Looking Your Best for the Holidays and Beyond!

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On the 1st part of this article series, you’ve learned tips on how to handle the most common beauty dilemmas encountered during this season, while the 2nd part discussed solutions to common hair and nail problems.

As we conclude the 3-part article series, “Beauty Tips and Tricks: Look Your Best in Time for Christmas”, we will look into the factors that are possibly affecting your beauty regimen during the Holiday season and help you overcome the dilemma of not being able to stick with a routine that can keep you in tip-top shape.

Here, you will be presented with some useful tips that will help you look as gorgeous as you can be for the Holiday season–and even beyond.

Holiday Beauty Tips and Tricks

Part 3: Look Beautiful throughout the Holidays

It is the holidays, indeed. But the preparations and holiday blues should not excuse you for having a less-than-perfect look. Even with seasonal beauty problems and less than ideal lifestyle habits, there are solutions that can take your worries away.

Look beautiful minus the Holiday stress? You can.

There are grinches that may steal your radiance, but you should not overlook the beauty tricks and solutions that can give you the glow you want for the Holiday season.

Before getting trapped in a minefield of beauty hazards, below are some of the solutions that will help you look your best for the holidays–and even beyond!

‘Tis the season to look great.
Here are some tips to help you deal with your Holiday beauty blues.

Holiday Beauty Tips and Tricks

5 Tips to Maintain a Beautiful Holiday Glow

#1. Prevention is always better than cure

As the holiday usually comes with harsh elements, you must be able to engage in practices that can boost the protection you need.

Beauty Regimen

Staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and taking vitamins will boost your protection from stressors and likewise bring improvements on your overall health.

#2. Go for healthy food choices

Holidays may mean splurging on food–including those that can affect your overall health and skin to be particular. If you think that you have no choice but to give in to your cravings, you can go for the better option.

Eat Healthy

Choose healthy foods in proportions that can satisfy you without side effects that can ravage your skin to be sure that what you eat will only reflect a healthy and radiant glow. If you have no choice but to have a drink, go for red wine so you can socialise and at the same time take advantage of its antioxidants.

#3. Exercise and Relax

While the holiday season may get too stressful because of a jam-packed schedule and having a lot of things that you need to accomplish, make it a point to breathe, relax, and take time out from your activities even just for a while.

Exercise and Relax

Relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga are effective stress relievers and can also give your skin the glow it needs. Making exercise a regular part of your daily regimen increases the flow of oxygen in your skin, giving it a youthful look.

#4. Don’t skip your skin care regimen

The Holiday rush may make it more difficult for you to stick with your usual routine, but you should make it a point to never miss your skin care regimen.

Holiday Skin Care

Even a few minutes of your time to cleanse, moisturise and give your skin the pampering it needs can give yourself a huge favour. Not skipping your skin care regimen is actually a step to keep your skin younger and healthier looking all throughout.

#5. Make your beauty essentials handy

There are beauty essentials that you must keep within reach to keep up with your skin care demands this season.

Handy Beauty Essentials

Keep a lip balm or a lipstick in your purse to get prompt treatment in case your lips get dry or chapped. A moisturiser that has SPF protection is a must-have during winter because sun rays are present even when the temperature is cold and freezing.

What You’ll Need to Maintain a Radiant Glow–All the Time!

While it is important to maintain a radiant glow throughout the Holidays, one has to make sure that the skin will remain in tip-top shape even after the season has passed.

There are typical stressors that are encountered, even when the busiest season of the year is over. Certainly, you will need year-round protection with the help of the right beauty products that can assist you in achieving your best look at all times.

Here, you will find the basic essentials that will give your skin the radiant glow you want during the Holiday season–and even beyond!


Skin rejuvenation is a must and you can get that naturally by using the best organic moisturisers. Moisturising your skin can help soothe imperfections and restore balance to make your skin look fresh, supple, and rejuvenated.

Skin Moisturisers

Face Oil

Soften skin and restore the skin’s natural glow by using face oil regularly. Locking in skin moisture can condition the skin and preserve its natural and youthful glow. Make it a habit to achieve results that are sure to impress whatever the season may be.

Face Oil

Night Creams

Skin conditioning should be an all-day routine, so make sure that while you are asleep, you are getting your dose of pampering for an absolute beauty rest! Night creams work to provide the best restorative treatments overnight so you can address a range of beauty issues and feel refreshed the moment you wake up.

Night Creams

Face Mist & Toners

Look refreshed and rehydrated anytime by making face mist and toners an essential part of your skincare kit. These beauty products work by boosting skin radiance and allowing it to absorb essential beauty ingredients that can tone and tighten the skin.

Face Mist & Toners

Lip Balm

Radiant looking skin is best complemented with a soft and sexy lips. As you take the necessary steps to give your skin the protection it needs, don’t forget your lips! Lip balms can make it look soft and sexy-looking by giving it the moisture it needs.

Organic Lip Balm


Looking beautiful knows no season and the pressure to look your best is greater during the Holidays.

Be serious in maintaining a safe and effective beauty regimen. And no matter what the season is, it is great to know that there are a lot of solutions to your skincare woes.

Did you find our 3-part article series helpful? Are there other beauty issues that you want us to discuss? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.