty tips and advice is Plum Perfect. With your selfie, this app uses a facial recognition technology to identify your skin tone, eye colour, undertones, and hair type and provide you with personalised makeup recommendations.

13. Visada

Like the two previously mentioned apps, this too provides personalised makeup recommendations based on your selfie by reading your skin tone, undertone etc. But other than that, it also detects skin problems like acne and provides you a general skin care advice. What’s more, it also has a face matching feature which compares your facial features to celebrities.

14. Bellashoot

For the Youtube binge-watcher of makeup tutorials, Bellashoot will be your new app addiction. In this iPhone beauty app, you can get access to hundreds of posts about a dozen beauty categories, skincare and other topics which are just perfect for those who want a DIY look.

15. YouCam Makeup

A makeover beauty app for cosmetic junkies. This is one of the best makeup editing apps for iPhone with face detection technology that enables users to virtually apply makeup to yourself and see how it looks on your face. Once you get your perfect look, you can post it on Instagram or browse their product recommendations for serious shoppers.

Selfie Editing Apps:

16. BeautyPlus -Snap, Edit, Filter

This iPhone app uses advanced editing features and filters to create beautiful selfies. It is a simple but powerful photo editing tools that offer artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and a lot more so you can enjoy taking more selfies that are worth sharing on your social media account!

17. YouCam

Create the best selfies through the best digital makeovers that make use of flattering filters, one-touch makeup application, and even a hairstyle studio that comes complete with the trendiest haircut and hair colour options. This iPhone photo editing app also allows you to mix and match makeup and beauty products that are suited for the occasion.

18. moreBeaute2

This iPhone beauty app offers the easiest way to look gorgeous without requiring makeup expertise! This app is free and specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. Use it to create social media worthy photos that can be enhanced further to look beautiful, naturally!

19. Air Brush

Create a carefully crafted selfie with this amazing iPhone beauty app. This software allows you to edit the photos that you have taken with a powerful editor that can help you get rid of pimples, smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, and even out skin tone for that flawless finish!

20. Photo Editor by Aviary

Featured in the New York Times as one of the Best Apps for iOS 7, this app works wonders by capturing the perfect lighting for your skin, fixing flaws, or adding filters to a photo of your choice. With the tools that go with the app, you can achieve professional-looking pictures and do the perfect retouches.

Are you an iPhone user? What’s your favourite beauty and makeup app? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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