Popping the question on Valentine’s Day: how to do it in style!

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Ah, St Valentine’s Day. The ideal chance to put that most important of questions to the one you love. But how and where to propose? Fear not. We’re here with some ideas on the most romantic ways to propose, and to avoid the cliché of romantic restaurants.

Borrow shamelessly from her favourite movie


Many chick flicks and rom coms include a proposal scene. If the film is My Best Friend’s Wedding, ask her to be your wife as she is getting on a train, just as it happens in the movie. If it’s An Officer and a Gentleman, walk into her place of work, scoop her up in your arms and carry her away.

The luxury weekend getaway

While this may sound an obvious one, plan it with military precision to carry it off. For a start, keep it a surprise until you whisk her away on the Friday afternoon. Collect her from work, have the cases packed and ready, with the ring in your luggage. With the excitement and spontaneity, the thought of a proposal probably won’t enter her mind, making it a huge surprise.

Luxury Geaway

An underwater proposal

If you live near an aquarium, you may be able to arrange for a diver in a tropical tank to hold a sign asking your beloved to marry. Or better yet, if you have diving qualifications, head somewhere exotic and do it yourself while you’re diving among the fishes.

Underwater proposal

Be a knight in shining armour – literally

If the one you love dreams of being swept off their feet by a knight in shining armour and you know she’s going to be in a particular place, you can ride up to her on a horse dressed as a knight in armour and go for it! Don’t know how to ride? Now could be your perfect chance! Or if getting on horseback is really not your thing, rock up in a full suit of chainmail anyway.

Be a knight!

Stages of love

If you have the nerve, approach a local show and get one of the cast to ask the question either during the show or at the end as they are taking curtain calls. You’ll bring the place down!

If your focus is really on finding a place to propose and not the way you do it, here are five unusual places to propose that are both unique and full of beauty.

Try and invert the obvious clichés. So, if you go to London, instead of champagne and truffles on a private London Eye capsule, try the Monument, a 17th century flame-topped tower in the heart of the city, with over 300 steps – and pop the question with the city all laid out before you.


In Paris, you could swap the Eiffel Tower for the Arc de Triomphe or the Jardin du Luxembourg – the shady spot by the Medici Fountain is ideal.

Fontaine Medicis, Paris

Rather than a gondola in Venice, Verona has all the romance of Juliet’s House, but you could also ask your beloved to marry you in the Giardino Giusti instead. You’ll have amazing views of the city from this Renaissance garden.

Giardino Giusti  Alternatively, instead of New York and perhaps the Empire State, how about New Orleans? Utter those four words in a mahogany-lined street car or under the ancient oaks of Audobon Park.

New Orleans streetcar and historic city hall  Finally, we know the Taj Mahal is an incredible testament to enduring love. But if you have India in mind, think about Ram Bagh, the oldest Mughal garden, a truly heavenly spot in a less clichéd setting.

Be romantic!