A Lookback on 2017’s Hottest Beauty Trends

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Only a few days left till we bid farewell to 2017 and it’s the perfect time to take a look at the hottest beauty and makeup trends that ruled this year.

From the runway to your vanity! Here’s a lookback on the hairstyles and makeup fads that became the hottest beauty trends of 2017.

2017's Hair and Makeup Trends

2017’s Hottest Hair and Makeup Trends

Hair Trends

High Ponytail

One of the easiest and non-fussy hairstyles that became a big hit among celebrities was the high ponytail. You’ve probably seen this hairstyle sported by Zendaya, Jane Fonda and Shay Mitchell and most likely, there are different versions of it that you have seen, The high ponytail’s popularity is no longer surprising as it can be worn day or night, whether for casual or formal events.

High Ponytail

Extra Long Tresses

Noticed how girls seem to have taken some effort to grow their hair long? This Cher-inspired look is one of the hair trends that rocked this year and has been sported by some notable celebrities, with the likes of Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj.

Extra Long Tresses

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The Buzz Cut

If you are one of the people who wouldn’t mind wearing a bolder haircut, this one’s for you. This hairstyle allows a neat and chic look without consuming your time and energy. While many have sported the buzz cut with celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Kate Hudson to name a few, this hairstyle is only for the brave heart, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ll have a second thought before getting the clippers near your hair.

The Buzz Cut

Deep Side Parts

One of the hair trends that became prominent this season, a deep side part  hairstyle has truly become a favourite this 2017. It has a chic and classy look that seems to express authoritativeness while still maintaining a stylish appeal that makes it appropriate even for casual affairs.

Deep Side Parts Hairstyle

Bleached Locks

This year was also the year for bleached locks. Flaunting a cool hairstyle that even celebrities wear was a hot trend that has also become a self-esteem booster. Naturally blonde people can go for a lighter colour by bleaching their hair. On the other hand, people with dark hair can pull off the look but with greater effort.

Bleached Locks

But 2017 is not just about platinum blondes, coloured hair also made its way into the scene–offering shades that range from dark reds to pastel pinks.

Head Scarves

One exciting hairstyle fad that you shouldn’t forget is the headscarf. This has left a lot of people excited with the range of turbans that they can use on their heads, not to mention that it offers a sophisticated, yet playful look that can make one a real head turner.

Head Scarf

Makeup Trends

Sparkling Lips

While red lips are considered classy and timeless, sparkling lips have managed to find its way to become one of 2017’s hottest fads. Glitter lips have been intriguing and were seen on models and celebrities who walked the runway.

Sparkling Lips

Face Masks

Face Masks have no doubt exploded in terms of popularity and for 2017, it has been one of the staples that a beauty enthusiast wouldn’t choose to live without. And with the innovations being done on face masks, it can only be expected that there’ll be more to come in 2018.

Face Mask Trend

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Prominent Cheekbones

2017 is also about adding definition and structure to the face. Thanks to makeup contouring and glow enhancing products, this beauty trend has gained popularity as it enables a look that easily complements other beauty trends.

Prominent Cheekbones

Boyfriend Brows

Eyebrow makeup has been in demand for the past years, but in 2017 some changes occurred. From overly drawn arches, there has been a transition to boyfriend brows. Less complicated than drawn arches, this look is basically achieved by using an eyebrow gel to brush the individual hairs upwards.

Boyfriend Brows

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Glossy Lids

Glossy lids have gained some attention in 2017 and looks like this fad is going to continue until 2018. Enhanced eyes have been made possible by adding a little glow to the lids. As the year ends, the trend seems to go stronger–this time adding a boost of shine on the other areas of the face.

Glossy Eyelids

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Pink as the New Neutral

The rosy shade of pink served as the new neutral that gives a nice and beautiful glow wherever it is applied on the face. Pink makeup, whether applied on cheeks as blush, eyelids, or lips never fails to add a fresh look on a bare face.

Pink Makeup

2017’s almost over and as we look forward to another year, do you also feel the excitement for the upcoming beauty trends that are sure to make an impact in 2018.

What’s your favourite beauty trend in 2017? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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