Q&A with Vapour Organic Beauty Founders, Krysia Boinis & Kristine Keheley

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In a past article published in our magazine, Alyaka has let you in on our exclusive interview with Vapour Beauty’s Krysia Boinis. Two years after, we are sharing with you once again a quick Q&A with the two founders behind the success of the renowned organic beauty brand so you can learn more about how Vapour Organic Beauty was created, the influences behind its bestselling products, and some noteworthy beauty advice.

Q & A Vapour Organic Beauty

Q&A with the Founders of Vapour Organic Beauty

What Motivated You to Create Vapour?

Vapour grew out of a desire to create color cosmetics that embody qualities we value. Namely, cosmetics that perform like a conventional brand but actually nourish the skin and support wellness. Kristine and I share a common vision of bringing integrity and joy to women through an experience of their own unique beauty.

Krysia Boinis, Vapour Co-Founder

Vapour Organic Beauty Models

How has Taos Influenced Your Brand?

Taos is a magnet for unique people. Currently, it attracts eccentrics from all over the world. The ancient Native population of Taos Pueblo and the Conquistador heritage of Taos’s Spanish population combined with a more recent arty hippie pioneer vibe. Taoseños prize self-sufficiency, sustainability, and community. We are deeply in love with our landscape and its high-altitude light that creates our outrageous sunsets. Taos is definitely one of Vapour’s Muses.

Kristine Keheley, Vapour Co-Founder

Vapour Taos

How Do You Nurture Your Inner Beauty?

Self-care is essential to cultivating inner beauty. I have created a schedule that allows morning time to be self-care time. Each morning brings the opportunity to create a new day. I find that if I allow time at the start of each day to nurture mind, body, and spirit I can bring my best, most productive, clear, focused, and creative self to whatever the day brings.


Vapour Beauty Co Founder, Krysia Boinis

Staying inspired and passionate and tapping into the life force are all critical for my well–being. I trust my instincts and follow their lead. I seek out people and places that support honest, positive, creative energy and remove myself from situations that don’t.


Vapour Beauty Co-Founder, Kristine

What are Some of the Benefits of Using Vapour?

With regular use Vapour improves your skin. Think of Vapour as an extension of your skin care routine. We use organic plant oils that do not clog pores or cause breakouts. Our light, dry plant oils work in harmony with your skin, allowing it to breathe. Over time these plant oils can balance oily skin by breaking the pattern of over-active sebum production and they can deeply nourish dry skin as well.

– Krysia

What’s the Best Beauty Advice You Can Share?

Be yourself and be confident in your own unique beauty. It all starts inside. I love seeing a woman in a bold lip because I know she’s adventurous and has stories to tell. Practical advice: DON’T overdo it on foundation and DO try to match your natural skin tone. 


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