Summer Hairstyles, Haircuts, and Tips: Your Guide to a Gorgeous Hair this Season

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Sweltering conditions, plus heat and humidity make the perfect formula for unruly hair. During the summer months, you may find that the weather isn’t on your side when it comes to achieving a beautiful hair. However, instead of simply accepting that the following days will mostly be a display of frizz and flyaways, there are better options that you got to try.

Read on as we’ve rounded up for you the compilation of the best summer hairstyles, haircuts, and tips that are perfect for the hot and humid weather.

Summer Hair Problems

Break-free from these Summer Hair Problems

Heat Damage

Frequent styling and exposure of your hair to heating tools are some of the reasons why you experience problems with your hair. And with the blazing heat of the sun, you could be in for a major disaster–in various forms.

Faded Hair Colour

With the strong sun rays, expect coloured hair to easily fade. It’s an irony that while sunbathing is putting on some colour to your skin, it does not do the same for your hair. So if you want to keep the shade of your hair longer, cover up or use a hair protection.

Hair Frizz

Hair Frizz

Do you ever wonder your hair suddenly turns into a bunch of a frizzy mess? Blame it on humidity. Your hair becomes frizzy when the outer hair cuticle is lifted due to the moisture in the atmosphere. Dry weather is a recipe for disaster–and the problem worsens for those who are already dealing with dry hair.

Chemical Damage

During the summer months, you will most likely be spending some time in the pool. And along with that is your hair’s exposure to chlorine which leads to damages. However, that is just one factor. Truth is, it’s not just the chlorine from your pool. ‘Hard water’ or water containing a high amount of chemicals including iron, calcium and magnesium can cause further damage as well.

Limp Hair

It’s not just hair frizz that you have to worry about, problems with limp/damp hair can just be as bad as your hair loses its body and volume. The key is to create balance. This means getting just the right amount of moisture in the hair to avoid dullness and breakage, while at the same time skipping the problem caused by greasy hair.

Summer Haircuts

6 Summer Haircuts to Refresh Your Look

#1. Shoulder-Length Bob

One of the most popular hairstyles, it is characterised as a shoulder-length haircut with sloping layers around the bottom. With the shoulder-length bob, your hair is given added dimension and symmetry.

Shoulder-Length Bob

Perfect for:

  • Heart shaped faces
  • Medium hair thickness
  • Slightly wavy hair.

Styling Tip:

Use a hydrating mousse or a styling cream to give your hair a silky and polished look. Apply on the mid portion of the hair to keep the roots from getting weighed down. Blow dry your hair, then use a styling iron for a smooth finish.

#2. Medium-Length and Angled Bob

This summer haircut is perfect for everyone. It is defined by a subtle, slightly forward angle that gives a person a more refined and elegant look. The medium-length and angled bob has nice and lean edges with textured ends that add drama to the look.

Medium-Length Bob

Perfect for:

  • Oval, long and round face shapes
  • Round cheeks
  • High cheekbones

Styling Tip:

You can create loose waves with a medium-length and angled bob, for a sexy and sophisticated look. Just don’t forget to finish with a high-gloss serum for a sleek look.

#3. Sleek, Voluminous Pixie

Fresh, clean and cool–the pixie cut is indeed the summer haircut that should give you a hairstyle that can keep you comfortable even on sweltering days. Another reason to try this is because it is a wash and go style that won’t really require too much effort and time.

Pixie Cut

Perfect for:

  • Heart shape face
  • Round and square face shapes for pixie cut variants
  • Petite women
  • Naturally textured hair

Styling Tip:

Dampen hair with cream. Blow dry hair while brushing at the same time. To keep the ends smooth, finish with a straightening iron. However, make sure to use heat protection for your hair to keep it free from damage.

#4. Fringe / Bangs

If you are looking for a haircut that opens up the face, there’s no better way to do it than with bangs. This cut is most suited for those who want to emphasise the features of their face or play up with their look.


Perfect for:

  • Round face shapes
  • People with thick hair

Styling Tip:

To create a focal point, cut your hair on the level of the feature that you want to be showcased like your eyes or lips. To keep your bangs in the best shape getting a trim every 2 weeks is recommended.

#5. Face-Framing Layered Hair

To achieve a feminine look without getting in the way of comfort, a layered chest-length hair is preferred. This summer haircut features long layers that end below the chin and tapered to the ends in order to achieve a perfectly framed face.

Face Framing Layered Hair

Perfect for:

  • Square shape faces
  • Ideal for hair with density and body

Styling Tip:

Keep the layers of your hair just below the chin to frame the face and hide angles. Style using a volumising hairspray, then tousle hair gently to keep it in place.

#6. Long, Subtle Layers

This haircut is very versatile. It has the body and volume that makes the hair more flattering. It doesn’t look dull and boring while framing the face to put into focus the features that you want to highlight.

Long Subtle Layers

Perfect for:

  • Round face shape
  • People with thick hair

Styling Tip:

Add a blunt bangs or put angled strands to the front to break up hair length. If you’re not into bangs, add short layers of hair to frame your face. You can sweep this to the sides, creating the illusion of bangs.

Rules of Summer Hair Care

8 Rules of Summer Hair care

Is your hair summer-proof? With the harsh elements that are threatening your hair, it’s a relief to know that there are solutions to keep you free from hair worries.

Below are some of the summer haircare tips that should put your hair in the best condition throughout the season.

Wash Hair Regularly

Wash your hair regularly.

Dust, pollution and sweat may accumulate in the scalp and lead to hair problems. Through regular washing, you will be able to preserve the shine and beauty of your hair.

Deep conditioning is key.

One simple route to steering away from sticky hair that results from sweating is using a natural hair conditioner that can give added protection and nourishment for your hair while keeping it smooth and shiny.

Update your hair care products.

While cleaning your hair is a must, you should also consider the intensity of the sun rays this season. The usual shampoo that you are using for dirt removal may be too harsh and may leave the hair brittle and dry.Those with alcohol content are also a no-no. It is best to choose a natural and mild shampoo that gently conditions and cleanses.

Hair Hydration Keep your hair hydrated.

It’s not just your body that needs hydration, water benefits the hair too. Getting enough fluid helps, but to further the results of your summer hair care regimen, you have to refrain from using chemical based products, as well as heat treatments that can leave your hair dry and brittle. For best results, choose natural hair care solutions that can effectively moisturise, while keeping your tresses protected.

Get a haircut.

One way to keep your hair free from frizz is by getting a haircut. Getting a trim is also important to avoid the split ends that may appear due to dryness. For added protection, moisturise hair tips especially after the ends are cut.

Use sunscreen for your hair.

It’s not just your skin that needs sun protection this season. Your hair and scalp should be protected too. Supply sunscreen to your hair by using products with the right amount of SPF.

Hair Styling

Choose a safe way to style your hair.

There are hairstyles that you can sport without requiring the use of heat styling products. This will help control your hair and control sweating. No-heat, easy hairstyles like braids, updos and buns are a must-try this season!

One haircut doesn’t fit all.

Always consider the shape of your face. Basically, those with a heart-shaped face can look well with any hairstyle. However, there are face shapes that will require less or more volume to create a flattering look.

Step up your hair care regimen! You can be free from hair worries without getting deprived of the fun this season.

Do you have other summer hair care tips that you want to add? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.