Last-Minute Beauty Tips for Holiday Parties

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With only a few weeks left until the Holidays, is your beauty already in tip-top shape? If not, it’s not yet late to start an effective beauty routine.

Having at least a month to prepare for your Holiday celebrations leaves you with enough time to follow a beauty regime that will reveal your best look in time for the celebrations. However, if there isn’t much time left, you still have no excuse. In fact, with tried and tested beauty advice, you can still pull off a look as if you’ve had all the time in the world!

Whether you’ll be attending a holiday party in a month or even in a week’s time, here’s an article that teaches you the steps that you need to follow to ensure that the Holiday merry-makings will be spent well, beautifully!

Last-Minute Beauty Tips to Prepare Your Holiday Look

Beauty Tips a Month Before Christmas

A Month Before Christmas

#1. Indulge in a Body Care Routine

Exfoliate at least once a week. You should also ensure proper body moisturisation by keeping your skin hydrated from head to toe–most especially at this point when days are colder and your skin tends to dry up easily.

#2. Brighten Up Your Face

Cleanse your face upon waking up and before going to bed. Gentle exfoliation can also be done at least once a week to eliminate dead skin cells and allow easier absorption of skincare products. A face mask is also advisable to use as it helps firm the skin.

Brighten Up Your Face

TIP: Update your makeup kit. Choose beauty products that are perfect for the season as this will allow you to achieve outstanding results and spare you from beauty problems that result from seasonal changes.

#3. Pay Attention to the Area Surrounding Your Eyes

If you have problems with wrinkles or eye bags, you can engage in treatments that can prevent the appearance of fine lines, as well as puffiness. Not only will this work to improve the problem areas, it can also contribute to having a radiant glow by eliminating dark circles.

TIP: Get rid of these imperfections by delicately patting the area, starting from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes.

Hair Hydration

#4. Hydrate Your Hair

There are several factors that become the reason for hair to easily dry out during winter. Environmental factors such as the cold, the breeze, and even the wind can take the moisture from the hair. However, there are other practices such as wearing of hats and dyeing of hair that can worsen its condition. Use a shampoo and conditioner that can prevent dryness. To control and prevent damage to tips, a hair emulsion can be used to facilitate repair and boost hair protection.

Beauty Tips 2 Weeks Before Christmas

Two Weeks Before Christmas

#5. Engage in a More Intensive Body Care Routine

With only 2 weeks left, you need to work doubly hard to ensure that you’ll look good in time for the Holiday parties. Make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week to increase your skin’s protection against dryness.

#6. Prep Your Face

Don’t just use face products without exfoliating your skin to ensure that you’ll make the most of their benefits. Do it at least twice a week and you’ll be party-ready in no time.

Face Prep for the Holidays

#7. Get a Hair Treatment

Dye your hair or make it look vibrant by restoring the colour of your tresses. Choose a shade that matches your complexion if you want to experiment with the newest shades.

TIP: Want to know the best colours that are made for this season? You might want to try honey blonde, terracotta red, surfer streaks, rose gold, chocolate ombre and platinum blonde. But if you are not up for those new shades, you can stick to the basics by going for natural black that suits every type of skin tone.

Beauty Tips a Week Before Christmas

A Week Before Christmas

#8. Enhance Your Natural Glow

You can reveal a beautiful complexion from within even in as short as one week. How? Hydrate your body with at least two litres of water every day. This will help flush out your skin toxins and reveal a natural glow.

Skin Scrub

TIP: Choose water with room temperature as this will create a balance between the chemicals and minerals in the face.

#9. Scrub for a Smoother Skin

When it’s only a week before Christmas and your skin is still in bad shape, you still have a chance to achieve a smooth and flaw-free skin. A good body scrub every other day, each time you get in the shower will help. Not only will it brighten the skin and improve circulation, it will also allow easier absorption of skin care products such as moisturisers, lotions and creams.

#10. Exfoliate Gently

Achieve a luminous skin through gentle exfoliation. Liquid or cream-based exfoliators are more preferred because they have a mild formula that can prevent damages to the skin.

TIP: To get rid of blockages in the nose and chin, use circular motions to remove dull skin and unclog pores.

#11. Pamper Your Feet

Beauty should be from head to toe, so there’s no reason to disregard your feet. Keep in mind that the TLC you’ll provide them will also allow you to stay up longer–even for those late night parties!

Pamper Your Feet

TIP: Problems with hard skin? Use a thick moisturiser for the feet and wear cotton socks when sleeping!

Last-Minute Christmas Beauty Tips

One Day Before Christmas

#12. Do Your Final Touches

It may seem like you’re already running out of time, but it still is never too late for some final touches. Wax your brows, legs and armpits. You can also have a manicure and pedicure to complete your holiday look.

#13. Prep Your Skin

There’s no reason to stop your skincare regimen a day before Christmas. Apply a light exfoliant then use a moisturising cream to get your skin prepped and ready for the party season.

Skin Prep for the Holidays

#14. Provide Intensive Hair Conditioning

You can banish frizzy hair through an intensive hair conditioning treatment. This will allow you to try more hairstyles and look great even when you choose to let your hair down.

Last Minute Beauty Tips for Holiday Parties

Final Touches

#15. Colour Your Lips

Bring your lips to life. Red lipstick is the shade that’s perfect for the season, but you can try other colour variants depending on your preferences or styling requirements.

#16. Pay Attention to Your Skin

There’s beauty in simplicity. Remember that your skin is what most people will notice first. Choose a light makeup and blend your foundation to create a seamless finish that can keep imperfections such as blemishes and dark circles hidden.

Focus on Skin Care

#17. Get Your Hair Done

You’ll look nice whether you’ll keep your hair up in a simple ponytail. However, if your hair doesn’t seem to match your desired hairstyle, you can still achieve the look you want with a clip-in hair extension.

#18. Keep Your Lashes Long and Curled

Achieve an effortless, but beautiful look by opening up your peepers. Basically, you’ll have to curl your lashes and finish off with a mascara. However, you can also use high-grade and natural false eyelashes, like velour lashes, that can instantly bring your eyes to life.

Long and Thick Lashes

#19. Prettify Your Nails

Achieve neat-looking nails by removing the dirt and grimes that may have already accumulated under its edges. Add a glossy topcoat or use a nail colour to touch up the surfaces that may have been already damaged.

#20. Apply Quick Fixes

Applying too much powder or makeup may cause you to panic. However, you don’t have to especially if you already know how to fix those makeup mistakes. In case of applying too much makeup, remember to wipe up the excess by pressing and patting the area gently. This way you will be able to reduce the makeup without having to redo everything.

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