Stunning dining room furniture trends for 2015

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The new season for interior decoration is around the corner, and may well be the perfect time to realise your vision for a new look house.

As the place where family and friends come together and break bread, the dining room is a key part of any house, and making it an inviting and welcoming space is a priority for any householder wanting to build a friendly and happy home. With this in mind, we’ve looked at some gorgeous and inspiring 2015 dining room furniture trends.

Painted chairs

The sixties seem to be perennially in style in one way or another.  Adding a lick of paint to your seating arrangement can give a vintage feel to the space, and is great for covering up imperfections in old chairs or as part of upcycling second-hand ones, a practice which is expected to only get bigger in 2015.

Doing the whole chair is not obligatory; picking out the legs or back and using colours that complement the wood or metal on the chair that you’re painting can yield great results. For best results, try a mix of related colours across the chairs, or even a little…


Generally underrated as a colour, this warm meld of pink, purple and orange can inject optimism and boldness into social spaces in the house. At the lighter, pastille end, the colour on furniture can give a bright Mediterranean feel to the whole room, or for a stronger effect you may want to consider the darker tones on a side table or shelf.


2015 will see a continuation of appreciation for the rustic, the organic and the natural in household décor, with the dining room as no exception. Tree and leaf patterns, flower arrangements and animal prints are expected to be prominent features.

Wood of every kind, in particular rough-hewn, light coloured timber, can bring a delightful sense of earthy homeliness to a room. Wooden plates are also underrated; tough, long-lasting and often exceptionally beautiful, they can provide a quirky yet traditional addition to a modern dining set.

Versatile furniture

Managing space in the modern home is always a challenge, so any objects that fold up, move around or pack away are a welcome addition to any dining room. Drop-leaf tables can give you more room to manoeuvre when the place is quieter, and some tasteful wooden folding chairs can add to a rustic aesthetic.