Running in heels: how to care for your feet

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For some women, high heels are a must, and they will endure almost any level of discomfort to wear and look great in them. It is possible, however, to look great in heels and still be comfortable. By taking a few easy measures to care for your feet, ladies can avoid many of the common pitfalls caused by regularly wearing high heels.

Wear the right size shoes

First of all, it is important to ensure you are wearing the right size shoe to begin with. It sounds obvious, but remember to try on the shoes before you purchase them, as different brands will fit slightly differently. Also, ensure the shape of the shoe is right for you. Pointed toes can be extremely uncomfortable if you have wide feet.

Have a good foot care regime

Once you are sure you have the right size and shape shoes, make sure you take care of your feet when you are not wearing your high heels. A good foot care regime is a must if you want to avoid problems with your feet.

First of all, soak your feet in a mineral bath at least once a week. This not only cares for your feet, but helps you unwind after a busy day at the office. Epsom Salts are well known for their soothing properties and are great for the feet. They are actually a natural mineral of magnesium and sulphate, and easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is great for repairing the skin, and warm water allows for the dilation of the body blood vessels and opens the skin’s pores. Once you have soaked your feet for a few minutes, apply a luscious foot cream that is rich in minerals, essential oils and natural ingredients, such as lavender, papaya extract and Jojoba oil..  Lavender is a powerful anti-inflammatory, while papaya extract, is an excellent natural exfoliant that will remove rough, dry skin, and Jojoba oil has antifungal properties.

Regularly moisturise

It is important to moisturise your feet daily as this will stop hard patches of skin developing on the sides of the toes and heels, which would then go on to rub against the sides of the shoes, causing greater discomfort and blisters. Applying foot creams after a bath or foot soak is the best time to do this. As the ball of the foot takes the most pressure from wearing high heels, it is also a good idea to have a deep tissue foot massage once a month to work the muscles in the feet and stabilise the toes. Improved blood flow and the alleviation of lymphatic edema can also result from a deep tissue massage of the feet.

It is also important to ensure that toenails are cut correctly and that no ingrown toenails are allowed to develop. A professional pedicure can help with this. Finally, get into the habit of giving your feet a ‘high-heel holiday’ a few hours a week. Wearing high heels constantly can over time damage the ligaments in the feet and cause stress fractures. To avoid this, wear trainers whenever you can to give these ligaments a rest, even if it is just when you are driving to your destination.