Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Using Moisturiser this Summer–and Everyday!

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It’s summer and along with your planned getaways, you’re probably thinking of buying a new sunscreen. But is it really all that you need for your skincare?

According to experts, while many people feel that their skin is greasier in summer there is no reason to skip the use of moisturiser just as they did during the cooler months, like winter. In fact, when the temperatures are high, the more that you should moisturise. And this is especially important for those who tend to spend more time in an air-conditioned environment.

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Read on as this article discusses some of the most important reasons that will convince you on the importance of using moisturiser as an essential part of your summer skin care.

Summer-Proof Skin

Preparing for the Harsh Elements: Is Your Skin Summer-Proof?

Summer may be short and sweet, but even in a short span of time, it can already cause serious damages to your skin. Why is this so? Summer comes with activities that expose the skin to harsh elements, such as the sun, chlorine and saltwater–elements that can wreak havoc on your skin, especially without the right summer skincare to follow.


Summer season and the sun go hand in hand. And while you already know the effects of excessive sun exposure, you should also make it a point to protect your skin by using sunscreen. But not only that, it should be followed by intensive moisturisation to leave it smooth and flaw-free.


Chlorine can take a toll on your skin, especially with frequent and excessive exposure. While you may find yourself getting more pool time this season, make sure that you will wash it off thoroughly. Of course, with the help of moisturisers that can penetrate deeply into the skin, you can provide the nourishment that your skin needs and prevent further damage.

Salt Water

Before you think that salt water is harmful, it actually isn’t. However, it can leave your skin dry and your hair lifeless! Stay free from the worry of dry skin that is caused by salt water. Get the remedy you need by using a nourishing oil that can leave your skin glowing and well-moisturized.

Mpisturiser for Your Summer Skin Care

5 Reasons to Include Moisturiser in Your Summer Skincare

#1. Your Skin is Exposed to Harsh Elements during Summer

Skin Exposed

Summer is the season when skin is exposed to harsh elements like the sun’s UV rays, chlorine, and air conditioning. These factors contribute to a skin that’s dry and dull-looking. To avoid the effects of these harmful elements, you should not neglect the use of emollients that can rehydrate your skin and eliminate the worries of dry skin.

#2. It Serves as Your Skin’s Barrier

Skin Barrier

You need to moisturise and it should be a part of your daily habit. Moisturisers serve as the skin’s shield that’s also crucial in maintaining its balance. Furthermore, it affects skin health and improves how it appears. And to achieve those, hydration is a crucial factor that must not be overlooked. Dermatologists also recommend the proper use of a moisturiser as it serves as a shield that can keep you free from the worries of germs and other irritants.

#3. There are Skin Issues that Know No-Season

Skin Issues

There are skin issues that know no-season and that only means that you should not stop taking care of your skin, no matter what time of the year is. Truth is, there are people who deal with year-round skin issues. That means, when your skin is dry during winter, you can still expect some dryness to be experienced in the summertime. The key here is to use a summer moisturiser that has the thickness and consistency suited for your skin needs. Usually, light moisturisers like serums and lotions are suitable for daily use especially for those with oily and normal skin types. One important point to consider is to refrain from using alcohol-based moisturisers as they can strip good oils from the skin.

#4. Sweating Causes Pores to Open

Open Pores Caused by Sweating

It matters a lot to stick to the basics of skin care and these include cleansing, toning and moisturising even during summer. While it seems to appear that sweating will keep your skin from getting dry this season, you should know that it can actually result in open pores. And when that happens, you will need a toner to close them. Use a moisturiser afterwards to help preserve a youthful and glowing skin.

#5. Heat Flushes Out Water From Your Skin

Skin Dehydration

The skin tends to get oily during summer, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t need a moisturiser this season. In fact, the heat that causes people to perspire more is also the reason why moisture is lost. Heat and sun exposure are two factors that flush out water from your skin. To keep your skin hydrated, you shouldn’t rely on drinking water and consumption of water-rich foods. You should also use summer moisturisers that can seal in moisture and keep your skin plump.

Tips in Using Moisturiser this Summer

Tips in Using Moisturiser this Summer

Now that the heat is on and you already know the importance of using a summer moisturiser, you can be sure that you will harness its benefits through proper use. To help you, detailed below are some of the most important tips that you must follow to keep your skin well nourished and moisturised this season.

  • Use fast absorbing summer moisturisers as this will allow lotion to sink in your skin without taking time. Gel emollients are perfect for use during summer as they are fast absorbent.
  • Moisturise right after you dry off from your shower. This way, you will be able to seal in body moisture, thus leaving your skin better hydrated.
  • Step up your routine. Take your hydration level a notch higher by using hydrating masks 2x a week. A spray of moisturising toner also works well especially on activities that can cause skin dehydration.
  • Choose light lotions and serum to allow your skin to breathe. You can stay away from further skin problems by avoiding products that can cause blocked pores.
  • Use facial mists to thwart away from the problems with parched skin. They work best especially during the summer months with their refreshing effects.

Types of Summer Moisturiser

Which Summer Moisturiser is Right for You?

Now that you already know the importance of using moisturiser this summer–and every day of the year, the next question that you’d ask is knowing what moisturiser works for you best.

There are different summer moisturisers that work best according to your skin type. For people with normal skin type, it is best to choose water-based moisturisers. Those with oily skin should moisturise using gel-based moisturisers. On the other hand, facial sprays are most preferred for people with acne prone and extremely oily skin.

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