Micellar Water Basics: What You Need to Know

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Popularly known as the foolproof alternative to face wipes to keep the skin clean, micellar water has become the absolute game changer especially among women with a fast-paced lifestyle. But with its popularity, there is still a lot that you need to know to fully appreciate and make the most of this skincare superstar aka “the holy grail of lazy skincare“.  

Basic Facts About Micellar Water

Micellar Water: The Basic Facts

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water, as its name implies, is a water-based face cleaning solution that contains micelles. Unlike other facial cleansers, micellar water can be used without the need to rinse off afterwards–thanks to the fatty acid esters in micelles that allow self-distribution. While it may look nothing more than ordinary water, it has properties that help in gently cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

What’s in Micellar Water

What’s in it?

Basically, micellar water is composed of micelles which are surfactants that work together to attract dirt and oil. These tiny balls of oil help in naturally lifting out skin impurities and protecting the skin’s natural barrier without the need for astringents or intense rubbing. Furthermore, micelles function as a:

  • Skin cleanser
  • Moisturiser
  • Makeup remover

The Rave Over Micellar Water

Why People are Raving Over Micellar Water?

While micellar water has actually been existing for years, the rave for this product became more prominent in recent years. And why not? With how it works, it could prove to be a dependable skincare solution that can help remove makeup with no fuzz!

Micellar water acts as an all-in-one cleanser that’s perfect for people on the go. It combines oil and water to achieve great results without having to use two separate cleansers. With its mild formula, it is suited for people of all skin types–even those with sensitive skin.

But the rave doesn’t stop there. What makes micellar water more exciting is the fact that it serves multi uses. This skincare solution acts not only as a cleanser, but as a toner, makeup remover, and skin moisturizer too!

Tips in Using Micellar Water

5 Tips to Make the Most of Micellar Water

All those benefits can be achieved with proper use and to further maximize the use of micellar water, you need to learn its applications. Here’s a rundown of the micellar water uses that you can incorporate in your beauty routine.

Add it to Your Morning Habit

Not everyone is a morning person and getting the energy you need to dedicate to a complete beauty routine normally isn’t easy. Thanks to micellar water, you can keep your skin clean with just a swipe of your cotton pad.

Use it to Simplify Makeup Removal

Say goodbye to nights when you’d rather sleep with your makeup on. With micellar water, you can be spared from the dreadful idea of forcing to stay awake to free your skin from makeup, plus the dirt and oils that have mixed up with it. Keep a bottle of micellar water near your bed so you can easily remove your makeup no matter how exhausted you are.

Get Quick Makeup Fixes with Easy Touch Ups

Makeup mistakes happen and for sure, you wouldn’t want all your makeup removed due to minor mistakes. When used with a cotton swab, micellar water can fine-tune makeup application–as well as removal!

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Deep Cleanse

On days when you can follow a more intensive skincare routine, you can use micellar water as the first step to cleansing that will remove impurities. This no-rinse option should then be followed up with a rinse-off cleanser that can take care of the impurities that may still be left on your skin.

Bring it Anywhere

Basically, micellar water can be used on its own. So if you’ll be engaged in physical activity or if you’ll be exposed to harsh elements that may penetrate your skin, never go without it. It would be a relief to find it in your bag so you can freshen up anytime you want to.

Cleansing Water

Cleansing with Water? Here are Your Top Options

The need for a dependable skincare solution has never been more evident especially with the fast-paced lifestyle of people today. At Alyaka, we offer cleansing waters to answer this need.

Chado Micellar Water helps in keeping the skin clean without stripping off its natural moisture. It is also formulated with active plant ingredients to ensure that aside from gentle cleansing, it also nourishes the skin and leaves it moisturized and glowing.

L’Eau Soir et Matin – Cleansing Water by Absolution is a soothing and ready to apply skincare solution that effectively removes face and eye makeup, as well as the impurities that have mixed with it. Perfect as a single step for a day and night care or to prepare your skin before using moisturisers and other skin care treatments and moisturisers.

De Mamiel Pure Calm Cleansing Dew is a luscious, gentle and hydrating skincare that brims with natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids to keep the skin free from the harsh effects of pollution, toxins, and even stressors of everyday life. This cleansing dew lifts makeup residue and other harmful substances that may lead to skin inflammation and cellular damage.

Ready to include micellar water into your skincare routine? Check out our shelves now!