Summer Beauty Essentials to Obsess On

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You tend to forget how fun summer is once you experience sweat, frizzy hair, dry skin, and even skin irritation. And while some elements are ever present during the sweltering months ready to wreak havoc on your hair and skin, there are also beauty products to save your day.

If you’re determined to have a hassle-free summer vacation, there are beauty essentials that you can obsess on.

Beauty Essentials for Summer

10 Beauty Essentials to Keep in Your Summer Bag

With the wide range of hair, makeup, and beauty essentials to choose from, packing your summer bag can be quite a challenge. Adding to that is the limited space you have to fit everything in.

If you’re still unsure of what to keep in your bag this summer, we’re listing down 10 of the most useful beauty essentials that are cut out to address this season’s beauty woes.

1. A Revitalizing Body Wash

Long hours spent basking in the afternoon sun may be the typical picture of a well-spent summer day. But not until you realize how it dulls and dehydrates your skin.

With a revitalizing hair and body wash, you’ll get the cleansing you need while leaving your skin soft, supple, fully hydrated, and freshly scented!

Revitalizing Body Wash

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser

2. A Refreshing Face Mist

Using sunscreen is a no-brainer, not only during summer but every day of the year. However, sunscreen shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your beauty routines, especially in summer. A face mist complements the sun protection provided by sunscreens by offering light, lasting, and refreshing hydration.

But not only does it work to keep your skin plump and dewey, a face mist also facilitates faster absorption of nutrients from the beauty products you’re using.

Refreshing Face Mist

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Lilfox Aphrodite Rose Toning Mist

3. A Multitasking Body Scrub

Summer activities tend to be intense–not to mention harsh for the skin. If you want to get rid of the dry, flaky, or sunburnt skin, you’ll need a body scrub to help restore your silky smooth complexion by getting rid of dryness and dead cells. Choose a versatile body scrub that will not just reveal a clear and healthy looking skin, but also one that nourishes while aiding in the treatment of skin disorders.

Pro Tip:

Are your feet starting to feel dry and rough? This is also known as flip-flop feet and if you want to find relief from cracked heels and dryness, a DIY foot bath will help. Combine equal parts of mouthwash, vinegar, and water to slough away dead skin cells.

Multitasking Body Scrub

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Susanne Kaufmann Alkali Salt Deacidifying

4. Your Favourite Lip Balm

Warm weather tends to dry the lips and you wouldn’t want that especially with all the activities lined up. Chapped lips can cause discomfort and inconvenience. Much more, it affects the result of lipstick application. So, if you have been religious in applying sunscreen before going out, make it also a habit to apply a moisturising lip balm that will help you achieve the pout and smile you want.

Natural Lip Balm

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Chado Lip Balm Magique

5. A Natural Looking Tan Top Up

While it’s really tempting to bask in the sun to achieve a skin that’s similar to a bronze goddess, you cannot stay away from the fact that it isn’t really the smartest thing to do especially with the risks associated with sun exposure. If what you want is a sun-free bronze glow, a translucent bronzer that works great for the face and body would be your best bet. Go for one that offers antioxidant protection and a gorgeous finish as if you’re fresh from the beach!

Natural Tan Top Up

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer

6. A Leave-In Hair Treatment

Humidity, hot temperature, and dry air are just some of the culprits that contribute to dry and frizzy hair. And of course, you wouldn’t want that especially when you’re supposed to enjoy your summer vacation. Good thing, you can keep a leave-in hair treatment handy to ensure that your hair will be left smooth, manageable, and freshly scented.

Pro Tip:

Get maximum control for your hair by applying hair treatment to wet hair. This will prevent frizz as it seals in moisture while allowing the hair to set in place as it dries.

Leave In Hair Treatment

Top Pick from Our Shelves: John Master Organics Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer

7. A Versatile Palette

Wherever you’re headed to this summer, packing everything from your makeup stash isn’t the best thing to do. What you need is a makeup palette that does more than what is expected as it will save space and weight from your luggage. You’ll be fine as long as you bring with you the colours that will bring the glow to your eyes, cheeks, and lips!

Versatile Makeup Palette

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Kjaer Weis Collector Kit

8. A Gentle Makeup Remover

Never forget to throw in your summer bag a gentle makeup remover that will allow fast, easy and gentle removal of makeup whenever you want. Definitely, a must have for women on-the-go. Choose a makeup remover that allows deep cleansing without necessarily stripping off the natural moisture of your skin.

Gentle Makeup Remover

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Chado Micellar Water

9. Your Ever Dependable Sunscreen

As mentioned, you shouldn’t go out in the sun without getting the layer of protection you need from a sunscreen. But of course, your face, body, and hair have different requirements that you need to consider to ensure that you’ll get the protection you need without causing unwanted effects. Instead of carrying separate containers of sunscreen for your face, body, and hair, choose one that comes with versatile formulation and additional benefits.

Pro Tip:

Sunburn hurts but instead of taking a cold shower for immediate relief, it would be better to use skim milk as the first aid that you should apply to the burnt area. Why? Skim milk contains a high concentration of proteins that can repair skin damage.

High Performance Sunscreen

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Zelen’s Body Defence Sunscreen SPF 30

10. Your Fun and Vibrant Lippy and Nail Polish

What made summer more exciting is the fact that you can wear bright and vibrant colours without looking off. If you want to complete your look, it’s the best season to ditch the natural shades that you have been using for long in exchange for fun shades for your lips and nails!

Vibrant Lipstick and Nail Polish

Top Pick from Our Shelves: Strange Beautiful Anglican Nail Polish and Juice Beauty Liquid Lipstick

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